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  1. Well that game pretty much summed up 2020 right there.....briefly started off with a glimmer of a new dawn and quickly descended into a shambles of an epic scale! Not gonna lie, after the first drive I was convinced we were winning that in style......then it became apparent that the secondary had taken the whole social distancing thing seriously and belived it applied in game!!! No need to test them after the game they never got near enough to the Jags to catch the ball let alone coivd19! Ironically enough with Pagano in charge we were crying out for him to not be so conservative on play calls
  2. In general I agree with the sentiment that the world is getting too sensitive.....but honestly I'm surprised Washington has gotten away with keeping the name for so long. Redskin has been seen as an insensitive word for a long time and used offensively a lot of the time.....I mean it's hard to imagine them being called the Washington Negro's and people letting it slide for this long and rightly so! For what it's worth I'm on board the Redtails train....fits well and would be a good bit of PR for them too in light of this.
  3. I say this as a genuine consideration in light of the statements Goodell and the NFLs recent statements....will The Washington Redskins finally be pressured into changed their name? I know they have stated numerous times in the past they never will and have received support from the NFL but now they NFL have taken the new stance they have it will be interesting to see if this rears its head again.
  4. Nelson and Smith are on their rookie contracts for at least the next few years and this coincides with the end of AC contract and I really can't see him playing on after this I think he'll retire most probably and this will leave that 17 mill or so Oline money free and possibly Glow will be replaced then too as I think he's probably the weakest in that group. In short if they want to tie Kelly down along with Nelson and Smith in a few years I can't see there being an issue. Also after next year our QB room won't be as expensive one way or another and likely won't be as high as it is now for ye
  5. As we know the Colts have a great deal of players becoming free agents at the end of this season.....are there any that you think Ballard will extend this off-season realistically? The obvious one that jumps out to me I guess is Ryan Kelly....would be nice to secure him long-term as the o line is such a strength and it probably wouldn't cost much more on his cap hit this year which is £10 mill.
  6. Thanks for that.....I didn't think it would be. I find it interesting mentally how different players would handle that.... essentially they're being told they're not good enough to earn another year....as a player you can either take it as an I'm gonna prove you wrong, play well and earn more money by getting a bigger extension or I'm gonna prove you wrong and play well then move on no matter what the offer is!
  7. Out of curiosity......in general do players usually always move on when their 5th year is declined after the rookie contract ends or is there ample examples of players working out a contract and staying on?
  8. After all that's they declined his 5th year apparently! Per rapoport.
  9. You wonder why they're taking the time to confirm this......can understand waiting until after free agency and draft to see what we have but would think it would have been decided on easily enough by now!
  10. Maybe he didn't mean it as a direct comparison but when he was talking about it being undervalued that Rivers isn't afraid to take chances if the games on the line and isn't interested in looking after his own stats, I couldn't help but think he was referencing what they didn't have in Brissett.
  11. Great write up, this sort of stuff is great for people like me who doesn't have too much knowledge or access of college football. Ballard seemed quite high on his special team abilities in interview after draft didn't he?!
  12. I'm neither an Eason or a Kelly fan as it stands at the moment, but I can't understand why some people are so hung up on Kelly. What have you seen that makes you think he's worth a shot? He wasn't even that impressive at a college level from what I've read and seen and has played little serious reps pro wise to show otherwise.
  13. So genuine question......when people talk about IF Blackman and Easton etc make the cut......when was the last time a player we drafted in round 3 or 4 didn't make the cut? Or even round 5 for that matter?
  14. I'm not as well versed as a lot of other people here on colleague football so I'm always interested to read opinions of draft picks.....only thing I never get is why people give a low grade to a pick they say they know nothing about!!
  15. Got pick 33 and 34 this round off Pat's by look of it
  16. So is Fromm going undrafted!! and right on cue!!
  17. Spotrac is saying 23mil in cap space left at moment rather than 14....dunno if I've read something wrong there!
  18. On a slight aside is it a given Young will go at 2 now?! Word out of Washington seem to be making suggestions they may go QB having not been blown away with Haskins.....or is this an attempt to bluff QB needy teams below them to trade up?!
  19. I'm not saying I can't understand the point of view of those that don't like the international series but for me an English Colts fan it's great news and about the only chance I will ever get to see the Colts play. I would love to come to Indy and the LOS but I have a young family to support and its not going to happen. I would think it is more annoying for jags fans as its a home game for them. I'm still torn on if we actually need to franchise here full time but there's no denying the popularity here of the international series of games.
  20. Yes finally get to see the Colts play in person!
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