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  1. Can never get use to that odd throwing motion...
  2. We need a QB that Wins....Using anything to get the job done.
  3. I have a feeling they will increase the rosters to 58 players for this year. Just a feeling due to possible players coming down with infection. Gotta add a little more depth.
  4. To PLAY a victim means this is a game. This is not a game for people to be given a chance at life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Certain groups have been VICTIMIZED. And this is a tragic fact. Many people check those boxes of working hard, doing well in school and staying out of trouble but when they apply for the jobs or just want an equal chance, it just doesn't happen. You hit the nail on the head. Opportunity needs to be the same but sadly this is not happening. This has happened with different ethnic groups, genders or sexual persuasions. Just think about the fact the NFL realized they had an issue back in 2003. The Rooney Rule was put in place to let the organizations making decisions to at least TALK to an individual who may not be of the same background or persuasion.
  5. Not... But I am willing to look at my OWN interactions and see if I can be better as a person. I hope others on this forum can do the same.It is NOT an easy task to feel what another individual is feeling but it CAN be done. Thanks for saying. I bring up the injustice that the Irish immigrants suffered when originally coming to america. I could have talked about the internment of the Asians in this country, the Italian discrimination or Hispanic downgrading . Just wanted to not bring up every ingredient of our Melting Pot. The Irish were looked at being lesser people due to their lineage. So did the others individuals that I mentioned. This is why I bring this up. We should all see that downgrading individuals due to their ethnicity is wrong. You understand this. Just trying to get people to see that injustice can effect ALL people. This country can be better. Let's just give EVERYONE a fair shake. Just saying.
  6. Reverse racism is no racism....Just saying
  7. I hope you can say that to the guys who walk around with a shirt saying "Kiss me i'm Irish" every St. Patrick's Day. That statement has no basis in reality. Ask yourself... How would I feel to be constantly told you have been turned down for a promotion or just didn't get hired because of your race? Just take time and think why their are people who feel this is wrong. If you can't see this check your heart and soul.
  8. Your reflection and insight say a great deal about your character my man. Glad you a fan of the Shoe like me. We will do this!
  9. It can be difficult for a man to reflect and see that he can see things in a different light. I am so proud to be a supporter of this team. Good, strong men.
  10. Frank no doubt is a man of integrity. His willingness to be one of the first to issue a statement against racist injustice speaks volumes. The Colts have a strong leader and this is surely seen by the men he leads. Thanks Coach
  11. NFL doesn't care if a fan comes to the game....It's all about that TV money. You spot on Mike
  12. I like this guy!! Can't wait for the season to start.
  13. Not everything centers around choosing a side folks..... I come here to get away from a society that can't disagree without being disagreeable. A house divided against itself can not stand- Abraham Lincoln Let's don't wait for a moderator to "oversee" us guys. Let's stick to the topic. I can't wait to see this team play in 2020. I think we can have a real competitive team and I like that the season may start on time. Please let's stay away from the political talk.
  14. Wow... Was this a shot at Ballard or TY? Must have been a mess in that locker room
  15. I just want Vinny to get gone. NFL is a business, if you are not good enough....
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