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  1. Do not be shocked if Doyle is not on the final roster......
  2. Shaq (the basketball player) stated it's better to have fun on your off season THEN recover on the team's dime. Miss a few off season workout days and some preseason. You see this happen more often than not. Sad but true
  3. Chuck Pagano commented about "tough cuts" in August of 2014... "We said from day one it was going to be extremely difficult because we felt like the 90-man roster this year compared to year one is a heck of a lot different," Pagano said. "We're deeper at every position, we've got more competition at every position. Everybody says, ‘Hey, getting to 75 is easy, and 53 is much tougher.' We let go of some good football players, some really good football players yesterday. It wouldn't surprise me to see any of those guys get picked up probably sooner than later." We believed this before... Lets wait until training camp and Preseason before deciding if cuts to 53 will be "tough". BTW we got to the AFC Championship game that season and finished 11-5.... Hope this is 2014 season repeated
  4. Much respect that you are in tune with your own nature. Thanks for the clarification my man
  5. HUH? You saying a black player can not process and read the game so you can't compare him to Sean Lee? Odd statement krunk seeing that Okereke played the most cerebral position at STANFORD
  6. PG was the receiver that I was hoping Ballard targeted.... This guy fits our offense very well!
  7. So based on this rationale, we put the cash in the bank and save em for 20 players of our own? The cap will increase and a GM worth his salt is suppose to get creative. Spend today but still save for tomorrow. That's why CB is paid the big bucks. SCARED MONEY DON'T MAKE NONE!!
  8. AND THIS IS THE TRUTH... Thanks for dropping that knowledge to the fanbase. Irsay and Davis in Oakland are the "poor boys" of the NFL owners.
  9. Fellow Colt Supporters..... The Browns will be DEADLY. The AFC is gonna be a monster to go through to make it to the Big Dance. We gotta step up
  10. A GM said once "If you start thinking like a fan, you'll be with em in the stands"
  11. Ebron, Travis, Alie-Cox and Hewitt
  12. You heard it here first.... Doyle will get cut in camp.
  13. Not surprising about Luck. Demands best from self and teammates. He handles business!!!
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