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  1. Or he could play more and get to pro bowl level we really have no idea....
  2. Big Mistake is coming up.... Wait and see. They will not pull Jacoby
  3. Always happy for a man to get paid... Hope the man is signed
  4. The organization allowed this man to make a fool of himself. That's really sad
  5. The team has money... We gotta start spending....
  6. A fan for 35 years... Just my opinion. I honestly think AV is a detriment and it's hard to make the playoffs with a kicker that leaves points on the field. Just trying to rationalize why Ballard is rolling with Vinateri. Can you tell me? BTW a 14th or 15th pick has more move up potential than a pick that is 22-28! Purgatory is better than Hell dawg! Want the best for the SHOE always
  7. The organization is not interested in making the playoffs IMO. When you are playing with a kicker that has clearly lost it and are not seeking to upgrade. It borderline tanking if you ask me. This team wants a top 15 pick. Ballard is fascinated with collecting 2nd day draft picks. He will trade down again this year.
  8. Got a feeling this may happen. FG's are important against a defensive team such as the Jags. Only hope is to catch the Jags on a bad day.
  9. Having that thought says VOLUMES!! I never use to worry about XP's but now.....
  10. So right... Ballard is paid money to make the hard decisions.. Lets see if he is up to the task! (actually this is an easy decision)
  11. Thanks for putting this out there. No player is greater than the Shoe!!
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