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  1. Wilson's scouting profile says blocking for the running game is a weakness. The Colts will pass on him.
  2. Totally agree with that... I am also disappointed in picking up FA players that other teams obtain that we could have easily obtained if he made the effort... Marquis Brown would have been a great addition in my opinion. But I guess I'm not an NFL GM making 7 figures...
  3. Raekwon Davis is a quality depth player behind Stewart. Not every addition needs to be a starter. Quality depth and guys who can keep the light on and give a starter a breather is important.
  4. No mention of DT Raekwon Davis signing? This so called REPORT CARD is lacking. Seems author is less than thorough.
  5. Message to Original Poster... Dillusion is not a word... It's Delusion Just Saying
  6. Put Kenny Moore in his place. Blackmon comes in as nickel and Nick Cross takes Safety position... Can;t be any worse. At least this switch up is a plan. And not just bend over and hold your toes.
  7. And Shane wasn't interested in pulling him??? WTH!!!!
  8. Sam as Matt Ryan... Became a TO machine here in INDY
  9. not debating or making an argument.... NE has been a bottom third team since Brady left... A damning statement that we loss to them last year. The Colts Franchise is looking up! Go
  10. NE without Brady?... SMH A trash team
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