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  1. I just want Vinny to get gone. NFL is a business, if you are not good enough....
  2. Interceptions come with the position. Players have bad games and bad seasons. It happens. I really think he will thrive in the Colts system.
  3. "Air" Gordon is my choice. He would excel under tutelage from Reich and Rivers
  4. Hope this is true.... Rivers for two years and draft Anthony Gordon in the 3rd round to be heir apparent!
  5. Anthony Gordon QB Washington State....... This kid is the real deal Gonna be the steal of the draft!
  6. Some laugh but he was a good enough player for a consistent Super Bowl contender. But not for the Colts? Guess New England is clueless with no Super Bowl appearances in 10 years... Oops or is it our beloved franchise? Just find it odd that people think the guy is trash...
  7. Colts vs. Chiefs 2013 Playoffs... Touch of Greatness!
  8. Bet my June mortgage note that Ballard will not sign any of these players.... He likes to save money
  9. I feel you ColtStrong.... The arbitrary censorship that occurs (not just this website but multiple others) has really dumbed down our society. Phrases or words used by Shakespeare can't even be typed due to this censorship. Forms of communication should be a thing that lifts us to higher plans of thinking. God bless what we've become.
  10. We will go for Trevor Lawrence after Jacoby wins 4 games next year
  11. Ballard signed Jacoby to a 2 year 30 million extension with 20 million at signing. He is saving face because he has messed up Irsay's money.... and he knows this. Side note... Adam V was made the 7th highest paid kicker during the off season..... But we have lots of money in cap space to cover these bad decisions... Must be fun to spend another man's money poorly with no pushback
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