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  1. Haskins is HORRIBLE.... Not a student of the game.
  2. Chubb and the run game is no issue for this team to handle....Our issue is stopping teams in the air. Cleveland can make things nasty for us with OBJ and Landry. Real concern this Sunday.
  3. 50% of NCAA II kickers were better than AV last year!! Staying on the team based on the past was a horrible decision!
  4. Gotta be proud for my fellow VCU RAM! Show the league how we ball in Virginia!
  5. Willis and Blackmon are the S duo of the future.... Devastating
  6. Paying Doyle was a mistake.
  7. I believe TAYLOR and WILKINS will surprise the fanbase... These guys will ball out!
  8. BINGO... I think in hindsight Ballard will view this as one of the worst decisions as a GM. AV was done. Sad seeing him go out like that on film! He will never play in the NFL again.
  9. Can never get use to that odd throwing motion...
  10. We need a QB that Wins....Using anything to get the job done.
  11. I have a feeling they will increase the rosters to 58 players for this year. Just a feeling due to possible players coming down with infection. Gotta add a little more depth.
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