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  1. We have only seen the man play 50% of snaps in a preseason game... You need to yet the guy play at least 2 seasons to see if he is the "answer" for an NFL position. Too many fans anoint a player after a few games or a season (case in point.. Mahommes, Leonard, or Nelson) and place them in Canton. NFL is about consistency over time. Be patience and even keeled.
  2. Luck will not sign a new contract in the NFL. He will retire in 3 years. The injuries and toll on his body will be a factor. He is a bright guy. He has life changing money and will be a father soon. He will move on. Mark my words.
  3. Hard for most fans to realize but these organizations owe the fan nothing. Deception should not be surprising. The Colts organization under Ballard does this more often than not. They just want us to shill out money. Buy tickets and merchandise. It's a sad truth.
  4. Not directed to you Deb, just making a statement.... Much respect
  5. None of these organizations (sports, medical, government, media) are ever straight forward with the public. It's what they do and you are fool to think otherwise.
  6. Willis is a throwback to the old school "headhunters" of the NFL!!! A true enforcer!! All types are needed in this world! Welcome to the Colts Khari
  7. The top 5 QB's in this league don't go through this many injuries or are held out due to nagging "issues". I am a Colt fan but the Front Office is best served to look for another QB once his contract expires and look towards the future (Trevor Lawrence?). I do hope this team can win a Super Bowl during the Luck Era
  8. You have good points... Anaolgy: Your ex-wife was great at the time.... But when you get a new wife your ex was evil incarnate.. lol Makes a person think... I thought Grigson and Pagano were garbage but I see your points!
  9. Funny how some here think this guy can be a great future player for the Colts considering his off the field issues. The same posters say HELL NO to Suh who plays rough on the field but has never had issues outside the lines.... Can't figure this out or maybe it is something that is plain to see. Check yourselves
  10. Do not be shocked if Doyle is not on the final roster......
  11. Shaq (the basketball player) stated it's better to have fun on your off season THEN recover on the team's dime. Miss a few off season workout days and some preseason. You see this happen more often than not. Sad but true
  12. Chuck Pagano commented about "tough cuts" in August of 2014... "We said from day one it was going to be extremely difficult because we felt like the 90-man roster this year compared to year one is a heck of a lot different," Pagano said. "We're deeper at every position, we've got more competition at every position. Everybody says, ‘Hey, getting to 75 is easy, and 53 is much tougher.' We let go of some good football players, some really good football players yesterday. It wouldn't surprise me to see any of those guys get picked up probably sooner than later." We believed this before... Lets wait until training camp and Preseason before deciding if cuts to 53 will be "tough". BTW we got to the AFC Championship game that season and finished 11-5.... Hope this is 2014 season repeated
  13. Much respect that you are in tune with your own nature. Thanks for the clarification my man
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