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  1. True but with both teams being equal... Our play calling (Frank) is horrible. That will seal our fate
  2. You my friend really see the issue. Instant reactions are bad but having the illness in your mind to write hate down and look up the address to send it in is despicable.
  4. Totally agree.... Maybe they were hoping he aggravated his ankle injuries. Having Wentz in his current non mobile state was a recipe to lose. Jacob Eason could manage the game and get the experience. Even if the result was going to be the same. Bad call having Wentz out there. But Frank just got paid so WTH
  5. Metcalf would be injury prone here in Indy. Would have a flared up neck issue. This team has some odd luck.
  6. Lets lump Nelson in there also if we are being fair.... Nelson playing like he us counting the future contract money!
  7. I guess "rumor" became "reality".......
  8. Lots of people who have never played a competitive sport want to make INSANE rules like this. Lemay carried 6 men on the team in the city in which he attended college in 10 yards! He was excited. He had adrenaline pumping and was saying "You can't see me!!" What he said was within less than 2 seconds. Then he yelled to the crowd. They need to do a few more reps in the weight room.. lol. This was nonsense! This is a competitive game played by men who could have their careers ended on any play. Emotion is natural.
  9. Leonard deserves it! This franchise will have one of the top 5 LB's of all time in Darius before his career is over. Great face for our franchise! A player that is About That Action! HBCU Representing!
  10. It's coming... "Gotta bad feeling about this"
  11. So true... Backwards Ballard. Odds of him trading back is 80%, staying put is 17%, trading up 3 %. It's his MO.
  12. You might be right but it's not unlikely. Teams help each other out in order to build a good relationship. Business works this way all the time. It's not just about trying to screw someone over. Reich gave the good word as did Ballard concerning Nick. Why wouldn't he put his 2 cents in to his new bosses about the issue? Philly and Indy are developing a good respect and understanding. Will hopefully pay dividends for future trades between the two teams.
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