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  1. So true... Backwards Ballard. Odds of him trading back is 80%, staying put is 17%, trading up 3 %. It's his MO.
  2. You might be right but it's not unlikely. Teams help each other out in order to build a good relationship. Business works this way all the time. It's not just about trying to screw someone over. Reich gave the good word as did Ballard concerning Nick. Why wouldn't he put his 2 cents in to his new bosses about the issue? Philly and Indy are developing a good respect and understanding. Will hopefully pay dividends for future trades between the two teams.
  3. I have to believe the new Philly coach did a solid for the team that helped him get a head coaching position. Nick had a great deal to do with this. JMHO
  4. The kid needs to be given a chance. Many franchises see the importance of letting the young dogs run. I have a feeling if we had Justin Herbert many around here would not even want him to see the field. Fire makes steel. Let's not be afraid as a franchise.
  5. Running line of 2020... "it's fixed"... Stop fellow fans.. Colts just didn't play good enough. No one else to blame.
  6. I stated last year that paying Kelly was a mistake. I thought concussions would derail him. Sad
  7. Haskins is HORRIBLE.... Not a student of the game.
  8. Chubb and the run game is no issue for this team to handle....Our issue is stopping teams in the air. Cleveland can make things nasty for us with OBJ and Landry. Real concern this Sunday.
  9. 50% of NCAA II kickers were better than AV last year!! Staying on the team based on the past was a horrible decision!
  10. Gotta be proud for my fellow VCU RAM! Show the league how we ball in Virginia!
  11. Paying Doyle was a mistake.
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