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  1. DaColts85

    Le'Veon Bell Lurking

    He might not have a ton of miles if he holds true to sitting out this year. Fresh legs for next year lol.
  2. DaColts85

    Who is leading the WR race? Obviously TY Hilton and

    Reich also said do not put a lot of thought into the current roster/depth chart. You will have movement still and a guy like Rogers and Cain could always out play all pre-season and get the nod. I think right now they see Grant as a dependable possession guy. I just want to see everyone continue to improve and work with Wayne. Guys like KJ Brent can still impress and grab a spot imo. Very beginning right now with plenty of time to impress and show consistency. On a side note I see a lot of 3 TE formations being used and also Hines/RB's being moved pre snap for mismatches. I am very excited to see Reich do weekly plans and not just the same crap week in and week out.
  3. DaColts85

    Pre preseason thoughts on the team (so far)

    Haeg was messing around at Center during OTA's. He is the swiss army knife of the line no doubt similar to Reitz. Good does have injury issues and I have been hopefully for him but that is what costed him the starting spot. Once he was healthy he did not beat Haeg for that same spot. Instead they put him at RG. The competition this yea for the RT spot hopefully is very good (no pun intended). I hope for everyone to feel like they can be replaced at any time.
  4. DaColts85

    Pre preseason thoughts on the team (so far)

    How many games did Good sit due to injury? Haeg started all but 1 at RT if I am not mistaken. Good played more at RG than RT so other than opening day I wouldn't say Haeg couldn't beat anyone since he was the starter. Now if he has improved he might give a push to Howard. Especially since the first team line had Howard with the two's and Haeg with the 1's recently. The coaches will let them battle hints why I say he is the only one to give a push for it.
  5. DaColts85

    Pre preseason thoughts on the team (so far)

    Michael is getting some looks mainly because for 4 games we will not have Turbin, just my opinion anyways. The o-line will hopefully be strong and healthy this year but I would not be surprised to see Haeg give Howard a strong push for the starting spot. Good points on the defensive side.
  6. In the same time Mack has only 1.5 more sacks than Donald. Donlad is a DT that would immediately draw attention and allow for our young DE's to get some 1-on-1's. If your DT can get 10 sacks allowing other guys to get pressure as well you have an immediate difference maker in my eyes based on the defense we are wanting to run. A trade just like anything else makes since based on your d scheme. Mack would be great but look at the DT position. Lewis has potential but I will take 10 sacks from up the middle all day and let Autry get a smaller amount of reps and keep a smile. That pushes the pocket and forces your QB to move outside their comfort spots and moving towards you DE's. For me clearly Donald would be the guy I go after in this hypothetical scenario.
  7. DaColts85

    Colts Training Camp 8/1/2018

    I can't wait until the first preseason game to get some eyes on these young guys.
  8. DaColts85

    Colts Training Camp 8/1/2018

    There is no way to know right now if Ballard has not offered him that. Breeland might want to go somewhere else though. Asking Reid about the flag is one thing but no owner is going to sign his paycheck when he has a lawsuit against them. He needs to drop all of that and like Kaep he probably knows he will continue to do his peaceful protest. I do not see why we would bring in an older LB when we have guys who can compete. Walker being out sucks but right now you let guys heal with small tweaks so it does not linger or get worse. A guy might sit for 4 practices when during the season they might play through it. I might be one of the few guys here that is fine with what we have. I would have liked Tre Boston but both our safeties will be back soon.
  9. DaColts85

    Colts Training Camp 8/1/2018

    Bringing him in twice shows Ballard has some interest. Breeland makes the final decision not Ballard. Also, you see the position as needing an upgrade and that does not mean the coaches or even Ballard do though. Wilson went out for a play and was back out there for 11-on-11 drills and goal line stuff.
  10. DaColts85

    Predict OROY and DROY

    OPOY: Josh Rosen - As the poster above mentioned he will take the starting role from Bradford and show why he was talked about in college. This guy to me is going to be a pretty solid player. A lot of the RB's to me will be good but I see this guy getting some solid numbers as a rookie with all eyes on him. DPOY: Tremaine Edmunds - to me this guy will shine for the Bills. He will be able to get sacks for you and cover from sideline to sideline.
  11. DaColts85

    Colts Training Camp 8/1/2018

    The D just needs to get around the low 20's overall. If we can get a top 5 or so offense then we can build back the old days and have the points that allow the defense to hide issues. I am prepared for some high scoring games this year and hopefully we score the most lol
  12. DaColts85

    Colts Training Camp 8/1/2018

    They said the first team OL includes Howard at RT. I think Good was the backup in for reps during 1-on-1's.
  13. DaColts85

    Luck QB sneak ???

    Again I cannot disagree with you. That is the franchise and your $140 million man.
  14. DaColts85

    Luck QB sneak ???

    I cannot disagree with the bolded. I will say that after preseason and within the first probably 2 games you are going to have a good feeling about his shoulder and everything. I am assuming that they play him in all 4 preseason games as well. That gives you 6 games and plenty of contact to know how the shoulder is. After that as a coach I honestly am not holding anything back short of QB designed runs throughout the game, which even these might not be out of the question.
  15. DaColts85

    Luck QB sneak ???

    This is where we differ. You error on the side of caution. Nothing wrong with that but I would not.