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  1. I can see him trading Mack for a pick if he is unable to use him as part of a trade for a player. I can see CB over safety. I think they really like Blackmon and will stay with him as our FS. I could see Ballard waiting until after the Titans game. If we win I can see him bringing in a player to help with the playoff run.
  2. The media will be drooling over the Titans today. But let's face it the KC OL is terrible and their secondary is awful. So I wasn't impressed by their win. We will be 4-4 after we play them this week. Not expecting a close game.
  3. Absolutely true. I thought he did as well as could be expected going against Bosa. He did a great job steering him to the out side so Carson could step up and throw. He's a mauler in the run game too. He's improving every game. No complaints at all tonight.
  4. I think Fisher held up quite well too. He’s getting better each week. Bosa was a tough assignment.
  5. Even if we lose tonight we are still in the race for a playoff spot. AFC is wide open. The talk of sitting Wentz for a draft pick at this stage of the season is ridiculously premature.
  6. That’s why he skipped the quarterly update. He’s having second thoughts.
  7. Not trade him. If he looks good they might not feel the need to acquire another safety.
  8. It also looks like Jones is going to get an opportunity to show case himself before the trade deadline.
  9. I have no idea. But coach mentioned alternating him with Glowinski so maybe him being a veteran helps with the move.
  10. Very true. Reed was a starting LG at Carolina last year. He’s no slouch. I was very surprised and happy when we signed him.
  11. Another candidate courtesy of BR is FS Tracy Walker of the Lions. Maybe straight up for Mack. Walker is 26 and a free agent at the end of the year. Mack could give them a one two punch with Swift.
  12. I like the Williams idea a lot. I was looking at the 49ers. Thinking about Mack straight up for safety Jaquiski Tartt. He’s 29 and a FA after this year. Trade happens the morning after the game. Maybe both are inactive for the game.
  13. Both Doyle and Stewart are eligible at over 2.3 m each. Maybe more to come?
  14. Not according to over the cap. They have him eligible.
  15. So you are saying it goes against next year’s cap? Why do that when you could have restructured Doyle with the same result?
  16. Looks like we will be calling up the two players we just signed to the practice squad.
  17. Could be for a CB too. We are focused on safety because of the injury but I think CB could be in play as well.
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