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  1. Kenny Stills , the 28 yr old WR, is being released by the Texans today. He will go through waivers 1st with the remaining 6.9M of his salary going to his new team. If he clears waivers he can sign with anyone. Should the Colts be interested? He's a FA at the end of the season. Thoughts? I would think a contender who could use a veteran WR to bolster their team would be interested.
  2. As a quick side note Taylor is being interviewed tonight on NFL Total Access 7 PM show and the replay of the Packers Colts game is 9PM as well.
  3. If they finish with the 3rd pick they can do what Ballard did and trade back and get a boatload of picks and pay Dak and build around him. Jerry says he loves Dak. I guess we will know what they will do soon enough. But if they let him go for a rookie QB that should say buyer beware. Especially in that division.
  4. Houston as well. We know Rivers is playing and Nelson and Kelly should as well in this important game. I would expect to be at near full strength unless Covid rears it's ugly head again.
  5. How can we pay him and keep our own? I didn't think he was that great and he had great weapons. I would rather have Rivers and Eason given that choice. Rivers experience is invaluable right now. If he wants to play another year that would be okay with me.
  6. The way I see it is Buckner is not on the injury report because he's on the Covid list. Blackmon and Rock are on the injury report and they are listed as ill. That is probably all there is too it. Both in the secondary so it makes sense they might have the same illness. I believe all of the players are now tested daily before practice for Covid so I'm thinking any player on the injury report has tested negative for Covid today.
  7. Since he was the only one I'm leaning that he was ruled a high risk close contact and they put him on the list before 1PM to make sure he makes the five days. Hopefully we will have some clarity later tonight. I would hope some reporter would be able to find out the details.
  8. To me just because we don't get a lot of sacks doesn't equate to a poor pass rush. QB Pressures can be very effective as well. The fact we don't blitz a lot tells me they are comfortable with four guys applying pressure and the results speak for themselves. A top five defense and a real shot at the playoffs and beyond. Our secondary is strong and getting better every week. Our secondary has big hitters and we are ballhawks as well. I'm not really worried about our defense at all in the playoffs. If anyone needs to worry about their defense it's KC. Defense still wins championships and w
  9. Ballard does have a good track record at most positions. And he drafted Eason in the 4th rd. knowing he was going to sit for at least a year. He obviously saw talent and he's counting on our coaches to elevate his game. Time will tell but I think he's the guy. Trust in Ballard as they saying goes.
  10. I don't know about that but I can see the Colts beating them.
  11. Agree! Pittman is so S-M-O-O-T-H !
  12. To answer your question I do. And I think Ballard and Reich think so as well. That is why he is here. I will give Ballard the benefit of the doubt here. He knows very well how important his decisions are. I guess we will find out more after the season ends. He will evaluate all of his players, including Eason, and determine if a QB move is necessary. I think Eason, if he is the answer, can afford a second season on the bench if need be. Not a big deal IMO. Might be the ideal outcome actually.
  13. To be honest I'm not sure we made any significant half time adjustments. Other than having a better reaction to his bootleg rollouts I thought we just settled down and reacted and played better. There was no increase in blitzing. We just played with our normal front and played better. Turnovers really helped them score in the 1st half. If Rigo doesn't miss the FG and Taylors touchdown is not called back we don't go into overtime but win outright. The defense played better and the offense got rolling with the run game and Taylor being the workhorse. Our offense is balanced and effective w
  14. I would not be surprised at all to see Rivers retire at the end of the year if we win the SB. Go out on top as they say. If he gets close then I would think he will want to come back for one more year and get his ring. I think Ballard will go all in to pick up the missing pieces to give us that chance and Eason will be our No. 2.
  15. I think they could easily move it to a 4PM start if they wanted too. I'm hoping they do something because we will be blacked out for the Bills at 1PM if it's on CBS.
  16. I think our roster is strong enough to win a SB but Reich's coaching could be our downfall. Many were already questioning his play calling and after yesterday we now have to worry about his game and clock management. I hope we don't have to face that hurdle again. The Titans have life now and will bring it but I think we are the better team and should win at home.
  17. With all of the cuts coming this offseason I wouldn't be surprised if we found a good starting LT in FA.
  18. He's playing great and getting better as the season goes. Definitely bring him back with Eason as the backup. I don't know why but I think Eason will surprise us all and be our new franchise QB after Rivers.
  19. We just witnessed the 1st of his many future game winners for the Colts.
  20. Same old same old. No blitzing on an old QB.. Just let the HOFer have his way.
  21. Who thinks our coaches are capable of making 2nd half adjustments that can win us the Game? I thought so!
  22. They attacked Rock on the 1st play of the game. Everybody knows he's the achilles heel.
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