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  1. Wentz won't believe the difference between the two cities media coverage. He should be able to settle in and relax immediately. A big load off his shoulders. It will help him get off to a good start here.
  2. FWIW A fan asked Albert Breer in his MMQB column today who he thought would be a good FA WR for the Colts to bring in since the Wentz trade? He answered Nelson Agholor. Citing Agholor had his best years with Wentz at Philadelphia and he's only 28.
  3. Nice job. My thoughts if we draft a tackle in the 1st. he will start. I can see the trade back and drafting a tackle. I like Haag coming back. I think we sign a WR1 in place of Villaneuva. And we sign Watt or another ER.
  4. Congratulations! You cracked the code. People in Buffalo thinks it's Buffalobills. Same amount of letters. But your explanation hit the nail on the head. And Jason Spear's tweet also points in that direction. Watt is a high priority for Ballard. I think he is going to join us.
  5. Not surprised. I said it earlier in this thread. I bet he's a Colt by the end of the week.
  6. Walker Little, LT Stanford. 6' 7" 320 LBs. I could really see Ballard surprising everyone with this pick. He was a heavily recruited 5 star tackle from Texas who went to Stanford. At the start of the 2019 season he was projected to be an Outland Trophy Winner and a top 10 draft pick. He injured a knee in the 1st game of 2019 and missed the entire season. In 2020 he opted out to concentrate on preparing for the draft after declaring for it in Sept 2020. I believe the Pac 12 eventually cancelled their season due to Covid. He has not played in two years but was considered one of the top t
  7. They can but they won't. Rossman's reputation along with Luries would go down the toilet. McDaniel's was a personal decision not a team decision. The Wentz trade is a team decision. No way they are backing out.
  8. Okwara will definitely want a long term contract with a lot of guaranteed money. Watt would only be looking for a two year deal with a contender. He doesn't have to prove anything. It's more about getting a ring for him.
  9. On top of being double teamed the most he was able to get a very high number of pressures last year. Maybe the most in the league. Next to Buckner he could really have a big year. I think we have a good chance of signing him because of our situation and cap space. The other teams you mentioned have their own players they need to sign and some very good ones and cap space is tight for them. I really like our chances and he will not command big dollars like the other ER's in FA. I can see Ballard giving him a Houston type contract. 2yrs. 12m per. That leaves plenty for another WR or an
  10. How about Agholor instead of Davis and signing a FA DE. Probably Watt or Miller after he's released.
  11. Mutual interest is there. Out of the few teams with interest and cap space we are his best chance at a SB. I bet he's a Colt by the end of the week.
  12. That's what Peter King said after they gave Luck one last chance to come back. Wentz then became their no. 1 target.
  13. All of this makes perfect sense to me. If the Colts and Rhodes want to get a deal done I think it happens. I'm expecting Autry and Carrie back as well. If his focus is ER don't be surprised if he signs Watt soon. I think we will add a WR1 in FA and draft a LT with our 1st. pick. All good.
  14. If there is mutual interest I can see Ballard signing him to replace Houston. Similar deal like Houston's. 2yr 24 or 26m per. He would play alongside Buckner and avoid double teams. Neither the Packers or Steelers have the cap space. If he wants a chance at a SB it's either us or the Titans from that list who can afford him. He would solve our ER need for sure. If this is true I'm thinking Ballard surprises us all and he becomes a Colt by the end of the week.
  15. You should take a listen to Mike Silver, another former GM, talk about Ballard and the trade today on NFL network. He definitely sounds jealous of all the attention Ballard has been receiving since his arrival as our GM. The trade really got under his skin. Quite funny.
  16. It looks like we were the 1st team his agent called when given the go ahead from the Eagles. Who knows maybe we were the only one. We obviously know why and I think the other teams knew it as well. One way or the other I think they were working on getting Wentz to the Colts and he was going to have a lot of say on where he went. Thus the Bears backing off. A perfect storm for Indy I would say.
  17. Yeah, I'm kind of surprised. I believe Pittman was No. 6 in college and he could have it on the Colts. Wentz was 11 in college and with the Eagles.
  18. They all don't have to be done this year. At least one I would think. We still have a 5th yr option available for Nelson if necessary so he would be the last to sign I would think.
  19. I understand your point. The Colts have pretty much been a 3 man committee for awhile now. When they resigned him the intent was to use that rotation. We brought in Ebron and Burton this year and felt comfortable those years with his contract. Considering all of the positive intangibles he brings to the locker room and team $4.35m is not really overpaying in my mind but I guess we shall see soon enough how Ballard feels.
  20. I like this a lot. I just have a hard time seeing them trading Doyle. I have heard Ballard really praise him in the past for all of the right reasons. I believe he's a local product as well. I still consider him an asset to the team and his cap hit is not astronomical. If they do trade him to a non contender I could see him just retiring. I think he wants to finish his career as a Colt. He's close to the end. Just let him play it out.
  21. I have to agree. We are a SB contender now just like last year. I don't Ballard will put the team in the hands of a 4th rd rookie if Wentz should go down. I think JB is the clear front runner unless he signs elsewhere. Have to hope they keep the rosters big enough so we can carry three QB's.
  22. I do hope TY comes back. I think he would be a fine receiver with Wentz along with the feeling that I think Campbell might be injury prone and TY would give us a legitimate weapon in case he is. That said we still need to sign another WR. I'm thinking it's going to be the 27yr. old Agholor who is now a FA with the Raiders. He also played with Wentz in Philly and should have no problem reconnecting the chemistry. He shouldn't cost a fortune either. That would let Ballard go out and spend the big dollars on an ER or LT.
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