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  1. Thank you. I usually take a lunch break around that time. And I am home; so I can watch some.
  2. A true class act. I will miss Rudy. That is another casualty of that awful Kirk Cousins contract. Rudy wrote a nice farewell note to Vikings fans, former and current teammates, coaches, front office, owners and Minnesota in the Players Tribune. https://www.theplayerstribune.com/posts/dear-minnesota-vikings-kyle-rudolph-football-nfl
  3. I liked it a lot, but I found that baseball purists did not like it as much. Even though the Yankees beat the Mets most of the time, most of the games were competitive and the games the Mets won brought good memories. I still recall where I was when this happened. (I get chills. ) I remember walking in the street and I jumped up when utility man Matt Franco got this walk-off hit off Mariano Rivera at the bottom of the 9th. My eyes glanced at a man sitting in his car, who screamed at the same time. It was rare for Mariano to blow a save. This was 1999.
  4. He certainly was not worth it. I remember Ricky Williams more as a Dolphins player than as a Saints player. I don't believe anyone in football is worth that gamble, including the greatest players of all time. I wonder what Saints fans thought about that. A long time ago, just before I began following football, the Vikings traded a lot to Dallas for Hershel Walker. It is believed that it was that trade that helped Dallas draft key players to help them on their way to winning 4 Super Bowls. Hershel Walker never really did much with the Vikings. He is never mentioned when we talk of
  5. I agree. Giving up even one draft class is ridiculous. That is an example of mortgaging the future. It is foolish, as you said. It takes only one injury to end a player's career.
  6. You might be too young to remember when Mike Ditka traded all the his team's draft picks for RB Ricky Williams. Back in those days RBs had a lot of value. https://sports.nbcsports.com/2019/04/15/revisiting-saints-trading-entire-draft-for-ricky-williams-and-the-deals-that-almost-happened/ Two decades ago Wednesday, the New Orleans Saints made one of the craziest trades in NFL history. They traded all six 1999 draft choices and their first-round and third-round picks in 2000—eight draft choices in all—to Washington to move up seven spots in the first round of the ’99 dra
  7. Thank you. I will not play this year, but I can update the Big Board and the list of draftees. Is that all there is to it? Just alert me ahead of time. I work until 5 ET weekdays, except Wednesdays until 7, but I can make time if needed.
  8. This is ND -related (not 2020). Louis Nix, 29 years old, found dead after being reported missing. RIP https://www.nfl.com/news/louis-nix-former-nfl-defensive-tackle-dies-at-age-29
  9. There is nothing wrong with what you wrote. Early on in the thread, I too wrote that Watson should honor his contract. This is not the same as Doug's comments. Doug is making a lot of personal attacks against a player. And he is going on and on and on. It is overkill.
  10. What is driving you to write all these disparaging comments? It almost seems personal. He does not play for your team. He has not committed a crime. What is it?
  11. @twfish You are still on the clock for the Packers. Then @WarGhost21 will be on for the Chiefs. After that, this 2021 Gavin Mock Draft will wrap up with @John Hammonds for the SB Champs.
  12. From the article: (Easterby) "...asked players to think back to when they were growing up 'playing ball with Ray-Ray and Ki-Ki and them," What is "Ray-Ray and Ki-Ki"? Is that from a TV show? I have never heard/read that term.
  13. @chad72 @danlhart87 Who would you like there? @csmopar asked us to pick for him. Darius Stills West Virginia DL5T ???
  14. Sorry to hear that. Hope all will be okay with everyone.
  15. Hi again, what do you like about Osa Odighizuwa, DT, UCLA?
  16. I could not find this player among the top 200. What do you like about him? Thanks.
  17. No, you read it correctly; I meant against Mike Tannenbaum. If you go back to my original point, perhaps it will be easier to understand. Someone wrote that instead of attacking Mike Tannenbaum the person for what he said, it is better to attack what he said. I agreed. Many have written that because Tannenbaum failed as a GM, he should not make judgments on QBs in the AFC South (I'm paraphrasing). Anyway, I will leave it at that. There is no point in going back and forth.
  18. Good point. It is about the team, not any one player.
  19. I get what you are saying. My point was that the personal attacks against Mike Tannenbaum were not necessary. We see that too often when someone has an opinion with which we disagree.
  20. I don't agree with Mike Tannenbaum and he probably said it to boost ratings and get folks riled up as we see here, but the personal attacks are unnecessary. It is the ad hominem logical fallacy. https://yourlogicalfallacyis.com/ad-hominem
  21. Welcome to the forum. Once you reach 10 posts, you will have the same posting privileges as other members.
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