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  1. Me too. It would also be nice to see a long-time player for Washington, Ryan Kerrigan, make the playoffs.
  2. Can we stop now so that Alex Smith could go to the playoffs? I would love to see that. I like Coach Rivera too. Bryce Love (RB from Stanford) is there too, I believe. Love it!
  3. I don't know about everybody but I love this.
  4. I wonder if the new owner (still Ford Family) will be as patient as Martha Ford and the late William Clay Ford. They should be playing better than they have been.
  5. That was an embarrassing performance yesterday.
  6. Very disturbing indeed. What kind of people make death threats?!
  7. @danlhart87 Who are you rooting for in this game?
  8. That is what I initially thought. I thought he achieved a milestone of some sort. AP should be a first ballot HoFer. The Vikes have had so many inducted into the HoF in the last several years yet no Super Bowl to show for it. This year Jared Allen is among the finalists. He won't be first ballot but he may get in some day. Charles Woodson and Peyton are in first ballot, of course.
  9. Lol. For a moment I wondered who that was. Looked like a Colts fans wearing blue and white.
  10. Matt Patricia but I like Matt Stafford. Peterson looks to still be in great shape. He must be at least 34 now.
  11. I would love that. All those former Washington fans who are Cousins fans never had anything good to say about Smith, even when it seemed he was leading his team to a division win before his injury.
  12. Thank you, Dan. Happy Thanksgiving to all. You all make the forum what it is. Among all the many things that I am thankful for, this forum is included.
  13. He is looking great! We are very happy with him. You and @danlhart87 were right about him. Well before the draft, Dan actually predicted that the Vikes would draft him. Hopefully the Vikes don't let him go the way they let go of Diggs and Harvin. I was a huge fan of Diggs (not Harvin).
  14. We used to have fans of several teams here. It was fun. I am one of the few who is still here.
  15. What was happening in the stands? I recall that it was rumored that they might pull players from the game but I never understood why. Was Polian trying to avoid injury to players? I think the Colts players wanted an undefeated season.
  16. Texans 27 Lions 17 Washington 17 Cowboys 14 Ravens 20 Steelers 24 Chargers 21 Bills 31 Titans 16 Colts 23 Panthers 20 Vikings 21 Browns 20 Jaguars 14 Giants 17 Bengals 12 Cardinals 24 Patriots 21 Dolphins 24 Jets 6 Saints 27 Broncos 21 49ers 27 Rams 31 Chiefs 24 Buccaneers 23 Bears 13 Packers 31 Seahawks 27 Eagles 20
  17. I remember that. I don't think a GM should be making those calls, as it undermines the head coach who then loses respect in the eyes of players, coaches, reporters, and fans. This was Caldwell's first head coaching job. Was that his first year?
  18. The bad calls do matter. The Colts could have lost yesterday and it could have affected their playoff chances. The Packers can beat the Saints. The Saints are not as good as they were the last two years. They lost at home in the divisional round last year. I agree.
  19. What happened yesterday was absurd. What made it even more infuriating was that when the Packers held some Colts defenders on the last drive in regulation, the refs kept the flags in their pockets. Btw, welcome!
  20. I wrote this yesterday in the game thread. I wrote that fans of NFC North teams see this happen all the time.
  21. Lions fans did not really give him a chance. I recall people calling for his firing in the middle of his first season. He had two 11-5 seasons with a team that never makes the playoffs. They should have won that playoff game against the Cowboys. The refs gave the game to the Cowboys. Colts fans seemed very harsh against him, even after he had been gone a few years.
  22. I think I read that you are also a Bengals fan. Right? When I saw that happen, it made me think of Teddy Bridgewater's injury. Hopefully Burrow will be back next season. It also made me think of another Bengal #1 draft pick, Kijana Carter. You may be too young to know him. He was a great RB in college. He was picked #1 overall by the Bengals but he got injured early on in his first season and never showed the promise that everyone expected. It seems that the Bengals have had the overall #1 draft pick several times. No?
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