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  1. Lol. That happened more than a month ago. They are so bad. I have been waiting patiently for football.
  2. Yeah, it was 7-3 at the top of the 8th. Lugo, who I like, gave up a 2-run homer in the 8th and another base hit after that. Let's see if they can win the game.
  3. The Mets are trying to lose this game for deGrom. How frustrating.
  4. I appreciate your attempts to bring some awareness to one's behavior (argumentativeness). I agree with you. However, your efforts are clearly futile. There is no self-awareness. So, to maintain some level of civility and to enjoy the forum, it is best not to continue. Glad that you continued on the forum. You have contributed a lot to making this place entertaining.
  5. Such a classy fan. At least you can say you're much better than the Mets. (That's not saying much, right? Lol) Good luck the rest of the way. All the best to the Colts too.
  6. Last week the Mets announcers were talking about that. They said the ball does not have to be completely in the glove for the runner to be out. Is that a new rule? I had never heard that either.
  7. Nats have only one hit off Hamels.
  8. NFLfan

    Denver-Minnesota (8-11-18)

    He sure did. I wanted the Vikes to draft him last year. One of the guys on the Daily Norseman is an Old Miss fan and he swore by Chad Kelly. He is competitive and does not give up on plays. He plays like Mayfield-- with that competitive nature. I think Chad may replace Case.
  9. Murph should be a Met. Everyone told me I was wrong for wanting to retain Murph. He has proved me right.
  10. NFLfan

    Predict the 2018 NFL MVP

    I'll be a homer for once. Dalvin Cook
  11. I bet you that if we sign him, he will look like Jason Bay, Carlos Baerga, Mo Vaughn, and Roberto Alomar looked like in Mets uniforms. The only difference is that Machado is younger.
  12. Who are those decent everyday guys? Please name them.
  13. Enjoy your Sunday, gentlemen! I will be back later.
  14. I definitely thought so. Justin Turner became a player with the Dodgers but I never saw anything from him when he was a Met; so, I did not mind losing him. I wanted to keep Murph.
  15. That is what I want. Build your core and add a player here and there to complement or bolster the team. But you must have that core. One or two players cannot fix a broken team like the Mets.
  16. We have a pitcher with a sub-2 ERA (1.77) and he does not even have 7 wins. His record is 6-7. We need guys who can get on base and get hits. Also, it is boring to watch a game with no offense taking place. I like NL baseball with guys getting on base, moving runners over, using their speed to make things happen (like how the Cubs do it). I am not a fan of the home run. They say, "Chicks dig the long ball". Not this chick. It seems that guys like HRs a lot more than I do. So, bring on the kids and bring some exciting baseball to Flushing.
  17. We don't have a core -- just some starting pitchers. That's it. We need guys who can get on base, guys with speed, guys who will play good defense. We need a closer and some relievers. Machado doesn't fill all the holes we have. It will be a waste of money, the same way we are wasting money on Cespedes. Pitching is not enough. See deGrom. We have nobody who can hit. Are we going to sign 6-7 free agents? I added to my last post, but you may not have seen it. If you look at the teams you mentioned before, they all added free agents AFTER they had a core of good players. That is what I want the Mets to do.
  18. Once we have built our core, then we can trade for veterans or sign veterans. I have no problem with that. But we are far from being a good team. Those teams you mentioned that signed free agents and are doing well all have a core of good young players. As I wrote, see how the Vikings have built the team. Build the core and then sign veterans (Cousins and Sheldon Richardson). I have no problem with that.
  19. I care. I want to win with young, hungry players. What has signing Cespedes done for us? (When he helped us to get to the World Series, that was a trade. He has not done much since he signed the big deal.) The Mets have never done well with free agents. All free agents played better with their previous teams than they did with the Mets. Mets need to develop players and keep them. I don't want the Mets to be the Yankees. Let the Yankees win with free agents. Check out which teams are doing well. They all have home-grown players. That's what I want. Let's agree to disagree on this.
  20. NFLfan

    Collts @ Seahawks Preseason Game Night Thread

    I wish I could see the Colts game where I am but the 49ers/Cowboys are showing. Enjoy the game, folks. No injuries!
  21. I disagree with signing a bunch of free agents, especially high-priced ones. This is why we cannot sustain any success. Winning comes from drafting well and making smart trades for young players that will grow together. Old teams don't win anymore. Mets have never had success with free agent hitters. Trades have worked better but not great. Do you you remember telling me that you thought Neil Walker was better for the Mets than Murphy? Walker was not bad but he was not great. He is no longer with the Mets. I would have preferred Murph. Murph used to get on base consistently. We have not had that since he left. I don't want Machado or any other high-priced player. I was disappointed that they re-signed Cespedes. I want youth, speed, and guys who hit for average. I wish the Mets built the team like the Vikings do.
  22. Mets finally won a game that deGrom pitched. They beat the Reds 8-0. The guy has a 1.77 ERA and his record is under .500. The kids (guys from minors) are playing well. I want to see the kids the rest of the way.
  23. Can't believe Joe West is still working in baseball. He is one of the most argumentative umpires out there.