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  1. Congratulations! Time flies. It seems that you had just told us 2 years ago that you were a senior in high school. I can't believe 4 years have already passed. All the best in your professional (and personal) life.
  2. Mets win 4-1 over the lowly Marlins. They will try for the sweep tomorrow.
  3. Mets beat the Marlins 11-2. Let's win the next two games with starting pitchers deGrom and Syndergaard so that this win really means something.
  4. 2-0 now. Cano with his 2500th hit. It was a ground rule double and a fan got a valuable souvenir.
  5. Stop taunting me, PT. I know the Brewers swept the Mets. Don't rub it in.
  6. In the 18th, we bring in this pitcher fresh from the minors. He walks 3 guys in the inning. I knew it then that we would lose. I hate it when my pitchers give up walks. OTOH, I love when my hitters take pitches, make the opposing pitchers work and get walks (BBs). Just had a thought. We used to have a lead-off hitter named Lance Johnson. You recall him?? He was not one to take pitches to get a BB. He once said that he was a lead-off hitter, not a lead-off walker. I don't care how they get on base. Just get on base and produce runs. 3 runs in 18 innings is not going to win baseball games.
  7. Now bases are loaded. This pitcher just came from the minors. We are out of pitchers. He is walking the ballpark. We are going to lose it here.
  8. The Mets scored a run in the top of the 18th. 3-2 Mets lead. But, the Brew Crew have 2 men on base with only one out.
  9. Mets and Brewers are tied in the 11th. The Brewers blew a save in the 9th on a HR by our rookie Peter Alonso. That is his 10th HR in his early career.
  10. Hi, CBFL. ^^^ I agree with that statement by the former Vikings GM. This does not mean that I believe Jones is going to be great. However, this is the player Gettleman believes will be the future franchise QB. He cannot risk losing him. So, he took him. It may have been a "reach" but if he wins Super Bowls for the Giants, no one will remember. I recall many years ago, the Jets drafted a TE, Kyle Brady in the first round. The television showed an angry Bill Belichick who had been prepared to draft Kyle Brady for the Browns, but lost him to the Jets. I believe the Browns were going to make their selection in the next few picks. Belichick's mind was so set on taking Kyle Brady that he did not have another player to select when they were on the clock. He would trade his first round pick after the Jets drafted Kyle. Imagine if that happened to Gettelman had he waited to pick Jones with his next pick but another team traded up for him. He would have been devastated. He really believes in Jones.
  11. Mets have a tenuous 1-0 lead over the Brew in the 3rd. Hope we can score some more runs and win this game to even up the series. Go Mets!
  12. Hello HippieJohn, The Mets who are playing the Reds this week have the opposite problem. They have been known for their pitching, not their hitting. Yet, all of a sudden they are hitting well. However, they have one of the highest ERAs in the league, if not the highest. They have giving up more runs than any team in the NL. A lot of it is the bullpen but the starters have not been great themselves. Let's hope both our teams improve. Reds are on the up. A lot to look forward to.
  13. Jay, you must so excited about how the season is going. How is the pitcher from Cleveland doing? Miller??
  14. Tomorrow the Mets will face the pitcher with the best ERA in the majors, Luis Castillo. He has a 1.23 ERA. I know it is early but that is impressive. We have our work cut out for us. Time to go rest. Have a good night fellas.
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