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  1. Lol. This belongs in the Favorite Gifs thread. Losing the Colts is a sentimental issue for Baltimore Colts fans, many of whom later became Ravens fans. The Ravens have won two Super Bowls and for many, it is not still enough to erase the scar from the Colts' leaving. The irony is that many of them do not feel bad that the Browns moved their team to Baltimore. They will tell you that at least the Browns kept the team name and history in Cleveland. Having said that, I recall when Red McCombs of Texas wanted to move the Vikings to San Antonio. I'm not from MN and don't liv
  2. I had not heard of it. Thanks for the information.
  3. May I interest you in a trade for a Michigan native, Kirk Cousins? ;) Welcome to the forum! What do you think of the front office and coaching moves by your team so far? Getting John Dorsey is a very good move. The guy has a great eye for talent.
  4. I wonder what Pats fans have to say. They are nowhere to be found. When Brady was with the Pats, this forum was like their second home.
  5. This could have been written by my brother (except he was rooting for the Packers). He said exactly what you wrote -- Rodgers should have run for it and they should have gone for it on 4th down. My brother was upset, as he did not want to see Brady in the Super Bowl again.
  6. I hate that Brady is the QB of this team. He was not the reason why they won. They had tons of talent on offense and defense. It is unfair to the team to credit Brady for winning this.
  7. We missed you. Your fellow Bills fans were posting here a couple of weeks ago.
  8. I like this game because the officials are not stopping the game every few minutes to announce a penalty.
  9. You asked me why would a Vikings fan dislike Brady. I answered the question.
  10. Same reason Colts fans would. I am a fan of the game. If I perceive teams to be cheating, I dislike them. I stopped watching the NBA because it seemed that some games were rigged. I have rooted against Brady since the Tuck Rule game. It did not seem like a fair rule.
  11. No team holds more than the Packers do. Ask any Lions, Bears, or Vikings fan. Look at Bahktiari (spelling??).
  12. I'm rooting for the Bills to win it all. I was a huge Stefon Diggs fan when he was a Vikings player and hated the trade. Buffalo is a blue-collar team in a blue-collar city. It would be great if they won. It would give me hope that these 4-loss teams in the SB can win. Denver won, Bills are due, then maybe the Vikings.
  13. I dislike both QBs. I hate that Brady is Tampa's QB, as I like Bruce Arians and some players on the Bucs team.
  14. Packers get so many calls, almost as many as the Patriots. Remember the Colts game against the Packers this year?
  15. Why did the security guard give him money? (I need to research "Paying it Forward".)
  16. It is a formality, but no one has to make a case for Peyton Manning. Great post. Manning and Woodson are shoo-ins. I think Jared Allen and Calvin Johnson will also be elected this year. I hope Faneca makes it. The guy played football while having a seizure disorder.
  17. Great story! Leonard is a good guy. I like his commercial with him and Jim Irsay. Hopefully fans feel the same way about Leoanrd if he ever leaves the Colts. Fans were saying they loved Ebron a couple of years ago. I was surprised to read how sentiments had changed after Ebron left.
  18. One of the choices in the poll is trading 3 first round picks and more for Watson. That is more than what it would take to move up for Fields. There is also a choice in the poll to trade 2 first round picks for Wilson. That is about what it would take for Fields. Given those two options in the poll, why is Fields not an option?
  19. @EastStreet Good job with the polls. You have many QB options there but one is a glaring omission. Why not Fields as an option? Did he decide to stay in college?
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