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  1. Thank you. I did not see it when it happened but this morning, I saw something about the Mets winning 3-2. I have to check out what happened. Means looks like a keeper. I have never visited Camden Yards. I hear that it is still among the best baseball parks. I wish to visit one day. Have you been there? @PuntersArePeopleToo I know you have been to many. I believe that you wrote that you have been there. Am I remembering correctly?
  2. As @Jay Kirk would say, baseball is a marathon, not a sprint. No need to be too upset about a game or two in May. Now in September, you have more reason to be worried.
  3. I wondered if he was the one who had the no-hitter. (I was too lazy the check on the previous page in this thread. )
  4. I just learned that Harvey pitches for the Orioles now. I just saw a commercial on TV showing that he will pitch in this series. I once liked Harvey very much, but I was not displeased when he left the Mets.
  5. The Mets cannot buy a hit against John Means, the pitcher. He has a 1.61 ERA.
  6. @Coltsman1788 I see that your team is playing mine in NY. I know nothing about this Orioles team. I don't even know who the manager is. Lol. Which players should I be watching? No runs through 2 innings.
  7. Lol. I was just kidding. What did you think of the Vikings draft? I was not pleased with the 2nd pick, as I wanted to draft Mills. I like the two offensive linemen. Round 1: No. 23 -- Christian Darrisaw, OT, Virginia Tech Round 3: No. 66 – Kellen Mond, QB, Texas A&M Round 3: No. 78 – Chazz Surratt, LB, North Carolina Round 3: No. 86 – Wyatt Davis, G, Ohio State Round 3: No. 90 (from Ravens) – Patrick Jones II, DE, Pittsburgh Round 4: No. 119 – Kene Nwangwu, RB, Iowa State Round 4: No. 125 (f
  8. Great stuff! Can you do something like this for the rest of the NFL teams?
  9. They are okay. As you know, I am not a fan of signing players for humongous contracts unless they are our own players (like deGrom or Alonso). I was not pleased with the Lindor contract and he is not playing at the level of someone with that salary. How are the Cards? How is Goldschmidt doing? That was the kind of signing that I like. Talk to you soon.
  10. Hi Jay, it is always good to see you. People are still at work or on route home. Come back once the games start. See you later.
  11. Lots of Mets pitchers have had 1-hitters. I was at a game in which Tom Glavine had not given up a hit until late in the game. I was so excited that I would be at the Mets' very first no-hitter. But it was not to be. Some no-name player broke up the no-hitter in the top of the 8th or 9th inn. I also attended one when Matt Harvey had a one-hitter going into the 7th. His was broken up in the 7th, I believe.
  12. Four no-hitters so far this year. There were several last year too, right? There was a time when the Mets and the Padres were the only teams never to have a pitcher throw a no-hitter. The Mets were known for their pitching and had many pitchers who went on to throw no-hitters for other teams (Seaver, Nolan Ryan, Gooden, David Cone...) but never with the Mets. Johan Santana pitched the lone no-hitter by a pitcher in a Mets uniform. The Padres finally had one this year.
  13. We are retiring this thread after several enjoyable years. But baseball talk continues here:
  14. @Jay Kirk, @HOZER @2006Coltsbestever@buccolts, @Coltsman1788 , @Mel Kiper's Hair @Barry Sears @RollerColt Just alerting you that this is the new Baseball thread. Enjoy the season! (The other regulars have already posted comments here. I apologize if I have forgotten to mention someone.)
  15. Thank you! I have always liked the Mets broadcasters, TV ones as well as the radio guys. I used to listen to radio broadcasts with the legendary Bob Murphy and the future HoF broadcaster Gary Cohen. I appreciated them a lot because they were never homer-ish. They spoke glowingly about opposing players and coaches. I knew all the players back then. It is different now but I do like the tv broadcasters, one of which is the aforementioned Gary Cohen and former Mets Keith Hernandez and Ron Darling. They are great!
  16. I remember it well. That may have been the first draft that I followed. It was great.
  17. I remember that. Lol. It is great stuff. Tobin was right -- no one knows for sure how a player will perform once in the NFL. RB Kijana Carter, #1 overall pick many years ago, always comes to mind. The fans and pundits put him in the HoF before he played a game. An injury early in his career ruined everything. You never know.
  18. I'm sorry; I am just seeing this thread. I have not read that (in bold). The front office and coaches seem to like Cousins but the players don't. He has had many spats with Adam Thielen. When Kyle Rudolph was released, he had good things to say about many players including QBs that used to play for the Vikings. It was glaring that he said nothing about Cousins who is the starting QB. Some players have left and said unflattering things about Cousins. He is not a leader. He does not take responsibility for losses. I like guys like Luck. Even when it was another player at fault, Luck would
  19. Thanks. There is nothing wrong with questioning picks or even showing some emotion in posts, but as mentioned earlier, there is a good way and a bad way to do it. I think most of the comments I have read on this thread are fine. But name calling and using ad hominems are not acceptable and create a bad experience for most of those reading the comments. Do you see a difference in these two comments? I made these up. Lol. One is very negative and likely to generate a lot of negative comments from fans of the team.
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