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  1. Good to hear. The Steelers and the Ravens always seem to do a good job with the draft. I attribute that to continuity. How much longer do you think (former Stanford Cardinal) DeCastro will play?
  2. There has been a commercial every time, except maybe before the Darrisaw pick but I am not sure about that. Lol.
  3. Hey Joe, did you like the Kendrick Green pick. Some Vikes wanted us to draft him.
  4. I hear ya. But I don't mind this kid. Smart guy but he may not have the athleticism.
  5. Not really but I don't think this was needed. I see we just drafted a CB.
  6. We have many Vikings fans from the state of Iowa. They love the pick.
  7. Thank you. I will read a bit on them. What are you hoping to get from the Colts today? BPA or players that meet need?
  8. Thanks, Joe. My team needs some defensive backs. I think we are going all or mostly defense today.
  9. Where are @stitches and @EastStreet? Any thoughts on the draft so far?
  10. I asked this last night but no one replied: Any good CBs left? Who is best? There is this guy that I read about that I want. I think his name is Michael Carter, defensive back from Duke. Anyone like him? I value intelligence and leadership. He has those attributes. Last year, I liked Jaylon Johnson who had similar intangibles. He played well for the Bears. Anyone know him?
  11. You can't go wrong with an offensive linemen from Iowa. So many OL in the NFL seem to come from there.
  12. Have a good night, all. Enjoy the rest of the draft talk. Btw, who are the best CBs left in the draft? Thank you.
  13. Two players drafted by the Vikings. One looks good, the other... not so much.
  14. That is really good news. Our RT is Brian O'Niell who has been our best OL the last two years.
  15. I apologize. I can edit and write "dislike". Is that the correct word?
  16. Pick is in for the Vikes. They go to commercials before our picks too.
  17. Folks on the Vikings site wrote that he was barely 6'1. Okay, 6'3" is not bad. Thank you.
  18. Very few of us like the pick. I thought he was a 6th or 7th round talent. He is short for a QB, no? From NFL Network: ^^^That tells me that Mike Zimmer made this pick. Zimmer puts shackles on QBs except Cousins.
  19. Where did you have the guy the Vikes picked? I still have no idea why they selected him. They are so bad at drafting QBs. I did love Teddy. (I see a sad face coming from MPS. He dislikes Teddy.)
  20. Sounds like the Texans will cut Watson. I like Watson, always have. (I know, there are off the field.)
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