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  1. A few years ago, they had an A+ draft (Ramsey, Myles Jack, Ngakoue,...). They nearly went to the Super Bowl but just a few years later, they had the worst record in the league. So, you never know.
  2. You're the best. Now what will the Vikes do with the 4 third round picks and 3 fourth round picks? I want them to move into the 2nd round for Davis Mills.
  3. Love Neil Diamond (I know guys don't like him... Sweet Caroline. My sister's name.
  4. My goodness. The reaction after that pick was strong. No one understood the pick except that he was a speedster.
  5. @Shive had written that Slater would have been great for the Vikes. He went one spot ahead. We may have wanted him. We traded back after Slater was taken. I liked Surtain and Fields.
  6. @danlhart87 sorry about the next pick. I saw your guy on the telephone.
  7. @Shive Vikes missed out. Still lots of good players but I'd like to trade back.
  8. I thought Fields was the second best QB. I think it is a great trade for the Bears. Who is there starting QB now?
  9. Same but now I have to see him twice per season against the Vikes.
  10. Many people live with epilepsy and no one would know it. I would take Fields with no concerns. Others have played in the NFL with epilepsy.
  11. He has epilepsy? Well, Alan Faneca is going to the Hall of Fame and he played with epilepsy.
  12. Lots of talent dropping for the Vikes. I hope they don't mess it up. Oh no, my guy was just selected. Surtain.
  13. Haha. People think I am nuts when I say I want to replace Cousins. I want Patrick Surtain, the best guard (whoever that is), and a QB in mid-rounds. I like Davis Mills from Stanford.
  14. Same. This poor kid looks worried. Lol. My brother-in-law is a Jets fan.
  15. I agree very much with what I put in bold. I really dislike signing other teams' stars and my team getting rid of players that I have been rooting for.
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