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  1. Hope you are all enjoying the holiday season. There are only two more games left in your Indianapolis Colts' 2020 regular season. This game on Sunday is a big one against the hated Steelers (11-3) who are on a 3-game losing streak after starting 11-0. The Colts (10-4) will try to keep that Steelers' streak going. The Colts offense has been playing very well lately but they will play on Sunday without their two starting offensive tackles. That comes at the worst time, as the Steelers defense is #1 in sacks. But the Steelers have not played well on offense lately, with QB Ben Roethlisberger pla
  2. How many points will be scored in next week's matchup between the Vikings and Lions. Smh. Tampa has over 400 yards of offense and 34 points in the first half against the Lions.
  3. I do. I gotta get that dog or a golden. @danlhart87 Send me one of the goldens.
  4. Exactly, but not in the recycling bin. I don't want to recycle this.
  5. Lol. Dan. I don't get too down. Now, I needed some cheering up after the 1998 and 2009 NFCCGs and when Walsh went wide right after the 2015 season. But yesterday was meh. I will go out with my Vikings hat in a little while. Lol. Reminds me of the 2000 World Series. My team the Mets lost to the crosstown team, the Yankees. The next day, I went out with my Mets cap on. My nephew tells me "Auntie, you should be wearing a Yankees cap." I replied, "No dear. I am a Mets fan."
  6. Not just a few. Everyone who started on the front seven are backups except Wilson. And the secondary has two rookies starting.
  7. I left home at halftime. I see that Kamara has scored 6-7 TDs. Maybe next year. I hate starting over with new coaches and GMs, but a performance like this gets folks fired. Goodness gracious.
  8. I will watch, but the chances the Vikings make the playoffs are slim to almost none.
  9. Merry Christmas, everyone. Best wishes for a more peaceful and healthy year.
  10. My older sister and her husband lived in Portland for 2 years. I regret never visiting there when they lived there. She said it was my kind of place -- lots of space to walk and enjoy nature. That is the early game I will get on Sunday. I probably won't watch much football this Sunday. I get to see the Vikes on Christmas day. They aren't going anywhere but I still want to watch. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, everyone.
  11. Lol. I don't like him as a person. In fact, I would not want him as my QB. However, he plays football the way I like QBs to play. I like that he extends drives and scans the field for several seconds, allowing his receivers to become open. He feels pressure better than any QB. Mahomes is similar. I don't want Rodgers as a Viking just like I did not want Favre, but I like the way he plays. I want a QB who plays that way. I like Russell Wilson too. (Btw, while I did not want Favre because he came from the enemy, he played great football and gave us happy memories.)
  12. I would love for Cousins to be traded to the Colts to see what we Vikes fans and Washington fans complain about. You have to experience it to understand.
  13. Look what I originally responded to. I was just giving a reason why stats should not be used to judge a QB's performance in a season. Bringing up career stats does not change my main point which is that one's season stats does not always give a true picture of how a QB is playing. I was not comparing Cousins to Bortles. I was using Bortles season stats that year to show that it did not matter what his stats looked like. When you watched him play, he was not really good regardless of those gaudy stats.
  14. I don't evaluate quarterbacks by volume stats alone. See Blake Bortles 2015. Did you ever think Bortles was good? Looking at only his stats for that year (4400+ yards, 35 TDs), one would think he is a pretty good QB. Yet if you watched the games, he was not very good. He made poor decisions all the time. (He threw 18 INTs too.) Here is an example of my way of thinking: Getting a first down using a hard count to draw the opponent offsides is as good as getting a first down any other way. It does not show up in the stats but the QB got the job done in that moment: he moved the c
  15. Congrats. You did not appreciate this?
  16. Didn't Schefter post pictures and/or information from Jason Pierre-Paul's medical record after his hand exploded when he was playing with foreworks? I thought that was awful.
  17. Great player. He was only 58! That is too young. RIP These football players that we root for and who add excitement to our Sundays have relatively short lives. That is why I have no problem with any football player who retires early.
  18. This is speculation. No one knows if nothing was said to Bailey.
  19. Lol. You don't watch enough Vikings games. I'll swap Cousins for Rivers. Deal?
  20. Thanks. Adam Thielen also has gotten upset with Cousins in the past.
  21. Enjoy the game! Going to check out Vikings game thread and listen to the game on Game Pass. See you all later.
  22. Nice story. Thanks for sharing. Is the article posted somewhere? If not after the game, we can post it somewhere.
  23. He is. I believe @coltsfansince65 also said that he would like to see Stafford in Colts blue. Good luck today! Is Western NY rooting for the Bills? When I was in undergrad at Binghamton (not Western NY but in NY), the Bills went to those 4 Super Bowls. There were lots of Bills fans there.
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