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  1. I don't like it at all. Now, the Texans take Mills.
  2. You did not. I thought you meant a CB. I am not a fan of this pick at all.
  3. Vikes pick is in. Hey, they go to commercials before our picks too. Lol. Twitter users, don't tell me the pick
  4. Will Tampa take a QB? The Vikes may have a chance at drafting QB Davis Mills. Unfortunately, I think Zimmer will want a defensive player. He loves CBs.
  5. I missed that one. Who did the Giants pick. One of my friends is a Giants season ticket holder. Oh no, Radunz gone too. You predicted the run on offensive linemen.
  6. Why not just call them Washington? I don't like "Washington Football Team". The Washington Snyders.
  7. They are playing music from my era. Journey, Earth Wind & Fire, Isley Bros. There goes Cosmi.
  8. @danlhart87 You loved Cosmi in the mock draft. Are you hoping he goes to the Colts?
  9. NOTE: If you are following on Twitter, please do not announce the pick before it is announced on TV.
  10. It does not look like the Vikings are going to move back into the second. I'm going out for a bit. Nice! Thank goodness he did not go to the Packers. The Pack love my Stanford Cardinal players. I did not want Little going to GB.
  11. I like having @JoeThornburg here. He adds a lot to the forum, just as many others do.
  12. You should revive Football Dungeon. I used to appreciate the rankings. (You used to post it here.)
  13. Pats have traded up. Who do they want? I thought that was Jim Irsay. LOL. Golic with the beard.
  14. I need the Vikes to move back into the 2nd round. I want Davis Mills. We have 4 third rounders and 2 fourth rounders. Lets pair a couple and get into the 2nd.
  15. @danlhart87 had started a Day 2 Draft Discussion Thread.
  16. Pick #33 to Jags: Tyson Campbell Who do the Jets go with here?
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