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  1. I think several people have the same sentiment. That is too bad.
  2. 2 and 4 are likely. The refs almost gave the Jets game to the Browns too. There was a terrible PI on what would have brought up 4th down. It became a first down and the Browns would score a TD bringing them 3 points shy of tying. Thankfully the Jets scored again and stopped the Browns from scoring again.
  3. That is what Vikings fans say. Lol. Why do people say that? I never get a clear answer.
  4. Are we in injury timeout? I ask to find out if this radio broadcast is delayed.
  5. In other news, Jets leading 20-3 against the Browns who have no receivers. But the Jets are playing well on offense as well as defense. Colts are making the playoffs...easily.
  6. I'm listening on Game Pass. I think it is delayed. It is 1st and goal for Pitt after a PI call. (Rhodes)
  7. Jets defense looks so much better without Bounty Gregg Williams.
  8. Watching the Jets game while listening to the Colts game on Game Pass. Jets leading the Browns 13-3 in the second. Maybe the Browns miss the playoffs. Go Jets.
  9. Braden Smith is not listed here. Is he on IR? Usually 6 people are listed as inactive. No?
  10. There was a time when the media loved the Colts too. It lasted over a decade.
  11. Football is such a fun game to watch, to discuss strategy, scheme, plays, etc, and just to enjoy the overall entertainment. As you say, just enjoy it. The sad part is that if there is a loss, people won't appreciate the fun they enjoyed watching the game. I wish this game was showing where I am. If both teams play at the top of their game, it will be a great game to watch. I love watching football.
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