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  1. It is not over, Coltsman. Ballard will sign UDFAs. Looks like many guys have dropped. You will get someone you like.
  2. I was actually thinking of Hurst. I thought he was considered a top 10 player. I did not realize he dropped that far. I thought he went in the 3rd. Thanks for the information about him and Sweat.
  3. Yes, that's him. I did not realize he got released. I see you got your next QB of the future.
  4. Do you recall this DL from Michigan, I believe, who was projected to be a top ten pick but doctors at the Combine diagnosed him with a heart condition? He dropped to the 3rd round, I believe. He was drafted by the Raiders. I think he continues to start for them.
  5. The Ravens always have good drafts. I like the Jets draft very much. GM Joe Douglas is doing a great job.
  6. That's unfortunate. I too hope you are right. No matter what, I will still be a fan.
  7. We have had too many picks. (Just kidding). I can't keep up. Here we are again. #199 Pitt DT Twyman. We have 3 more after this. (ESPN said we have only 1 but our site says we have 3.) It is unclear how many more we have.
  8. @NewColtsFan Lots of Stanford players got drafted. Maybe recruiting has not been as bad as I thought.
  9. Zimmer (and I) love versatile players. I read on the Vikings site that he punts. Maybe we don't have to pay another punter. Btw, was Trey Smith drafted? I thought he was.
  10. You must not have had him ranked. Is that right? It is okay if you did not. Thank you. (Re: I. Smith-Marsette, WR, Iowa)
  11. @BlueShoe Where did you have the Ihmir Smith-Marsette (spelling?) ?
  12. Thanks, Doug. I think I saw Rochell drafted but the other two may still be there.
  13. The Jets just drafted Michael Carter II, the DB from Duke. I wanted him. The Jets have had an excellent draft.
  14. That is who I was thinking of as being a major reach. I think you have made your point. How do you like this draft? What players would you like to see the Colts draft or sign as undrafted free agents?
  15. Wow. I like this kid that the Jets drafted with the pick they got in the trade with my Vikes. @HOZER you must read the story of Alijah Vera Tucker. He was talking about his mom cooking Bacalao (spelling ?). Looks like a good kid with a strong family. Just great.
  16. Grigson had picked this CB one year. I thought it was a reach. I think it was in 2015. I don't think he played much.
  17. He is great. I like your latest pick, Buddy Johnson.
  18. Exactly, as long as it does not violate the rules. You're fine.
  19. Good to hear. The Steelers and the Ravens always seem to do a good job with the draft. I attribute that to continuity. How much longer do you think (former Stanford Cardinal) DeCastro will play?
  20. There has been a commercial every time, except maybe before the Darrisaw pick but I am not sure about that. Lol.
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