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  1. Who is the Colts radio play-by-play guy? I like him. He is very professional.
  2. Try to enjoy this win. (As I'm writing, Houston gets a big gain.)
  3. Refs just backed them close to their own end zone. Big pass to the 40!
  4. I was thinking that you probably should not be watching the game.
  5. It seems like most teams/coaches use it. Years ago, I did not understand what was meant by "playing not to lose". But playing prevent defense is "playing not to lose" rather than playing to win. Just my
  6. Happy to see you are watching and enjoying the game.
  7. Too bad I can't watch this. I am listening on Game Pass and watching highlights on NFL Network. Taylor looks great.
  8. @2006Coltsbestever No team gets worse calls against them than the Lions. There were two terrible calls made in favor of the Vikes. The Vikings announcers said that this roughing the passer call to extend a Vikings drive was the worst call they have ever seen. One of the announcers is a former player, Pete Bercich. The refs also changed a TD call (Stafford to Marcin Jones) to an incomplete pass when it looked like a clear TD. Usually if the refs are unsure, they keep the ruling on the field unchanged ("the ruling on the field stands"). But they overruled it. It was incredible.
  9. Justin Jefferson also broke Anquan Boldin's rookie record for receiving yards by a rookie.
  10. That is why fans should not panic in the first quarter of games. Yes, it would be great if the Titans lost.
  11. @EastStreet @danlhart87
  12. Miami? I don't see why the Dolphins would make a coaching change.
  13. They probably want to win the division. So, I expect Henry and Tannehill to play.
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