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  1. Well said. I see this on most sports forums. It seems to be the nature of fandom. I recall a few years ago, this board loved Andrew Billings. This place would have been ecstatic had the Colts drafted him. Well, he dropped and I am not sure if he is still with the team that drafted him (the Bengals, I believe). On the other hand not everyone (except @Dustin) was high on Grady Jarrett one year and he has turned out to be a top player for the Falcons. Let's hope the players acquired through the draft and (undrafted) free agency work out.
  2. Definitely quieter than normal, but the Falcons seemed to have signed a whole bunch. I counted 15 yesterday but it may have gone up. We signed about 7 this year but no one I know. Fans seem happy about the kicker from Memphis (Riley). Shafty wrote that I would like the WR from Indiana. Looks like the Colts signed at least one guy that you like. Right? This time of year is a lot of fun. Can't wait for training camp now.
  3. It is not because of COVID. Every year, even before the last pick is made, many sites already have threads up waiting to add UDFAs. This year, the Falcons seemed to have signed many. In 2018, the Vikings signed many of the players that folks were eyeing like Holton Hill, Hercules Mata'afa, Jake Wieneke, Jeff Badet, Roc Thomas, Mike Boone and others. This year, there has not been much activity with us in landing UDFAs.
  4. Congrats. Did you see the post where I mentioned you. The kid seems like a great guy. I look forward to having him in my hometown.
  5. Maybe. The Draft Rumors site that was posted earlier has him going to the Colts. https://nfltraderumors.co/2021-undrafted-free-agent-tracker/ as of 8:40pm today, they have him listed as a Colts acquisition.
  6. Add to it Riley Cole, LB, S. Alabama
  7. The Falcons have signed about 15 players already
  8. VIkings signed Myron Mitchell, WR, UAB A.J. Rose, RB, Kentucky Blake Proehl, WR, East Carolina Whop Philyor, WR, Indiana Tuf Orland, LB, Ohio State Expected to sign Riley Patterson, K, Memphis
  9. I had never heard anyone talk about him. Thanks.
  10. Check above. He was signed. I think the Jags.
  11. Hoosier fans, who is Whop Philyor? He signed with the Vikings.
  12. Okay. Thank you. It does look okay on desktop/laptop. Every time you refresh, you should see new names of UDFAs at the top of the Tom Pelissero Twitter feed and press "load more" if you missed any that were reported earlier. (I am writing this for everyone)
  13. Lol. I thought of hiding it if it is hard to navigate. I was having a hard time scrolling down. If anyone is having difficulty with the post, we can hide it. I'm going to check how it looks on my laptop.
  14. Note: Tom Pelissero has a long list in his Twitter feed.
  15. @JoeThornburg Steelers are busy. I found 3. Here is one. Also safety Lamont Wade and CB Shakur Brown.
  16. Blake Proehl is signing with the Vikes.
  17. Time to sign undrafted free agents. I wonder if Sage Surratt will join his brother in Minny...
  18. Thanks for clarifying that. I don't know if you had seen my comment when we were doing the Mock Draft. I think the Steelers should have tried to retain Mike Munchak. Maybe he would have gone to Denver anyway. I wanted so much for the Vikes to sign him. I think Munchak is still the OL Coach of Denver. Teddy B has never had a good OL. I hope that will change. I'm looking forward to seeing how Teddy does with Denver. He did not play well in Carolina.
  19. I think he got confused because in one of your posts you wrote He assumed you were referring to Villanueva. Who was the LG that you were referring to?
  20. Did he go to the Packers? Best place for him. A cheesehead.
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