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  1. I am treating all drafts the same, but not mistakenly. I believe (and i believe that Ballard believes) that you can find quality players in all rounds and turns of the draft, and afterwards with undrafted players. I believe that if you truly want to fill a team out, you don't trade away picks, you look to acquire them. Now here you are speaking my language... I'm fine with moving in the draft. But only if we are acquiring more, not less, picks at key positions in the draft where the scouting team feels good about based on their board. To go back to the original point of discussion which is building depth and filling this roster out, I fully believe it will mostly be with drafted players. Those mid to late round guys are the guys you want on special teams and filling this roster out...
  2. This is kind of an oxymoron. I agree this is the draft to start stacking the roster with depth, even as we still have a few major needs that will be addressed. However, you can't fill out the team if you are trading your last 3 picks to move up. To me, that's what teams looking for starting caliber players or teams that reach for need do. We found very quality depth in rounds 6 and 7 last year, Jordan Wilkins in the 5th. Ballard, if anything, will keep acquiring picks for more chances to land a pick, regardless of position.
  3. All the big dogs were in that video, and while we know who they are and their rank in the organization, they were all speaking on the same level. Pretty apparent the value that is placed on that room of scouts, from top to bottom. That is the bread and butter of the Ballard-led Colts...
  4. I understand where it could be considered a stretch, but he still handpicked him as he wasn't inherited. I don't disagree on your points. I think Ballard will continue to focus on the defensive line (as he has said he would) especially with the main guys being 28, 29 and 30 years of age... He is going to keep pumping draft picks and developing them under these vets.
  5. I too heard that quote, but I view it differently I guess. If we have depth at the position already with players Ballard handpicked and has been very high on (autry, lewis, ward, etc) then why would he spend a top pick on the position?
  6. I don't think Lawrence is necessarily the guy... I just think he makes more sense than Wilkins given this situation... I think there are probably a few edge rushers that are sure bets if they fall. I'm very interested in Ballard's first two picks this draft. Very interested in the direction he goes. Will he stick to his "inside out" approach. Or will he try to bring a a serious playmaker or two at receiver/safety? Combo of the two?
  7. https://coltswire.usatoday.com/2019/03/27/indianapolis-colts-tyquan-lewis-defensive-tackle/ Ballard's plan seems to not involve an early 3 technique pick... A lot of fans will be disappointed with Lawrence over Wilkins, but to me, a lot of signs point to it being more likely.
  8. Nothing on this site is really important. Not one thing...
  9. I wasn't talking about just me/my family or solely the Colts... I was referring to the many loyal Bears fans in my community. The loyal Cincy Reds and Cubs fans where I come from. Generations of fandom that have passed down over time through some pretty failed eras. Those fans born into a team I am speaking on don't get older and choose a new team, they stay with them. That is all.
  10. Those are interesting words. Very often huh... that doesn't happen very often where I come from in this state. Must be a demographic thing. Might be a loyalty problem also. If that were truly a case, there wouldn't be very many generations of the same universities, which we all know isn't true. Many families have loyalties to a university and their sport teams generation after generation.
  11. Disagree thoroughly. I was born into a Colts family. I was born into an Indiana football family in general, with several high school program ties and family ties to Notre Dame and Purdue football alike. I was wearing Colts apparell as a baby, and my son was as well. Some people never have the choice as it is so ingrained from the beginning, much like religion... and yes I will compare religion and football, as to me they are much of the same.
  12. I think so. But I also think Ballard is looking longterm with the draft by focusing on players at every position group. He's drafted the entire runningback room. Has a stronghold on the o-line now. He knows he has his quarterback and a strong tight end group. He needs to keep focusing on drafting/developing receivers, which I think we will see this draft, maybe even somewhat early on. Defensively I think he likes where his core cornerback group is with a developing Wilson, big pickup in Moore, and a new 3 year contract in Desir. He'll keep filling in the depth on the corners. Linebackers is filled with draft picks and developing talent (with one superstar of course). Defensive line will be filled with draft picks and key pickups after this draft. Safety is thin, but another big draft pick early on this year would pair two Ballard picks for the longterm. I think we are setup well for this draft, but I especially think that after a strong draft of d-line, safety, and receiver, next years draft will be the bread and butter, focusing on truly upgrading positions and building depth, not just to fill positions. We are really getting there... Keep stacking drafts and see where their development takes this team in the next 3-5 years.
  13. I hadn't heard that story, but to me it also paints the picture that Bluem thought that Cole wasn't worth what Grigson was willing to pay for him... I have said from the time Dodds and Hogan came onboard that this show might feature Ballard at the forefront, but it's one of the very best young front offices in the league... and it is showing. We can only assume what they are setting up for, but I think we can all agree Ballard's team has a plan and they are executing it piece by piece. Really excited for this draft to get a better idea of the big picture they are painting. I also know that Ballard has repeatedly said there is a plan in place to hit the 89% of cap that everyone has freaked out so much about. Bluem knows what they need to do with the cap and as you said, seems to be on the same understanding/page as Ballard. A great team can fall apart if they don't work in unison.
  14. At age 29 and 8 seasons in: Robert Mathis - 74 sacks Justin Houston - 78.5 sacks We got 5 more seasons out of Mathis which resulted in 49 sacks, and we all know what his importance to the defense was during those years. If we can get a solid 3-5 years out of Houston, and he is able to consistently collapse the pocket and give our interior guys (especially a young new draft pick from this upcoming class fingers crossed) then this signing is worth gold. I have high hopes for this. We should be able to let him focus on pass rushing exclusively, and rotate him in waves that will help him stay fresh and possibly extend his career. Smart move for him.
  15. These vets sometimes pay big money to get their number on a new team. Walker on a rookie contract, "only" making $700k this year would definitely switch numbers for a nice bonus and new camaraderie with Houston. I think this is potentially Ballard's best free agency pickup. I'm very interested in seeing what Houston does as a 4-3 edge rusher that only has to focus on putting pressure in the backfield. He was tasked with so much in Kansas City and excelled. This could be huge for this franchise over the next few years (could he finish his career here?) And also has a ripple effect through the next decade with how he helps these young guys, specifically Turay.
  16. Two words: Mike. Bluem. Director of football administration and known as the "capologist" for the Colts. He's one of the best in the league, if not the best. He is, without any doubt, well ahead of any of us in his reporting to Ballard when it comes to the cap. They are on top of it. If you go back and look at Grigson's work, while he missed on so many moves, he never put us in a bad spot with the cap, and it's in large part due to Mike Bluem and the contracts that were put on the table.
  17. Tight lipped organization. All around. Keep a close inner circle. Great signing. We get a big time veteran presence that immediately boosts our pass rush and will only help the younger cats get better...
  18. https://www.nfl.com/prospects/darius-leonard?id=32462018-0002-5598-185a-4784aff66bfa I'll just leave this here...
  19. I mean, it could be possible that Ballard has a bit different grading scale than NFL.com... lol
  20. Ballard just said on 1070 radio that they really like the safety class in this draft... So I would venture to say he might go much earlier than you would think.
  21. I agree. I don't believe Ballard is banking that he is going to get his safety/receiver duo that he wants this draft... but I think he knows there will be several opportunities. Too many things can happen in a draft to rely on filling certain positions, which is why I think Funchess and Geathers was somewhat of a priority. It frees up the draft completely. Receiver/safery are obvious areas of need though and that is why I find the one year deals interesting. Hell, both those guys could play at an all-pro level this year and earn multi year contracts... i just know that isn't the realistic thought process in Ballard, who seems to have a plan for everything.
  22. Sorry if this has been mentioned already, as I haven't taken the time to read through very many comments on this thread, but in my eyes (which is often wrong) Ballard bringing in Funchess and Geathers back on one year deals is to build depth for whoever he is bringing in the draft. I could see a safety picked high and a 2nd or 3rd round receiver. These are low risk, high reward moves. Both of these guys could perform at a high level and make a compelling case for a multi year contract next offseason. I'm just happy to see Clayton back for another year. He's had poor luck with injuries. He's a good dude that players obviously relate to and love (based on several twitter posts.) I hope for his best and healthiest year this fall...
  23. We are kidding ourselves if we think it's for anything other than acquiring more draft picks... He's not spending picks for a random player when right square in the middle of FA. He's looking for a splash like Saint Patty's day last year when he pulled the Jets trade off. Ballard has been so blatantly transparent in his approach, yet no one seems to pay attention. He was never going to spend big money on the top players of FA. He's not going to trade away picks. He's looking to acquire and continue to build through the draft, and rightfully so after the last one he pulled. I'd be so overconfident in my ability to draft if I were him, it wouldn't be funny. Here's to a lopsided draft trade in favor of our Colts and a hell of a finish to the offseason by Ballard and Co.
  24. And our run game was nonexistent, not because it wasn't there, but because we were down in the count and bailed on the run... That likely won't happen again, ever.
  25. Playing fast is literally the key to this defense and what Leonard was brough in for (and why he was an all-pro his rookie year.) I doubt they will push him to pack on the lbs. Very seriously. Maybe he can add a little on his frame without sacrificing speed. But he'll get better at shedding nfl blocks with experience and a better and more disruptive defensive line will only free him up more. That is what Ballard will continue to focus on, and it'll all be good.
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