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  1. Again, we all need to realize Wilson is young. Younger than Rock Ya-Sin. Put that into perspective.
  2. We all do it. Agreed. And when you decide to be stupid at the end of a good first half, you lose...
  3. KC... dumbest football team in the league.
  4. I don't see us getting down 38-10 with JB under center and the way this offense manages the game. But I could be wrong.
  5. Washington's trying to get their 2nd back... Think they are pulling a fast one on us. I liked hengtes but he wasn't playing for us, he was more a luxury spot on the active roster... and this team is too banged up for that right now. Ballard has continued to say you know you are getting there when other teams are picking up the ones you are releasing, and that is happening consistently now. Our roster is getting there. It's just young, and that takes time. But there is a plethora of talent with sky high potential across the depth chart here.
  6. Bobby is going to be starting in Walker's place by years end. I love Walker, but he has no business being in coverage over Bobby Okereke.
  7. Yeah I agree with you on this. Saying they were without Hill/Watkins is acting like we weren't missing both starting safeties and our all pro linebacker in this game... We dominated a talented offense that has dominated everyone without Hill thus far, with a bunch of rookie and 2nd year players out there. They got in the spotlight on SNF and shined. I'm looking forward to watching them build off that. This could be the turning point for this defense for the next several years...
  8. Maybe so. Gave us the ability to go in looking to win that game with a bye after... and then Houston comes into town. We really didn't give Houston anything to work with... outside of a lot of poop in their pants of how we are going to attack them in the trenches. They were riding the high of a 53 point game offensively, only to poop their pants watching their hated division rival whip the league's best offense on SNF (and you damn well know they were watching closely.)
  9. Possibly... Odum let everyone know it was still 4th down after that big play as soon as he popped up. He played excellent last night. I'm not sure there was a single player defensively that didn't.
  10. Ironically, we dominated last night like we did Houston... I really thought we would do what we did last night to KC in the divisional round in January following that Houston job. Just let the gameplan get away from us early in the game. And this was a big game for this Colts team. KC never matched up with the energy this team took in there. Hopefully that game sparks a nice run after this weeks break. 10 of 11 starting with Houston sure would be nice...
  11. I moved on past the Raiders last Sunday about 4:05 p.m.... You should too.
  12. There will be times Banogu will be put in, but you are 100% right that he is still very raw and that Muhammad is up. This is pass rush by committee, so it hurts to lose somebody like Turay, but his loss of production can be minimized with others stepping up. I liked what I saw across the entire d-line last night. They were bullying this Chiefs front 5.
  13. I, for one, enjoyed last night very much. Colts fans are going to have to adapt to this style of football... but we are finding this team's identity early on and that's fantastic. Last night was the blueprint for what we want to do to every single team we play. Defenses need to know it's going to be a long damn day on the field when they are playing the Indianapolis Colts. Offenses need to know they are going to play at our pace, not theirs.
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