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  1. Just saw The kicker Blankenship beat out last year is 10-10 with a long of 57. He just hit a 52 yarder in 29 mph winds. it’s all good though. Our guy is automatic from 40 indoors.
  2. Wasn’t Marvelous Marvell Tell a safety in school
  3. Reminds me of the Carolina game on mnf a handful of years ago. We lost in Ot
  4. Is Ty saying “can’t stack the box no more”. Referring to our past qbs not being able to throw downfield?
  5. I love Ballard but this year has revealed a couple chinks in his armor. The biggest one for me being him keeping all these defensive lineman (which I feel like 3 or 4 just aren’t that productive) while hamstringing the secondary. With that being said, it goes without saying how difficult his job is and I still think he’s a really good GM.
  6. Lol. I’m just messing around about how Ballard strikes me as somebody who likes attention.
  7. Ballard never met a camera he didn’t like.
  8. Very odd. Proves to me that Ballard is alittle stubborn when it comes to cutting his losses
  9. Don’t drop Pittman. He’s about to get more r to targets with Ty back. Might even face teams #2 corners as well. Holster him at worst
  10. Record doesn’t tell the full story, you know this.
  11. We’re getting in the playoffs. No doubt in my mind.
  12. Unreal. This team just will never have everybody healthy at once. This is a pretty big loss in my opinion.
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