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  1. Does Pryor have any Pryor experience at LT? Maybe we give him a look there when B.Smith gets back.
  2. That’s Not going to cut it though you know.
  3. I just asked my Dad, who is Ed James? Then immediately after was like, ohhh ok. I’ve never heard him referred to as Ed. Their different backs. JT is quicker and stronger. Edge was smoother.
  4. Absolutely have to win it. We’re right back in it with a win.
  5. I think we go on a win streak. I really do. I think we go into SF on prime time and take them out. I’m hoping Lance is their QB. Not impressed with him yet. He’s too green. but man I can’t help but feel that Baltimore game is going to come back to haunt us. I mean damn, that would’ve been such a nice Win. Whatever, we have to move on and when I say we, I mean I.
  6. Gotta continue to feed JT the rock. Besides Henry, I don’t know who’s better then him. Glad our defense showed up today. Wentz looked good too. I’m starting to get giddy about him.
  7. When Buckner played in SF he played all over the line. I love the idea
  8. I have a decent feeling about TY coming back. He’s not a short/intermediate pass catcher. Jacoby and Rivers did him no help. I think he’ll succeed some with Wentz and his ability to extend plays. it’ll probably take some time but we’ll see
  9. Man; he truly is beautiful. He’s a fan just like us. I wouldn’t be surprised if he was on this forum lol
  10. Im aware of the hip. I’m sure it affected him. At the end of the day he didn’t get the job done and he was a huge reason why we didn’t win Monday.
  11. You make some good points. However, if we had a kicker who could make kicks we would be celebrating one of the best wins in Reichs tenure.
  12. Lol. You think you guys make comeback if we had even just 1 of our top 4 CBs in the 4th quarter? The Colts are winning a title this year but neither are the Ravens.
  13. Damn. Goes to show you how weak our pass rush is.
  14. Is it just me or has Buckner been pretty quiet so far.
  15. We’re not benching our possible franchise QB. Imagine the negative press that would cause. Let alone the animosity Wentz would have to the organization, if he’s any type of competitor.
  16. Last night was sickening, no other way to put it. However, there were a lot of positives. Main one being Carson. I thought he looked fantastic. He looked in control making several nice throws. JT, Pittman, Campbell, Mo all looked good. I also think Frank Reich called a near perfect game. The thing that bothers me is how everybody is reacting to the Ravens.. 1. They didn’t really come close to stopping us at all. Minus the blindside strip sack. 2. We completely shut down them down for 45 minutes. 3. Jackson only started carving us up once we had our #4-6 corners in the game Regardless, it still goes down as a Loss. I just feel like we consistently outplay teams but still find a way to lose. Injury or not, I hope we bring a couple kickers in this week for a look.
  17. Yea it’s actually incredible. We went from a dominating game defensively and offensively to whatever that 4th quarter was.
  18. No your right. It definitely used to be that way. It was the “don’t go for 2 unless you absolutely have to”. Now I see teams doing it in the 2nd quarter. Analytics has changed the game
  19. Teams go for 2 all the time after they miss an XP earlier in the game
  20. Okay? Are we agreeing to agree on this one? I said it wasn’t a fumble.
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