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  1. https://hoopshype.com/rumor/1387899/ "Nick Nurse says Nate Bjorkgren is a finalist for the Indiana job & is going to go interview in-person with the Pacers. Nurse fully supports opportunities like this for all of his assistants" Not to sure how I feel about this? Really wish we would get our guy sooner than later.?
  2. Epitome of a true leader. His motor is amazing, always in motion. Happy he is on our team. That kind of play reverberates through to the rest of the team. Very infectious.
  3. They definitely should get the shots first. Johnson just a really good fall back option.
  4. Tough to know the circumstances. I too thought once he was cut he would of been added to PS. Maybe he tried to get some run on a teams main roster.? Either way I'm not to concerned about it, because even if the team didnt elect to bring him back over a couple other guys, that doesn't take a way from his ability. Mainly means that our depth ahead of him is better and we're still fortunate to be able to bring him and his experience with us back and improve our depth even more.
  5. Crazy story. Sucks for Taylor, really big for the rookie though, no looking back, he should be the starter for the next few years at least. No timetable, but if he miss 4-5 weeks I just dont see how you could pull out your future QB and install Taylor back in the lineup. Almost regardless how Herbert plays while he is out. He is clearly the future for LAC. I like Herbert, I am ready to see what he does.
  6. 3 catches 45yds per game(6 games), is pretty good production. Decent sample size too. 48rec 720yds projected over 16 game season. Not to bad for a 5,6,7th WR for a team. 15yds/catch is pretty nice as well.
  7. You honestly think Cam was asking for $1m at the beginning of Free Agency? He was wanting $20-$30m. No one signed him early because they couldn't bring him for a physical to evaluate his recovery because of covid. Metcalf over Campbell is fair enough, lets not act like Pittman vs Claypool comparison is anywhere near its conclusion. Barely even started yet. And back to Metcalf vs Campbell, who knows how that turns out if teams are reversed. Campbell could of balled out with Wilson and stayed healthy. Metcalf would of had Brissett throwing his
  8. Cant feel to bad for him, after all he is the one who continually snapped the ball with more than 20 seconds on play clock as they had their big lead in the 2nd half.
  9. Nice post. Didn't TY have 2 drops in game 1 though? Both at end of game? And what about MAC for int in game 2? The drop numbers seem to be off. Also seems like pretty much most of Minshew's passes came inside the numbers, where Cousins was trying to attack outside of the numbers, with not much up the middle of the field. Rivers attacks all over the field.
  10. Its not as easy as that. If the Falcons trade him this year, they are left with a $75m dead cap hit. Even if they trade him next year, he still has a $50m dead cap. 1st year he could be moved and save money is 2022 he is owed $41m and still has a $25m dead cap, but would save the team $16m. https://www.spotrac.com/nfl/atlanta-falcons/matt-ryan-3983/
  11. Edit: Sorry that didn't have anything to do woth the Jets game. How about: What can we expect differently from the Jets defense, now that Adams is gone?
  12. Billy Donovan agreed to a deal to coach the Bulls. Have a nice young nucleus, good draft spot. Maybe convince Anthony Davis to come home.? Pipe dreams.
  13. Didnt see Billy Donovan on original list of coaches they were going to interview. Apparently he was interviewed past week though. Would love Donovan. https://hoopshype.com/rumor/1386654/
  14. Yeah, that's kinda what I was thinking. He was trying to find a job on someones 53.
  15. Herbert looked good. I don't see how Chargers go back to Taylor aftermath performance. Edit: NVM, seems Lynn has already stated Taylor is still the starter. Can't say I agree woth thag decision, bit I really don't care that much about it. Lol
  16. I'm taking the team with Josh Jacobs.
  17. Marcus Johnson would be a solid add. Figured he would be on practice squad after final cuts. Hopefully we bring him back.
  18. We know this usually turns bad. Plenty of positives to talk about from this game. Lets focus on those instead of divisive topics.
  19. Well of course... Not sure what that is referring to though? Rocky said he doesn't consider players bust who get injured, he considers them bust if their talent don't stack up to high expectations. He was referring to Hooker(top 15 pick) I listed counter Oden(#1 pick, albeit basketball) to get his thoughts in that situation. There is no expectations from undrafted guys or any mention about them.?
  20. The amount of injuries league wide is very troubling. Big names dropping. 3 potential season injuries for the Colts already is very worrisome. Not small names either, prominent role players. Not even to mention Doyle and Burton. Lack of live reps amd preparations have to be playing major role I would think.
  21. I agree, but Do you consider Greg Oden a bust? He never really got to show the skill set because of injuries. But he was drafted in front of Durant, compounding the bust label.
  22. Good chance of being #1 defense in yds vs pass and #1 defense in yds vs run too.
  23. After this game we might be #1 in rush D yds, and #1 in pass D yds.
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