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  1. Simply answered his question. He said he had hulu, so was telling him the NFL network is on hulu, if you have the best Hulu package.
  2. Oh man, trying to see a silver lining. My only thought is this: Wentz has looked pretty dang good IMO. So I still think that he could very well end up being the QB for the next few years. So, the silver lining I have came up as we set here under 24hrs from injury and really no word on severity. If Wentz was to miss the next 3-4 games it wouldn't be the worst thing for future of organization. We would be in position to keep our 1st round pick next year, which would be huge. It wouldn't be because of talent but injury, so Wentz should be able to return later in season have 1st round secured, then try and make a run for playoffs at the end of the year. Sitting here today we are only 1 game out of division and play leaders this week. Long season, if Wentz truly can be our QB for the foreseeable future(I believe he can), him missing a few games this year only helps out the future of the team. Hopefully we can keep it close in the South though. I think we can.
  3. 1st rounder if he plays 75% or 70% if we make playoffs
  4. Post your facts. 800,000 viewers on ESPN2(those are the only people who can give it a +/- review.) Show me 792,000 negative reviews + 8,000 positive. You can't do it, because News Flash, you are not right. Now if you were to say that 99% watched non Manning broadcast and 1% watched Mannings, that would of been correct. However to classify it as positive and negative reviews is completely wrong. Just because someone didn't tune in doesn't mean they thought negatively on it. I watched regular broadcast, only because I didn't know the simulcast was on different channel. Does that mean I have a negative review for it? No, not at all. So quit posting about how you are always right. Looks real bad when you are saying you are always right, but saying something in same breath that isn't. I will say post your facts 1 more time, but you won't, because you can't. You misrepresented what the "reviews" numbers actually indicated and your "facts" have been ripped to shreds.
  5. You think when Colts fans resell their tickets, they go to the opposing teams ticket dealers to sell them? You can't control who buys them. There isn't some questionnaire about what team you are going for.
  6. Haven't read through thread yet, but my take on this was, Carson was milking clock to 1 or 2 seconds every time. Easy to jump snap when team only has a second to snap before delay of game.
  7. There was room out there, but no route to get there with the play design.
  8. Where was he going to go? The play literally started him moving towards LOS to receive the hand off he never had a chance to bounce it, was immediately grabbed by guy and 3 guys were in the hole.
  9. Clearly missing time in camp didn't help, but he has been working out with our WRs all offseason. Not like camp was the only chance to improve timing, rhythm and chemistry. Sunday's loss was not on Wentz. He played fine. Couldn't block anyone, couldn't stop Seahawks in 1st half, playcalling and personnel decisions and thr refs didn't do us any favors either.(should of been 2-3 personal fouls on them throughout game.) Whole team has all lot to work on.
  10. $6m signing bonus, so his 2021 cap hit will go up $1.5m. My guess in structure would be this: 2021 - $2.183 base $1.681m SB - Cap hit - $3.864m 2022 - $4.2m base $1.5m SB - Cap hit - $5.7m($8.7m dead cap) 2023 - $4.2m base $1.5m SB - Cap hit - $5.7m($3m dead cap) 2024 - $4.2m base $1.5m SB - Cap hit - $5.7m($1.5m dead cap) Those $4.2m base could be structured other ways but this will be something like this.
  11. Those roster bonuses were essentially a replacement for a big signing bonus. Also if that $16m this year was salary, Buckner would have to get that in weekly checks. With the roster bonus he gets it all on a certain date. Benefits the player because he gets his money quicker.
  12. I will touch on 2 pts here. As far as SB question. No, signing bonus doesn't all count against first year cap. However, the player does receive all the money up front. It is just spread over length of contract up to 5 years for cap counting purposes. As to original question: The way Ballard structured that deal was purposeful. I touched on it earlier in a post. It gave the team more flexibility with his contract. It allowed the team to see how his neck healed while keeping future cap ramifications to a minimal. Now the time has come, I take it Ballard feels good about the injury so doesn't mind pushing guaranteed money into the future. Even more so with the tight cap has brought eceryone, post Covid season #1, free up some in spending cash.
  13. Yep as Superman said, you nailed it. Only thing that I will add is the SB can only be stretched out over a 5yr period. So as an example, Leonard's 5 year extension(6yrs total) has his signing bonus spread over first 5 years. No SB money in year 6 of deal.
  14. This Nelson is making really good money this year(9th highest for guard) and next season(currently 6th) without an extension and he has been making really good money on his rookie deal being a top 6 pick. There is not any money to put towards an extension for him now, at least not to include $ this year, next year sure.
  15. Its a long ways away, anything can happen but I think you are right. Not sure how many of those guys come back, obviously this season has a lot to do with it. Players above I could see walk: Hilton Rhodes Muhammed(maybe broughy back for cheap if Turay and Lewis are gone) Wilkins Mack Players TBD: Turay(how does he play?) Lewis(same as above?) Pascal(how much does he want?) MAC(how much $, did he develop more?) Fisher(how does he come back from injury?) Likely: Glowinski - $8-$10m(what would you feel comfortable at?) I would say Fisher would be at least $12-$15m, if he comes back healthy? MAC - $4-$6m Pascal - $5-$6m Q extension will probably add $5-$6m more to 2022 cap. I imagine a $25-$30m SB or something along those lines? Would leave us around $22-$23m in cap space if we signed those guys to top number Turay/Lewis - that could get expensive if they play good this year. Imagine 1 is probably gone either way, maybe both? Paye, Dayo, Banogu 1 wild card for cap space next year: Carson Wentz - if he doesn't play well he could be moved for late round pick and we would get a big cap boost. $28.3m. Could even cut and save $13m. So probably after signing our own next offseason, we will have $10-$15m left to spend. $2m for draft picks, $3m for PS, season spending cash. Yep, probably not many outside FA, but we will have been able to keep the most vital players to our roster locked up. And if Wentz works out we should be in good shape, if not, we have an out to secure more cap space if needed, via trade or release of Wentz. EDIT: after all that forgot to mention Hines..... Anyway at $3-4m I would bring him back, $5-$6m letting him test the market.
  16. I was just looking back at it Mid-Feb mock draft/offseason. Even had that $6.75m figure. Thanks. Also, I think that option was worked in on Kelly's deal with that exact intention as long as he came back healthy from neck injury. If he didn't come back healthy then they could of cut bait after this year with limited to no future cap ramifications. And like @Superman said, soon top 51 rule is gone. The rest of the figures HR was talking about are already figured in(unofficially) to Spotrac numbers, soon though 2 more player contracts will be added and that Cap Space number drops to around $5.7m, from the $7m mentioned before.
  17. Yeah, I don't think Ertz is coming here, unless he is cut or they take late round pick(5th-7th). We could make the money work. If we were to trade them Doyle. Then we would have like a net cap hit from Ertz at: Ertz $8m - Doyle $4m + Doyle Dead Cap Hit $1.75m Colts Total Net Cap Hit would be: $5.75m Just don't see it. We would be up against the cap at that point. We can move more money around still, so anything is possible.
  18. It seems strictly cap space to me, at this point, after looking into it a little more. No money for trades, bid $ FA. Spending cash throughout the year. It will go back up a little when some guys come off IR and other players are dropped off roster. Not much but probably a couple $M
  19. There isn't, but there is. At no point were the Colts ever $20m+ over the cap, except in the theory I laid out.
  20. Yeah that gap is huge(Spotrac/OtC). Agree with Philly as well. They would save less than $5m on cap by releasing or trading him.(off $12.7m cap hit)
  21. The only thing I could think of here is they were looking at the total cap space, not top 51. Obviously when you cut down 15-20 players to get to 53, you will clear close to $15-$20m in total cap savings
  22. Spotracs numbers reflect restructure. Ertz would only cost us $8.5m. Philly would have to cover the rest(already did technically)
  23. Yeah but he is undersized player that will take more hits, greater risk and really no reason to extend early. Unless he takes team friendly deal as EastStreet said. That $7m is reflective of restructure
  24. Its weird, right now Spotrac shows us with $7m in vap space after the restructure, OtC shows us at -$5.somethingM with out mobe figured in.? So yeah, looks like most likely to free up money. Practice Squads hit the cap at almost $3m and we were already low at that point. We had been working on top 51 cap space anyway, so once some players hot the IR, other players below top 51 salaries came up. Money is just tight this year.
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