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  1. Just to add a little to this. These are the negative consequences, you end up in bad salary cap shape and have to release/trade key players or restructure and continue to further damage your future cap space situation to get out of it. Sometimes it pays off with SB title, most times it doesn't.
  2. Way under? He had 1468 total yards this year and didn't even get very many reps early in the season and missed a game for Covid. Over Buckner 10 sacks.
  3. T-4th of all Edge Rushers in pass rush win %. What would equate to him being able to "find it again"? Top 3, #2, #1?
  4. Same as stitches, I haven't seen any actual numbers. Looked around but didn't see anything either.
  5. I wouldn't argue with that notion. It's still my jam though.
  6. First thing I think about with Tarik Glenn is the song on Bob and Tom when he was playing. "Oh Tarik Glenn, oh Tarik Glenn Could you please not false start again" He was a beast but that is the first thing that pops in my mind.
  7. Ah, it's such a bad contract, I would rather not compound the situation and push it down the line any further than it already is.
  8. Yeah pretty accurate assumption.
  9. I wasn't going to do a SB because I know that is not really Ballards MO, but for this instance, I figured it made sense here as I was giving Leonard a bump in pay this year anyway so that $5m could just tie into the SB, and the potential of receiving a big chunk up front might entice Leonard to take the deal.
  10. Because his new money is 4yrs $67m(including $5m 2021 raise) Which is a $16.75m a year. (4yrs $62m + $5m in 2021) The 2021 number doesn't reflect that figure, but he is getting a raise there of $5m for agreeing to deal, with additional $20m more in signing bonus as well. And just because the article said $17-$18m doesn't mean that is what he will get, but like I said my offer puts it at $16.75m per if you add the extra $5m he will yet in 2021 to the 4 new years numbers.
  11. No need to readjust mock offseasons, the Colts only carried over $8.3m over from 2020 and it is already figured into the $43m-$50m cap space we are projected to have left(depending which site you look at). https://www.spotrac.com/nfl/indianapolis-colts/cap/ Scroll to breakdown at the bottom it shows $185m + 2020 rollover. And the cap hasn't been set at $185m yet. Most talk says it likely wont reach that and would be around $182-$183m. We truly wont lnow number for couple more weeks. https://overthecap.com/salary-c
  12. Stephen Holder wrote an article on Leonard extension on the Athletic. I don't have access, but a few key notes from article. 1. Colts surely are looking at locking him up this offseason. 2. Probably looking at $17-18m a season 3. If we don't lock him up this offseason, it increases the chances he leaves after rookie deal. Although we would have a Franchise Tag option if long term couldn't be agreed upon. https://theathletic.com/2422770/2021/03/03/colts-darius-leonard-decision-a-massive-payday-now-or-wait-until-later/?source=emp_shared_article
  13. I mean, not really in this instance. There is no substantial talk to support the prediction just a guy/girl making a prediction. There is no sources to the prediction, just a guess by someone. And Foshinator called the Wentz move done by noon on the day it was done by noon. He clearly had a source on that.
  14. w87r

    Marlon Mack

    Anything more than minimum for the Colts is a bad deal. He isn't needed and is coming off of an achilles injury. Pretty much career ender for a RB. 1yr $10m? Settle down 1yr $4-$5m still settle down. That's almost more money than Taylor has left on his whole 4yr deal. Why would we pay that much in a cap tightened season, when filling huge roster needs will be tough enough. Anything more than $1m doesn't make sense. EDIT: people are buying into him working out and getting treatment at the facility too much. Guys coming of
  15. I know. When I tagged you that was the question I asked. That trade was being discussed here, so wanted to know what you thought.
  16. Is it safe to say that since you haven't said yes on trading either of them for Godwin for 2 post, that you wouldn't? That's the conclusion(you wouldn't make that trade) I have came to. I don't have any issue with signing a WR either, just not break the bank on one. Bring TY back or another guy in at the $8m-$10m range if need be for increased depth, or draft another guy. Just depends how FA plays out. I do think between Pittman, Pascal, Campbell, Patmon we need to see what we got for sure. Wentz is known for targeting TEst more anyway. Trading Q
  17. Godwin has had 1 above average to good season in 4 years. In a year where his yardage was inflated and even Jameis Winston threw for 5000yds in Arians deep attack offense. Everything else has been very middle of the pack. Thanks for helping prove my point on his drops in the biggest moments though. I didn't even go there, so thanks. He does have usually reliable hands though, I will give you that. And YOU were the one that brought it here, with your "opinions" and statements after the fact, more on that later. So PFF said Godwin is "probably" more valuabl
  18. I don't think he would lie about it. My hope is that, even he wouldn't. That's what I am hoping to hear. Whatever he says will be the truth though, I don't doubt that.
  19. @Moosejawcolt Just curious, I know your disdain(probably harsh term) for Q and Leonard. Would you trade either of them for Chris Godwin? Just been a topic of discussion here, figured if anyone on here might, it would most likely be you.
  20. Get off it already. Godwin had 2 rec 9yds in the Super Bowl. Averaged 4rec under 60yds a game in his 4 playoff games, with a catch percentage the same as Marcus Johnson had for the Colts this year. He was one of the last reasons why TB won the Super Bowl. Maybe we should trade Q for Joe Haeg since he was on the super bowl winning team. Scotty Miller perhaps, since its a WR value discussion.(little dramatic I know, but look where you've taken this subject) Acting like this is all cliche thoughts of a homer fan and his teams players. Has nothing t
  21. Also for the record I said Godwin was a good WR as well. The fact is his career avg/season to this point, is very middle of the pack, isn't to debatable. It's facts. No one is talking like he is a scrub, we are saying he isn't more valuable than Q/DL combined and wouldn't trade either for him. He has had 1 really good season, 2 average seasons and a rookie season comparable to Pittman Jr's rookie year. Actually Pittman's rookie year was better and he played 3 less games than Godwin.
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