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  1. Very unfortunate but looks like Derwin James is out for some time (Week 1) was looking forward to that battle between him and our offense but should make it even more winnable now if we have Andrew healthy. Prayers to James and a speedy recovery! Thoughts?
  2. My guess is he might be saying it could be called either way.. Could of been a deflection from Rock but still could of been caught by DF but he dropped it. Or simply a catchable ball but coverage was extremely tight with a possible tip or deflection who knows for sure.
  3. Need to hear something about Rock ya sin today
  4. I’d be careful with the legitimacy of some accounts on Twitter. I tend to look at verification by their name or the RT and fav count and he has neither of the two. We are in fact interested or maybe intrigued from what I’ve seen from verified accounts but reached out we don’t know as of yet.
  5. Man that WR room is going to be interesting no way we keep more than six I’d assume the final roster we’ll see Ty Funch Parris Zach Cain Rodgers/Johnson whoever wants it more but i’ll give the upper hand to Chester.
  6. He was in fact a team captain
  7. I’ll tell you this Clayton Odum and Farley better be on their A game because Chris Ballard is revving up the competition
  8. Love the move stack the picks the value in players just wasn’t there for us at 26 couldn’t agree more honestly.. Not to mention the Colts “guy” they probably had their eyes on can be drafted day two so potentially you end up with the guy you already wanted plus another 2nd & 2nd next year i’ll take it.
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