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  1. MarquisJ

    Colts are signing Justin Houston [Merge]

    Imagine being a young pass rusher on the Colts having Justin Houston and Robert Mathis teaching you
  2. I mean who wouldn’t want AB but it’s just not going to happen..
  3. I honestly think we had time to hit him for the first down really quick and he just get down fast and have the ball placed for a spike might of had 1 sec who knows would of felt better about that then him trying to go out of bounds when the texans had all their players at the boundaries.
  4. MarquisJ

    Colts 2019 WR's

    Ty Inman Cain Zach and hopefully N’keal Harry or Collin Johnson
  5. MarquisJ

    Would you trade for Antonio Brown?

    Tom Brady Phillip Rivers Richard Sherman Josh Norman Dez Bryant Suh etc etc
  6. MarquisJ

    Would you trade for Antonio Brown?

    I’d love to have AB idc about him being a diva pretty much all wrs are divas plus I’d find it hard having a huge ego on a team like the colts completely different culture here than they have working over there in Pittsburgh.
  7. MarquisJ

    What afc team scares you the most?

    Tom Brady
  8. I would be extremely dissapointed if what good said is true. Colts organization is way too classy to be involved in such things honestly.
  9. MarquisJ

    Ryan Kelly OUT

    Also Ebron should be good to go..
  10. MarquisJ

    Ryan Kelly OUT

    This hurts but Boehm has stepped up pretty well so far. Thoughts?
  11. MarquisJ

    Practice & Injury Updates 12/27

    Titans blitz schemes are pretty impressive I think it’d be huge to have Kelly back making adjustments with Andrew for protection.
  12. MarquisJ

    Do you miss H.A?

    Henry Anderson has 3 sacks in the Texans and Jets game and it’s 13 minutes left in the 3rd quarter.
  13. MarquisJ

    Credit To The Jags Defense Today/Humbled (merge)

    Telvin Smith is unreal