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  1. MarquisJ

    Hooker probably won't play

    Gametime decision
  2. MarquisJ

    Nelson Fined for leading with helmet

    Atleast he’s appealing.
  3. MarquisJ

    Big game at home next week, Tennesee!

    I’m planning on attending this game should be a good one. Not really buying into the Tennessee hype.
  4. MarquisJ

    Taking our playmakers off the fields..

    Doyel played the raiders game
  5. MarquisJ

    Refs blew the call

    Once the ball started moving and control is lost is when they consider it a fumble... Awful take, I’d watch it again if I was you. OP
  6. MarquisJ

    Kenny Moore II

    What a game by Kenny Moore. Ballard’s likes his big corners but Kenny is the opposite and played like the best db on the field good for him!
  7. MarquisJ

    Final Injury Report vs Jacksonville Jaguars

    No starters out
  8. MarquisJ

    Bye week Stories

    The tom brady and aaron rodgers game was a treat till the end. Also enjoyed watching Sean Mcvay make that comeback but fell short. & Mike Thomas celebration
  9. Congrats big guy!
  10. MarquisJ

    Trade deadline staying put.

    Ballard has never been a Free agent/ Trade kinda guy he wants to build through the draft he’s said this multiple times.. Does that mean he won’t explore his options ever? No. Remember it takes two to tango was probably out bid in trading and free agency and I’m perfectly fine with that. Some of those teams are a guy away so it makes sense for them.
  11. MarquisJ

    Jagaurs vs Colts

    They were going to start losing players thru free agency anyway or just by cutting because their cap. So getting something especially a 3rd and 5th seems like it would be better than nothing.
  12. MarquisJ

    Jagaurs vs Colts

    Expect the Jags to start moving these players with their cap situation. Also a 3rd and a 5th not too shabby.
  13. MarquisJ

    Reggie Wayne wants Thomas traded to Colts

    I didn’t want him at all anyway plus I hear it’s for a mid round pick? 3rd? 4th? Yeah no thanks.
  14. MarquisJ

    Jagaurs vs Colts

    I don’t usually listen to colin but he’s in love with these Colts and Andrew! It was a nice listen