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  1. Will be at the season opener against Seahawks from VA to Indy can’t wait. Also will be at the Colts vs Ravens game in baltimore which isn’t too far from where I live both should be a good one! If anyone would like to meet or do any tailgates I’d love to meet some of you!
  2. Solid player would be good depth imo thoughts?
  3. Hoping for Fisher but wouldn’t mind either honestly
  4. Björn Werner easily
  5. I think Chris Ballard is looking and seeing our schedule and saying look we play Lamar Jackson, Josh Allen, Kyler, Trevor x2, Watson x2, Brady, Mac Jones, Zach Wilson, Carr, Russel Wilson, Trey Lance, Tua, & Stafford so I like the pick considering we lost to BUF because we couldn’t touch him.
  6. Colts with the best runningback room in football and I don’t think it’s close.
  7. What was that they said about his character and leadership?
  8. Absolutely and you can also add awful coaching, terrible team/no good weapons and I also find it interesting that the 7 games Wentz lost last year here were 5 of those teams... Rams, Ravens(almost beat), Steelers, Browns, Seahawks... So take that for what it’s worth as well.
  9. Twitter allows credible people with a verification check by their name so when you see that 9/10 that person is legit. In some cases you have people who are verified and just like to tweet; I don’t see that here. All of them have been pretty much the same in regards to Colts and Wentz. Also remember you can be very credible and still be wrong when it comes to what will happen.
  10. Unless another teams comes with a offer that Eagles can’t refuse looks like Wentz could get what he wants
  11. Anything but Jameis, Jacoby & Wentz rather try my luck trading up for Lance and signing a vet behind with Eason to compete
  12. Not a verified acc but Luke is very respected seems legit imo
  13. I hope not! I thought for sure towards the end of the season he earned himself atleast 1 more year.
  14. Are you guys still sold on cover 2? I think we were a top 10 defense but it just seemed like at times cover 2 is just sitting back waiting to be killed. I like running it here and there but i’m sure no one ran cover 2 more than us right?
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