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  1. Colts got some call too. One of their drives was extended by a bad PI call too. It evens out more times than not. With that said the refs have to get these things right.
  2. Right there is a difference between a reporter and someone who is paid to give you their opinion for a living. One is paid to give you facts and leave their opinion out of it. The other is paid to take facts and use them to form their opinion and give them to you. Without getting into a whole thing we live a society that values opinion more than fact thus media puts more people on who give you their opinion not so much facts. That’s where sports talk radio comes from.
  3. Which said NOTHING about retirement. Everyone, myself included, took it that way. That’s on the reader.
  4. I hope he does too to be honest but I don’t expect it.
  5. And not to New England unless he’s going to be a cancer to destroy them from the inside.
  6. As they should be. Of that list Greg Joseph interests me the most.
  7. Who is Omar Kelly? I don’t keep up with ESPN anymore.
  8. Which would explain the talk about his knee today.
  9. Without question, and they deserve credit too but Jacoby could have played better on Sunday and I don’t think people are wrong for pointing that out.
  10. I don’t think Chad should start but yes the Colts won Sunday but they aren’t going to win a lot of games if Jacoby is below 150 yards passing for the game and around 40 yards passing in the second half. Even Reich said they need more production out of the passing game. He also said they will get it and I believe him. I think Jacoby started seeing ghosts after his INT. Some good film study and coaching this week should fix that. This is a chance for Jacoby to grow. He’s going to have to for the Colts to commit to him as the guy beyond this season. I dont think it’s a sure thing Kelly would have done better Sunday and he could have done worse if he turned the ball over more like young QBs tend to do. Jacoby is the guy this season and yes some here need to some to terms with that but at the same time it’s fair for others to point out legit areas that Jacoby has to get better without being treated like they are attacking Jacoby either.
  11. I think he tried too and the Colts talked him out of it and got to his competitive side.
  12. I am sure Frank had a say but I could easily believe Irsay over ruled them or they are all in agreement here.
  13. I said Frank because he’s the one talking but you easily take what I said and apply it to Ballard as well.
  14. Alright in Frank I trust but these are the types of things that if you get wrong sooner or later cost coaches jobs. Not saying Frank will get fired over this but you can’t get too many of these wrong.
  15. Mistake on the Colts part. I think they are letting their hearts get the better of themselves here.
  16. That’s normally how it goes for kickers at the end. They just lose it.
  17. I think he will stick and even if Desir’s injury is serious they will be able to juggle bodies to keep Kelly IMO.
  18. Tell would still be the fourth corner and they might not have a choice that’s what injuries do.
  19. Tell would still be the fourth corner behind Moore, Sin, and, Wilson.
  20. I think because fans want to win and they look at New England and go I want to win like they do so let’s be what they are. The reality is that it’s very hard to copy another team because you don’t have the players and coaches they do. Also given the way New England does things at times I’d prefer the Colts not be like them.
  21. Yes but until you make them pay for those matchups teams will try it because it made Jacoby very uncomfortable today and it’s the best way to stop the run. So that’s what I am saying let’s see the Colts make teams pay for it.
  22. He had time on this play and archaletta, whose name I just completely misspelled, showed it in pretty good detail that Jacoby just didn’t stick with him long enough as TY was coming wide open just a few years beyond the check down guy. With that said Jacoby does hold the ball too long times and today it showed up after the INT. I think again he got fooled and wasn’t trusting what he was seeing and didn’t want to make another mistake. In other words he was thinking too much which lead to holding the ball too long. That should be fixable with some good coaching and film study this week.
  23. Geathers struggled on the long TD Drive and then I saw Willis getting more and more reps. I think Willis is slowly taking his job.
  24. Saw on Twitter he has bone bruise and is expected to miss some time.
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