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  1. And the bye week remains undefeated vs the Colts for another year...
  2. The 49ers duh (note that is heavy sarcasm, in all seriousness I’d agree it’s the Pats as much as I hate them.)
  3. Which is what you are going to see more and more teams start to do until Jacoby can make them pay for it.
  4. And credit needs to go to Brissett on that. He’s shown to be exactly what Reich said he was, a top 20 guy. It’s easy to say and so do those things when you have a good backup and your backup isn’t Painter. The 2011 Colts didn’t give up either they just had a dude who didn’t belong in the NFL playing QB.
  5. Oh I agree with you. I know what you are saying and I hear you.
  6. Maybe it’s because AC is a Colt but I am glad they got him over Solder or Bulgia (yeah I butchered that spelling I am sure) who went to the Packers.
  7. I am right there with you. I think you treat the QB position like you do every other position. You are always looking for an upgrade if ones out there. It will be hard to find because you are only talking about to close to 15 guys who would be an upgrade over Brissett but it’s not impossible.
  8. I don’t know how to react to this. I mean it would have changed Colts history but I don’t know if that would have been bad. Both Bailey and Edge are Hall of Fame players in my book.
  9. He also threw the game sealing pick 6. I would agree that Brissett wasn’t close to the biggest issue in the Raiders game either. The drops and the lines getting owned on both sides of the ball were much bigger problems in that game than Jacoby. Anyone who tries to put that loss squarely on Brissett’s shoulders is wrong.
  10. Flacco and Foles are exactly who I think of when I think of Brissett and both QBs have shown if you put the right team around them they can win the big one.
  11. Actually it was caused by him staring him down and a bad throw. Even if it’s just the later it’s still on him and it’s not like it’s some how ok because it was just a bad throw. I didn’t object to it being the right read but when you stair the guy down and then make a poor throw the fact it was the right read goes out the window.
  12. Maybe. I was just objecting to the idea because this wasn’t some epic QB duel like Manning and Brady used to have. With that said, I think you and me are pretty much on the same page. I like Brissett I want him to do well and keep developing but the extremes that’s fans keep posting on both ends of him get tiring.
  13. Yes he did. Brissstt also gave up points by staring down a receiver and throwing a pick in the redzone. So If you want to play the he scored the only TD game you have to acknowledge the mistake he made too. I am not calling for Brissett to be replaced. I am saying he’s exactly what the Colts asked him to be, a game manager, and that’s fine. Let’s just stop over inflating him due to blind loyalty. That’s just as bad as calling for him to be replaced because people want to be right about saying he’s not the answer. Yes. The post I first quoted that you first responded too said he beat Chiefs. I agree with you on most of your points.
  14. The thing is they aren’t overturning plays where you don’t even have to slow down the video. They just aren’t doing it. They don’t like the rule so they aren’t going to enforce it in hopes that teams stop challenging it. I think that’s how Goodell wants it or else he would do something, it doesn’t mean I have to agree with it.
  15. Fair enough and yeah if Luck called tomorrow and said hey I want to comeback Brissett is gong back to the backup role.
  16. And that has what to do with the KC game? Don’t over inflate what he did either and sell the running game and defense short.
  17. I don’t disagree with this. I just object to the idea of saying Brissett beat the Chiefs. He didn’t, the Colts did. It’s not like they won 45-42 shoot out in which Brissett threw for 400 yards and 5 TDs. With that said Brissett isn’t be asked to do that, he’s being asked to do what he’s doing, manage the game. Which is fine. As you pointed out, and I agree with you on, this has become a run first team. I would also agree there are people who are just looking for him to fail because they have already decided he isn’t the answer. I also think there are people who overlook any legit flaw in Brissett’s game and attack anyone who dares to question him. The truth is Brissett is a middle of the road to lower end NFL starter. Again, that’s not a knock on him the Colts could be in a lot worse of a position at the QB spot than they are. It’s just what he is and it’s what Reich expected him to be which is why he called him a top 20 QB.
  18. I don’t know if it’s unbreakable but Phelps 8 golds in a single Olympics with be hard to take down just because there are so few sports you can even try to do that in.
  19. That loss did more to hurt Notre Dame than Georgia. If Georgia wins the SEC they get in along with Alabama unless something strange happens to Bama between now and then. If Ohio State and Clemson don’t stub their toe that leaves ND on the outside looking in even if they run the table. Honestly, it would be better for ND if Georgia were to lose again and eliminate them from the playoff hunt completely but then Florida and LSU are going to be in the running.
  20. Indianapolis struggles to support the three pro teams (Colts, Pacers, and Fever) they have at times. I don’t know if they could support a fourth team but I have a feeling if they do get a fourth team it’s going to be a MLS team rather than NHL team. The city has really embraced the 11 and they are trying badly to be a MLS team. For the record I am not a soccer fan in the slightest and have never been to an 11 game and would much rather watch hockey than soccer. I am just saying what I see.
  21. I fully agree with this. It’s why they are 3-2. They are good enough to play with any team in the league if they play well but they are also bad enough to get beat by any team in the league if they are off. People are reacting to the KC game as if that’s how they have played all season and forget just a week before that people were questioning everything about the team after the Raiders game. This team has talent for sure but they are very young and inexperienced and like most teams like that they are inconsistent. There are going to be growing pains along the way but there are going to be moments like the KC game as well where you see what they are fully capable of.
  22. The NFL has proven you can win Super Bowls with both.
  23. The problem is they aren’t overturning the obvious calls either. They don’t like this rule because they don’t like that coaches can challenge a judgement call. Personally I think Goodell should go to Riveron and say enforce the rule or I will find someone who will. With that said, Goodell’s lack of comments on this speaks volumes. It tells me Riveron is doing what Goodell wants which is unfortunate.
  24. They aren’t saying what he did to Doyle was ok. They are saying the NFL was too heavy handed with their punishment. That’s the difference and again that’s what unions do. They represent their members to their employers. That’s who they have the issue with, not the other union member who happens to be involved.
  25. Do people ever stop think maybe his play helps big Q as well and it’s not just Big Q helping him? Don’t get me wrong Big Q is a monster but playing next to a really good left tackle has made him better. Let’s also not forget the line struggled the first four games last year when AC was out. His first game back the line become monsters. I don’t think that’s just a happy accident.
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