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  1. No but every team can stack the box and play tight man on your WRs and challenge them at the line. That’s what the Colts are going to see until they start going down the field. They are going to pretty much beg the Colts to throw deep on them. The Colts will need to take advantage of that.
  2. The defense played like the defense we expected them to be today. 8 sacks in two games is impressive no matter who you are. Outside of one drive in the first half they only gave up points on a short field and only three off turnovers. They had a great game.
  3. Yeah after he threw that INT I noticed he got really indecisive. I think he got fooled on that play (great play by the Titan) and he was scared to do it again. That’s where Frank and the QB coach have to get with him watching film and say trust what you see. The guy made a great play you have to put it out of your mind.
  4. Kelly isn’t the answer. However, Jacoby has to do more. Teams are going to see what the Titans did today and start doing it more to him until he shows them they have to respect the deep ball. The Colts aren’t going to win many games if Jacoby has halves like he did in the second half today where he had close to 40 yards passing. With that said, Jacoby is going to get the full season to show if he can continue his growth. Hopefully he does.
  5. http://nfltraderumors.co/2019-nfl-free-agents-list/
  6. That’s true they aren’t going to feel as confident as they have at kicker but right now forget the 50 yarder to win a game I don’t feel confident for Adam to hit an extra point and just get seven. The Colts were a play or two away from it perhaps cost the Colts the game today. Add in last week where Adam left seven points on the field and Adam is killing them. That’s not fair to the rest of the team and Adam knows that.
  7. That’s thing though, if you can pound it effectively like the Colts did today the defense gets tired and then you pop one of those long runs.
  8. If Jacoby can add the play-action deep ball to his play then these kinds of running numbers are going to make the Colts deadly. Its been a long long time since the Colts had a team like this probably back to the 94-95 Colts blocking for Faulk. Yes Edge was great but that ground game and line was still built behind a deadly passing game. This team is ground and pound first and built for it. Thats why with the game on the line Frank put it in the hands of his best unit, his run blocking oline.
  9. Probably someone who isn’t as good as Adam was but that’s the thing Adam isn’t as good as he was either.
  10. Adam and Anderson were both in the NFL at the same time. This isn’t comparing Berry to Jerry Rice. I am stating fact too, people who cover this game call Adam the greatest of all time and they saw Anderson too. Not just Colts fans. If you want to disagree then fine.
  11. Man has big ones. Still with the game on the line he put the ball in the “hands” of his best unit. His oline.
  12. And Adam came along and was better. This isn’t really questioned by anyone except those that are trying to be a contrarian. That’s nothing against Anderson as he was great too.
  13. I want Adam to be the answer but his struggles date back to the end of last season and if Adam feels its time to go let him go out on his terms.
  14. I did. The fact Adam did only adds to his greatness. Its not Adams fault Anderson didn’t get to big game. Also Adam still broke Anderson’s records if you take the big games out of it.
  15. I am sorry but that would be a mistake on the Colts part.
  16. Yes, anyone who isn’t trying to be a contrarian will tell you Adam is the best kicker of all time. Not only does he have the records he has the clutch kicks too in the biggest or situations too.
  17. Overrated is hyping someone for no reason or reason they don’t deserve. People aren’t hyping Adam at this point. They are extremely concerned from him or ready to move on from him.
  18. Again I don’t know how to post tweets in my iPad but I saw Holder tweeted out that he talked to Adam said they will hear from him tomorrow and when Holder said but we don’t see you tomorrow Adam said yes you will.
  19. Wouldn’t shock me, he knows he’s hurting the team and has nothing left to prove. Retire and let the Colts honor him next week at home. At least he got to go out with a win.
  20. They are where the Colts were when Luck was beat up and had no line.
  21. I should clarify what I said to lead off this thread. When I said I was wrong I didn’t mean about Jacoby being the starter I meant being wrong about the lack of deep shots last week. Overall Jacoby held his own against a really good secondary but the Colts let the Titans do exactly what the announcers said they would do if the Colts didn’t stretch field. They sat on the receivers and took away the intermittent stuff and started stacking the box and that’s when Jacoby started to look really indecisive and was holding the ball too long. He had about 40 yards passing in the second half. That’s not going to win a lot of games. Overall Jacoby has been about what I expected him to be, good enough to keep the Colts in games and give them a chance to win. Still to take the next step he has to be able to go down the field. it wasn’t all on the receivers either, the announcers showed a play where if he gave TY another second or two he was coming open on the crossing pattern but Jacoby dumped it off before then.
  22. Okay now that the game is over. Ill admit I was wrong. Jacoby has to start taking more shots downfield. Teams are sitting on the short stuff and Jacoby looked really indecisive after the INT, I think he started seeing ghosts and I don’t mean TY.
  23. He’s still a problem. That’s what I am telling you. People aren’t saying he wasn’t a problem they just said he wasn’t the ONLY problem last week.
  24. Very few get the storybook ending. Even Manning looked bad in the last season of his career even if it ended with a Super Bowl win.
  25. Most didn’t defend Adam last week, they just pointed out he wasn’t the only problem. There is a difference.
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