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  1. No you were complaining about people talking about Ballard again. That was the first line of your post which will only help derail the thread further. If you are just talking about the premise of the thread do that. You don’t have to complain about what others are talking about.
  2. Again it was believed around the league he had grown up from that and it was no longer in question when the Colts hired him.
  3. And the thought around the league was he had grown up and matured from that. Clearly he hadn’t but those were not thought to be an issue anymore.
  4. I hope he can too. I like Adam and want him to finish his career as a Colt as long as he’s productive.
  5. It’s a business, no one has that right. If he wants to play and the Colts no longer feel he can produce at a high enough level they will let him or not re-sign him. I am NOT saying Adam is at that point now. However, that day could get here. Remember this is the same franchise who cut Peyton Manning because it was best for the team, yes I know Peyton could still play, but if Peyton didn’t earn that right no one will.
  6. They wouldn’t have to cut him he’s a free agent. Not saying I wouldn’t bring him back just saying they don’t have to release him.
  7. Give me a guy like Reggie Wayne who can run great routes and get open on just about every play and be the security blanket Luck so desperately needs when he gets rattled.
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    I don’t know if he’s the least of their concerns but I would agree there are more pressing ones. Also, I don’t know about the last time he missed a playoff kick for the Colts or attempted a meaningful playoff kick for the Colts but I do know they don’t win the Super Bowl in 06 without him. Yes I know that was over a decade ago and has no baring on keeping him next year or not but I am not going to talk smack about Adam’s post season greatness because of it (and a few other kicks he’s made in the post season).
  9. There weren’t questions about McDaniels character until he backed out on the Colts. He didnt draft Hill he wasn’t the General Manger. What about him? His character wasn’t in question until he backed out on the Colts.
  10. Unless Ballard was just completely lying in his presser today I think there is a better chance the Colts trade Luck than trade for Brown.
  11. He doesn’t need a pass no it wasn’t the homerun this class was but it was still a good class. He got three starters out of it and two role players out of it. That’s not a bad draft.
  12. Both of Ballard’s draft classes have been good, yes this years was a homerun but his first class was good too.
  13. If he wants to come back I don’t think that’s a bad idea. I wouldn’t count on him to start but I think he has depth value and start a transition into coaching where his real value is.
  14. Someone will figure out a way to slow down these offenses just as these offense figured out how to beat those defenses. That’s the great thing about football. It’s always changing. What worked one year isn’t promised to work the next.
  15. This. I think they take the best non QB, tightend, kicker/punter, or center on the board.
  16. Maybe they will. I am just pointing out it’s a big step up in competition from this year. However asking any team in the NFL to play a road scheudle like that is brutal. Not just the Colts. I do hope the Colts are a force next year. However, I am not going to panic and over react if they take a step backwards. I hope they don’t but if they go 8-8 or something next year I wouldn’t be overly shocked. I also wouldnt be shocked if they pull off 11-5 or 10-6 and are back in the playoffs.
  17. The Colts played five playoff teams all year counting playoffs, Texans, Eagles, Pats, Cowboys, and Chiefs. They were 3-4 in those games. Next year they will have four games on the road with playoff teams this year including having to go to the Saints and Chiefs each conferences number one seed. Add in a road trip to the Steelers a place where they don’t historically play well and two division games the easiest game on the road will be the Bucs. That’s a brutal scheudle and a big step up from what they faced this year on the road, at least on paper right now. I am not going to sit here and say the Colts can’t have success next year but they are going to have to take care of business at home. That’s more manageable with the three division games, Miami, Raiders, Broncos, Falcons and, Panthers coming to town. They can’t afford to go worse than 6-2 at home next year IMO to have any kind of shot at the playoffs. I hope the Colts take a step forward but it’s not going to be easy.
  18. I think now is a good time to remind people progress isn’t always a straight line up.
  19. Looks like the old one is still alive and kicking in New England.
  20. GoColts8818


    That’s not how it works in the NFL. They list all the teams you played for and the years.
  21. I think what makes this sting to some here is what KC did to the Colts today is what we were dying to see from Peyton’s Colts in the playoffs, get a lead make other team play from behind so they have to throw and then get after the QB and outside of a two or three games we never really got to see it from Peyton’s Colts in the playoffs. So that makes it sting more. There is no question Reid gave Reich a lesson on playoff gameplanning today. If you watched the pre-game show Dungy hinted in his interview with Reich that his game plan wasn’t a good one when he said “if I were coaching I’d think we need to run the ball and chew the clock but you aren’t thinking that you are going to let it rip” Frank then said we expect to score every time. The problem is the Colts haven’t been that type of team. When they have won this year they have done it with ball control and long drives. I think Frank got a little too caught up in the idea that they could keep pace with KC and that his defense would get a big turnover that would be the difference maker. The real key becomes does he learn from it. Coaches don’t like to change things. They have their principles and what they believe in and that’s what they do no matter what because it’s what works and if they execute it will work. Honestly I think the hoody’s secrect is he’s one of the few that doesn’t fall into that trap. If what they are doing isn’t working he stops and does something else and keeps trying until they figure out what does work. I hope Reich learns from this and the next time we see KC he plays things differently. Use the no huddle more. That was the only time the offense was able to get going. Stick with the run somemore, get Mack on the outside If you can. Teach Luck to pump fake. On defense don’t over worry about Hill at the expense of letting everyone else eat you alive.
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    Yes but he also had a couple of close doinks and some of his misses, like the Miami one, were bad. I don’t think he’s a bum. I just think there are more cracks in the armor than there have been in the past. Is it enough for the Colts to feel like they have to move on from him? I don’t know. I could see it going either way. There is also the chance that Adam could make the decision for them and retire too. He’s always talked about coming back and talked about wanting to comeback earlier this season. The fact he now wants to think about it tells me he’s seriously thinking about walking away and something has happened to make him at least consider it.
  23. Maybe the cold bothered him more than we thought? He doesn’t have a lot of history of cold weather games either. The real reason is probably that QBs have streaks like any other players. He had been hot since the Jags game but he didn’t play well in the second half of the Texans game only going 3 of 10 and then today happened. It could be he was on a bad streak. That and KC’s defense played out of its mind. They probably made Andrew uncomfortable and when you make QBs uncomfortable they don’t play well.
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