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  1. Because Brissett isn’t as bad as you want him to be. He also isn’t as great as some others make him out to be. He’s a game manager. He’s not elite but he’s not Curtis Painter either. He’s a middle of the pack to lower end NFL starter which is about what he was projected to be when Reich said he was a top 20 QB. You can win with that in the NFL if you develop the right kind of team around him. That’s what the Colts are trying to do. The Ravens, Bucs, early Brady Pats teams, and the Eagles have all used that formula to win Super Bowls. It can be done. Can the Colts upgrade over Brissett? Sure but it’s going to be hard to do and if Kelly really had that kind of talent he’d be on someone’s roster right now. Don’t believe me the Jets just cut the kid whose been starting while Darnold was out because he was awful. If they even thought there was a chance Chad Kelly could be an elite QB he would have been there. Samething with the Bengals, Vikings, or Steelers who are starting an undrafted rookie this week and badly need a succession plan to Ben. The Colts could also do a lot worse than Brissett, have any interest in watching Kirk Cousins, Andy Dalton, or Luke Falk try to be the Colts QB? Honestly, given his salary the Colts are in better shape at QB than a team like the Bears or Vikings that have committed big money to guys who just aren’t very good. Should they be able to get someone better than can move on from Jacoby fairly easily but they are also protected for this year and next if they can’t.
  2. Actually I assume they run so much because it’s the strength of the team and that has nothing to do with the QB.
  3. I think most agree that Luck is better than Brissett but what does that have to do with Kelly since that’s what this thread is about?
  4. I’ll admit I am not Wilson’s biggest fan but I think it’s too early to call him a bust. He might just be a late bloomer as he’s playing a lot this year. I think the bigger thing here is that his homerruns way out number his misses which is the reverse of what they had in Grigson. All GMs have misses. The thing that makes someone a good GM is to make sure you don’t have a string of misses. It’s tell that even if you count Wilson as a miss that Ballard has almost as many misses in two as guys left on the roster that Grigson drafted, three.
  5. The Colts beat the Chiefs. Not one player. The credit in that game mostly goes to the defense, the o-line, and Mack. They didn’t beat them on Brissett’s right arm. Like Superman said this week people need to stop associating team success with good QB play. You can have one with out the other. Brissett did what I expect him to do in most games against KC. He managed the game. That’s not a bad thing but it’s what he is. It’s what he’s been every game this season outside of the Falcons game. The strength of this team is the oline and the running game. They will go as far as those things can carry them. That’s not a knock on Jacoby because this team isn’t built for him to carry them so they aren’t going to ask him too.
  6. I am glad AC is starting to get some of the love he’s deserved for a long time.
  7. Worth mentioning that the Colts played two of those bad teams and lost to one of them. So I wouldn’t hang my hat on that nail too much. This is a battle for control of the division and I expect both teams to bring their A game and have a hard fought game.
  8. Of course they are. That’s why you keep kids around on the practice squad in hopes that they can develop. It doesn’t mean they are banking on him being the future starter. I am sure they would be pleasantly surprised if he can develop that much but I don’t think they are banking on it.
  9. Unless they changed the rules since then (which they may have) Brett Favre did it not once but twice.
  10. Understand but it’s not our team either and Irsay has made it clear he doesn’t have a problem with ex players coming by. Also it doesn’t look to be upsetting the team so I get why some don’t want to see him but the ones whose opinion counts on this don’t seem to care.
  11. Got release and re-signed to the Colts PS. Wouldn’t matter though, you can sign anyone off someone’s PS.
  12. He’s rebounded well. I still think most fans feel a little nervous when he kicks but you couldn’t really ask for more in terms of him rebounding the last few weeks. Hopefully he keeps it up.
  13. The difference is they call holding when it’s obvious. They still don’t over turn PI calls when it’s obvious. It’s not just the Colts game it’s been highlighted all season. Again, I agree with you I am not crazy about the rule in the first place but it’s there and it needs to be called correctly. It’s not up to the officials to get to ignore a rule just because they don’t like it.
  14. If Reich couldn’t figure out to keep running the ball last night on his own he doesn’t belong as a NFL head coach. It’s nice that Jacoby said that but its not an earth shattering revolution to figure out you need to run against the 32nd ranked run defense which was getting best up in he middle when the strength of your team is your line and running game and it keeps the high powered KC offense off the field.
  15. I don’t think he’s hurt he’s just more of the mold Shread which is where he was playing until he got back.
  16. This game or the Cowboys shut out last year. I’d add the Texans playoff game to round out the top three.
  17. I think that sets a dangerous precedent where if the officials just don’t like something they don’t have to call it. That’s not how rules are supposed to work.
  18. Agreed. If they don’t bring up Green they could bring back Phillips.
  19. Sheard is an edge setter not a pass rusher so that’s why he would come out on passing downs and Turey would go in. I think Banogu is the guy who gets the call to take his role. It wouldn’t surprise me if Green is brought up from the PS to take Tureys spot.
  20. Man that stinks. I was afraid of that when I saw it.
  21. That’s fine to disagree with the rule. I am not overly excited about it myself but it’s a rule and if it’s there it should be enforced.
  22. Yes. Collinsworth highlighted the Colts line, especially Kelly, Nelson, and AC all night. He really gave Nelson and AC some love. Houston sacked Mahomes and got a stop on fourth down late and man if looks could kill Andy Reid would have been a dead man after that play from the look on Houston’s face. The Colts lines were why they won. The let Mack pound it down KC throat and made sure Jacoby was untouched all night. Then on defense they beat up Mahomes all night.
  23. I’ve not been impressed by him this year outside of tonight when he was amazing. The problem I see is that this is his third year in the league and he’s getting to the point where the team needs to be able to count on him to be leader. Outside of Gathers he’s been here the longest in the secondary. The time for him to be immature is over. Hopefully tonight is a sign of things to come.
  24. At times he does. I would also agree, and said in this thread, that Jacoby is part of the problem. With that said Cain has showed threw five games now he does struggle to get open at times. It’s possible and in this case likely that both Jacoby and Cain need to get better and need to get on the same page.
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