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  1. In the fourth round.
  2. Reich’s offense is built on screens and other passes that gets the ball out of Luck’s hands fast and letting play makers make plays. Seems like a fit for the Colts offense.
  3. I love what the Colts did tonight on paper. Now let’s see how it translates to the field.
  4. He was an intern for Secretary Rice. Went to Standfard so he’s smart.
  5. Wouldn’t know ABC thought talking heads were more entertaining...
  6. It’s all good too many players to remember them all.
  7. Irv went in round two
  8. I think he’s going to be their “Van Noy” type player who plays all over the field.
  9. Most of the big dlinemen were gone by the time the Colts picked. It sounded like Ballard DQed Sweat because of the heart condition and I dont think they were that in love with Tillary. Where they were picking the best players left in the board were corners. They got one of the top three in the draft and frankly I think corner was bigger need than DT but that’s just my opinion.
  10. With Jacoby being a free agent after this season you argue for taking a QB even. Maybe not in round three but it could happen before the draft is over.
  11. Heck Dungy and Polian even took a corner in the first, Marlin Jackson. If it’s the best player on your board and he fits a need you take him. You have to trust all the work that went into making your board and go with it.
  12. Could be but after taking two last year and having Mack I am not sure how big of a need RB really is. Regardless I think the Colts just got BPA from here on out. I’d like to see them add a safety and olineman or two but not really worried about when. They really hit all their major needs in the second round. i wouldn’t be shocked to see them add QB at some point to be groomed to take over the backup job if Jacoby moves on after this year.
  13. Between him, Hines, and Hilton Andrew Luck’s life is getting a lot easier.
  14. Unless the Colts are in love with one I wouldn’t, the Colts have their two starting safeties and another in Farley who can start. They can afford to get a guy there they can develop a little bit.
  15. Probably the top corner on the Colts board. If not he was probably the second. The Colts now have four or five good young corners. Lots of competition for playing time and that always pushes young guys to get better.
  16. Best pass rusher left on the board. The Colts now have two young pass rushers to learn from Houston for two years. Hopefully they develop and if they do the Colts could have a nasty pass rush like they did with Freeney, Mathis, and Brock. I don’t know if these three will be THAT good but if they are in the ball park the Colts are set.
  17. There is a difference in having fun and just being foolishly wrong. With that said I didn’t care what Ramsey said. It was just noise.
  18. The Pats could say the samething to us. (ducks) Tonight is part of why Reggie is my all time favoirte Colt. He loves the Shoe and doesn’t hide it and he’s got a great personality.
  19. After not getting Brown this was my top choice of what was left. I LOVE it. Outside of safety and maybe OT the Colts have addressed their major needs all in the second round of the draft and got an extra pick this year and next year to boot.
  20. He’s saying you can’t truly judge a players worth until they have been in the league for four years and just because a draft value chart says a pick is worth X doesn’t mean that player is going to equal that value either in a good way or bad way. It’s pretty much saying a chart is a tool to value but it’s not an end all be all in terms of judging trades for picks. If you do a good job setting your board and drafting and you get two good players rather than one then it was a good trade. Now clearly if you get two bad guys with those picks and the guy taken with the pick you passed on turns out great then it’s a bad trade.
  21. Translation if you get the right guy it doesn’t matter where you got them or what the pick was “worth” also you are no more likely to not get a “wrong” guy because a pick has value to it.
  22. Probably more than one team willing to trade up.
  23. What I am seeing is that Ballard is sticking to his long term plan and not falling into the trap of getting a head of schedule and start swinging for Super Bowls before you have a proper foundation in place. The Colts might take a step back this year for years of future sustained success. Thats what Ballard is building for IMO, setting this team up for long term success and he knows the best way to do that is with draft picks and then using your money to re-sign guys you drafted and only using free agency to get a guy here or there. He also knows the more picks you have the better chance you have to get more special guys because you aren’t going to hit on every pick. Hes sticking to his plan and it might not be popular but if you look around the league it’s what most teams who have sustained success do.
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