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  1. Until we're actually competitive in games, we're just pretenders.
  2. it wasn't, it was pretty straightforward Is it really beyond the realm of possibility, considering everything belicheck has done in the past to gain an advantage? I don't think it's unreasonable to believe he would approach Inman about the topic if the time comes.
  3. One year for belicheck to get the information he needs about our plays and schemes. Smart. Trashy, but smart.
  4. Because he doesn't have the prototypical size.
  5. The blue on blue is the best looking versions of our uniforms imo. I wanna see what a blue helmet would look like with them too.
  6. What's with the arm measurements?Usually it's from tip-to-tip. This way you can get a better feel for their arm lengths since your arm span is supposed to be equivalent to your height. Like 34"? Great, where are you measuring from?
  7. Which of the following did you mean? He needs to come through, for us to be a top 5. He needs to come through for us, to be a top 5. Subtle difference, different meanings.
  8. My take from most of these draft analyst. None other these guys are truly spectacular and most need a good amount of developmental work to be good in the NFL.
  9. So you're faith in Funchess' success is as grounded in speculation as mine is.
  10. Exactly what I was trying to say, if he returns to form.
  11. Not even close. Did you watch Funchess play last year? I did, he wasn't that good. So it's not hard to believe that Cain can compete that level of play. Marcus Johnson had 6 receptions for 100 yards over 5 games before he was injured. So just as much hype there. Fountain...come on. Dropped his only target that was uncontested. So Ya, its not hard to think Cain could take the 4th spot.
  12. Sorry, you're not going to convince me that was sarcasm.
  13. Pipe dream, they only say that cause of our money situation.
  14. Nobody said that, that's a ridiculous statement. Neither has Campbell, or any other rookie for that matter, just like last year, but people can have high hopes for Pete's sake.
  15. Don't forget Cain. Funchess may very well be our 4th WR
  16. I told y'all no WR. So many were dead set on a WR.
  17. And an unproven rookie is guaranteed to make us better? Or our WRs as compared to our DBs or LBs?
  18. Diplomatic? Sure... so if we were in the top three and there was a stud QB you think we'd take him? No. Need is ALWAYS considered. If anything we do need a QB considering we will have noone behind Luck. Meanwhile we have WRs galore.
  19. No duh, but our need for a WR is about as much as a need for QB.
  20. We won't go WR our first pick. There will be too many other better players in the board, especially for defense where our biggest needs are.
  21. Whalen never panned out for us either. That's one I wish did.
  22. 11 and 17 have not been lucky numbers for colts receivers
  23. This is way more interesting than I thought it was going to be, and the Giants got a pretty good deal too I think. http://www.espn.co.uk/nfl/story/_/id/26432284
  24. You just nailed how most of next season will pay out. Hopefully booth doesn't look to call every ticky-tack PI.
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