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  1. How did Minshew outplay him? Did he give him the juke? Did he play mind games? Did he beat him in a foot race? Please explain to me how Minshew outplayed Brisset, cause I didn't see them on the field at the same time at any point.
  2. Those same things were said about Luck, he missed his receivers quite often and consistently threw behind them. The biggest reason for all his INTs was because he had trouble leading his receivers. He also held on to the ball for quite some time: in 2016 he was tied for second slowest behind tyrod Taylor and in 2018, however this is not entirely indicative of a bad qb as Rodgers, Watson, Tannehill, Jackson, Wilson, and Mahommes all have similar time to throw. It could just be a sign of how good the O line is or how bad the receivers are at getting open.
  3. I find it a knock against Reich as it shows a lack of care, and to some degree empathy, for his players. I couldn't imagine not asking how the people underneath me are doing when I know they are hurt, both physically and emotionally.
  4. Nope, no way I'd risk taking him. Too injury prone, both ankles weak.
  5. I saw a madden 20 with manning on it. Why? My immediate thought was, well you can't curse a player who isn't playing...or will they?
  6. done what in 6 years? oh ya, tell me about it. One league I'm not going to break 100 in a full ppr, and the other league I might break 115...
  7. Good thing I'm not a GM. I understand it's better business to have luck here, but I'm not one to easily let someone back in after pulling a stunt like he did.
  8. If it's your flex, I think Boone has got the best upside there, with a decent floor.
  9. You can't start Cook, I just don't think there is any way to take on that risk. That is the epitome of go hard or go home. Boone will get all the touches if mattison is out even if the game is close or a blowout. The only way they bring in Cook is if Boone is getting less that 3 ypc. Gotta sit Cook, start boone. In my league where I have boone, I am starting him over Cook. In my league where I don't have Boone, I am sitting both Cook and Mattison.
  10. If that's the case, then in my league where I have him it's an easy decision. Starting Mack and Hunt, flex options are Laird, Diggs, Slayton, Conley, and Scott. Right now I've got Lairs in flex Thoughts? @chad72 Also in full ppr, who are the two to start: Moore, Perriman, Slayton, Conley Right now I've got Perriman and Moore.
  11. Reports I here is it's Boone and Cook with Mattison out, cook only serving as emergency role.
  12. So for full ppr, my receivers (Moore, Hopkins, Perriman starting and Gallup, Slayton, Conley benched.are good and I should grab Scott as a safety for my three Vikings RBs? The problem is they are on Monday. Since I own all three should I just wait and see who to play? For half ppr, if I start Mack and Laird, essentially my flex is between Cook, Mattison, Hunt, Scott, Diggs, Slayton or Conley. Btw, reports are looking like Howard is going to be a no-go.
  13. Alright, waivers are through, not looking good for either league. Full PPR QB: Winston vs Hou, Tannehill vs NO RB: Elliot @ PHI, (Cook, Mattison, Boone, vs GB on MNF), Ya I know, there's nothing out there Duke Johnson, Peyton Barber, and Boston Scott are best available to pick up. Would probably drop Slayton to grab one. WR: Moore @IND, Hopkins @TB, Perriman vs HOU, Gallup @ PHI, Slayton @ Was, Conley @Atl DST: Patriots vs Buf, Ravens @ CLE The MNF fiasco with the Vikings backfield is what's going to kill me. I have to choose to play one, or none. Supposedly Cook is going to be active, even possible Mattison. Which they are going to likely also put Boone into the mix. What in the world do you do? At least I have all three. When it comes to QB, I think I'll stick with Winston and match him up with Perriman..depending on Evans and Godwin. For WR I think I am good, but if I sit Perriman i'll probably slot in Gallup. Should I bench Moore for anyone? Then there's my top two defenses, Cleveland did a number on Baltimore last time, should I just stick with Patriots? Championship game. Opponents Roster QB: L. Jackson RB: Fournette, Jacobs, White, Coleman, Laird WR: Jones, Lockett, Miller, Kupp, Watkins, Schuster TE: Kittle DST: 49ers This league I am playing for 3rd and my money back, going against the 2nd seed. Half PPR: QB: Winston vs Hou RB: Mack vs Car, (Cook or Mattison vs GB on MNF), Hunt vs Bal, P. Laird vs Cin, B. Scott vs Dal WR: Thomas @Ten, Adams @Min, Diggs vs GB, Conley @Atl, Slayton @Was DST: Steelers @NYJ, Ravens @ CLE Similar situation except worse..my opponent has Boone. So I don't have the luxury of waiting to see who starts in my other league. It's either play Cook or don't. So if I don't, I think I stick with Mack and possibly use Laird vs Cinc (6th most PA) or Scott vs Dal (14th fewest PA), both have matchups better than Hunt, but I think Hunt will do what he does and get 10-15. For WR it's obvious, but should I flex in Diggs or Conley? If so, that forces my hand at RB in likely starting Laird for the upside over Hunt. For DST, again great matchups, but I think Steelers have proven themselves to be the ones to start over Ravens, especially for this week. Opponents Roster: QB Brees, Rodgers RB: Henry, Jones, Conner, Sanders, Boone (will start if Cook is out), Peterson WR: Gallup, Perriman, Thielen, Golladay, A. Miller TE: Goedert DST: KC @chad72 @Jared Cisneros
  14. Dude, Winston is going to ball out...I'd rather face Watson. Overall you look way better. The choice is just between Peterson and Mack. You WANT to maximize your similar rosters, because you have the advantage for players that you don't have similar. Idk, maybe its "playing to keep the lead" vs "playing to win", but you have the better WR, RB, TE, and D/ST. If you minimize the differences where you can, it's the safer technique.
  15. Is it still 3 WR 2 RB? QB: Watson WR: Julio, Hopkins, Parker (go get Perriman if available and possibly start over Parker) RB: Zeke, Mack (Maybe Peterson here) TE: Waller You can try to talk her into it, But I think everyone will know what you are doing if you make it too obvious. And she is doing enough to make the championship.
  16. It didn't matter who I played. Cook went down, and he had L. Jackson, Elliot, and Barkley, and A. Robinson. I've got Thomas left and he has doyle with a 40 point lead. Even if I had played Hunt over Laird and Waller over Thomas, it only gives me an additional 18 points, still leaving Thomas to overcome 22 points plus what Doyle does. Highly unlikely. Looking towards next week now. RB: Mack vs Car, Laird vs Cinci, Hunt vs Bal, Cook (Likely Out), Mattison (Q) vs GB, (Trying to pick up Boone to replace Cook and Mattison) WR: Adams @Min, Thomas @Tenn, Diggs vs GB, Slayton @Was, Pascal vs Car Def: Steelers @Jets, Ravens @Cle
  17. Ya, I'm pretty amazed at my PF. I'll have to look, but that might be a league high. I hope I can beat Hulce, but he always pulls some nonsense out against me. It'll be a rematch of our inaugural season.
  18. Those are all tough. Think I'd go wentz. Not sure on the Bucs receiving unit. Could be safer to go Scott Should I stick with Waller vs Jax or pick up I. Thomas vs sea?
  19. Ya, either going to grab Fitzmagic or Rivers. With the being said, I'm starting Laird and hunt, but should I start Slayton over Hunt?
  20. Ya, I need 30-36 points from J. Winston in order to stand a chance. Then my WRs (Adams and Thomas) should outscore his (Robinson & Cooper). Hopefully my RBs (Laird, Cook, Hunt) can keep pace with his (Elliot, Barkley, Ekeler), while I feel good about my Waller vs Doyle TE matchup. Wildcard is his SF Defense and I started Ravens (12pts) over the Steelers vs Buffalo.
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