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  1. After Lamar, i don't think you have anything to worry about. I know I don't, I'm losing it because of him.
  2. probably gotta be Wilson or Murray, and I'd lean more towards Murray. Did you start Engram afterall?
  3. If it's standard league, I would replace Ekeler with Engram. But at the same time I can understand Ekeler, both games will follow the scripts they fit. Stick with Ekeler with your reasoning. Wasn't Fuller hurt, I don't think you could trust playing him. Especially with a HUGE divisional matchup. Hmm, Brees against Indy is interesting. I think the Colts could keep up with the Saints more than the Jets keeping up with Baltimore. Something to think about.
  4. I've capped myself to two leagues a year, but I too am in the Semi's in both. In one league I finished 5th, but 3rd in PF. In another league I finished second and 1st in PF (nobody was even close to me, only team over 2,000 points). Although experience helps, seeking advice from around the internet has helped me the most. Possibly none more than this group of stellar guys in this thread. So I have got to say to @chad72, @Jared Cisneros, @John Waylon, @teganslaw, @Hoo-Hoo-Hoo-Hoosiers, @CR91, @Shinobi, @runthepost, @Virtuoso80, @2006Coltsbestever, @Luck 4 president and everyone else who participated in this thread. I would love to see how your teams turned out, how many drafted are still on your roster (6 and 4 for my two squads, though I traded two away). Or how about our conversations before and just after drafting. @2006Coltsbestever, howd your strategy turn out? @chad72, @Jared Cisneros that trade we discussed on Page 2, glad I didn't after all. Or my response to @Luck 4 president about fantasy sleepers to reach for. Only Singletary actually has panned out, Kirk and Pettis had potential, and D. Henderson...i'm embarrassed. Either way, another great Fantasy year with you guys.
  5. Hate to do it but...Conners for RB. Mack isn't in the passing script, and that's all this game will be. Flex: Peterson or Higbee. I'm weary of playing a player after a concussion, very susceptible to a repeat the very next week.
  6. Did all the Patriots fans leave this forum?
  7. I gotta agree with Jared here, but if JuJu is out, I don't Washington, and Perriman..who knows. I think you have a good option available with Higbee though. Bench Bell, grab Higbee, and weigh your options from there.
  8. I'd go with either Mixon or Singletary. Pascal probably has the higher ceiling, but lower floor due to Lattimore. Both RBs have bad matchups, but Singletary gets receptions. So is safer between the two. Depends on how safe the rest of your roster is and how much risk you're willing to accept.
  9. So I didn't get everyone, so here's my updated roster. Full PPR QB: Winston @ Det, Tannehill vs Hou RB: Cook @ LAC, Elliot vs LAR, D. Washington vs Jags, mattison WR: D. Moore vs Sea, Hopkins @ Ten, Gallup vs LAR, ODB @ Ari, Crowder @Bal, D. Slayton vs Mia DST: Pat's @Cinci, Bal vs NYJ In this one I'm looking to flex Washington or Slayton, depending on Jacob's status Half PPR QB: Winston, Darnold RB: Cook, Hunt @Ari, P. Laird @NYG, Mack @ NO, WR: Thomas vs Ind, Adam's vs Chi, Diggs @LAC, D. Slayton vs Mia, Z. Pascal @NO DST: Ravens vs Jets, Steelers vs Buf. In this one I'm considering a couple options: 1. Laird over Hunt since he's both the main back and pass catcher 2. My flex between Diggs, Slayton, or Laird/Hunt. Not trusting pascal since he'll be shadowed by Lattimore most likely. @chad72
  10. @Btown_Colt You fell back there at the end. I hope it continues instead of having another unfortunate loss like our last matchup where I scored 140. Though our projections are pretty close, I'm really rooting for one of your players. I've got Thomas in my money league, helped get me to the semis last week and I really need some good points from him this week as I face the #1 seed. Our projections in that league are only a point and a half difference. So lets both hope for a 40pt game from him...but only catching TDs from Taysom Hill and not brees lol. GL
  11. Ya trying to get all 3 in both leagues as flex. Liking slayton, but hoping it's not a one time thing and Shepherd or Tate gets all the love next week.
  12. If I get everyone, would you flex brown over D. Washington in the half ppr, assuming Jacob's is out? Raiders take on the Jags this week and could be another big game. Heck even in the full ppr. I don't truly feel good about Gallup this week and looking to flex Wahington, Slayton, or Brown over him.
  13. Boom boom. I'm in the semi finals in both leagues. In one league I'm second, yet am the only team to break 2000 points, and handedly. The other I'm going against the points leader, but I was only 74 points behind at 3rd. Anyways, this weeks rosters. Full PPR QB: Winston @ Det, (picking up tannehill vs Hou incase winston No-go RB: Cook @ LAC, Elliot vs LAR, mattison, pollard, (picking up D. Washington vs Jags for pollard) WR: D. Moore vs Sea, Hopkins @ Ten, Gallup vs LAR, ODB @ Ari, Crowder @Bal, J. Washington vs Buf (picking up Slayton vs Mia for Washington) Also eyeing Pascal and AJ Brown DST: Pat's @Cinci, Bal vs NYJ That team got me 194 last week Half PPR QB: Winston, Darnold (BPA Fitz and K. Allen) RB: Cook, Hunt @Ari, Mack @ NO, Powell @Bal, looking to grab Washington. WR: Thomas vs Ind, Adam's vs Chi, Diggs @LAC, Tate vs MIA (replacing with Slayton), J. Washington (replacing with AJ brown) DST: Ravens vs Jets, Steelers vs Buf @chad72 Yup 144 - 106
  14. If you actually watch closely, Castonzo's man takes a cut inside (or is forced inside by Castonzo), and both Castonzo and him prevent Nelson from planting and locking out.
  15. I did it, had to drop Pollard, Guice, and T. Willams to make room (Mack and Tate have been in my IR). Man I hope you're right about Powell. He is the only back they'll have, I only hope the game script will support it. They could be forced to throw a lot. But Bell did do quite a bit of damage against them last time. I don't think powell is known for receiving is he? That's Montgomery.
  16. Don't start mack. Replace him with Penny. That should be good.
  17. I'm rolling with Cook and crossing my fingers. Powell over Hunt? Also Vance McDonald is available in both my leagues this week against Arizona (the worst Defense against TEs and who allowed Higbee over 20 points last week). Would you play him over Waller (vs Ten) in Half ppr or even over Ertz (vs Giants who's 3rd in least PA) in a full ppr. Also since Arizona is so bad against TEs, should I play Diggs over J. Washington since many of the plays may go to McDonald? Now mind you Diggs will get Slay the whole game, plus likely to coverage.
  18. Guice hasn't been getting targets and hunts only upside is TD snaking This feels like there's no right answer
  19. @chad72, @Jared Cisneros From Fantasy Pros: We're not likely going to know Cook's status and how much he'll play until Sunday, and even then, there's likely going to be smoke and mirrors. Cook did say he'll play in that game, but if you remember last year like I do, you remember him saying a similar sentiment before their game with the Rams where he went out and re-injured himself, then missed four weeks. ... Cook should be locked into lineups as an RB1 but if the Vikings pull out front early, he's likely finding a warm spot on the bench. Mattison is more of a play if you're betting on the Vikings blowing the Lions out in order for the Vikings to rest Cook in the second half. That's always risky to count on, though if there were one game you could rely on it more than others, it's this one. Here's my thinking: Do I think both Cook and Mattison will outscore TD dependent Hunt? If so, then should I not play both of them in my lineup over Hunt or even Guice (whos only had 4 targets through the past 3 weeks)? Heck if I had to choose just one, I am leaning towards Mattison over Cook. Typically if the Vikings are leading in the 4th, Mattison takes over. In this situation, logic dictates that Mattison will be spelling Cook throughout the game, and will likely take over entirely come 4th qtr (or sooner) if the Viking's have the lead. I know it sounds crazy, but it also makes sense.
  20. Oh it's not necessarily a fix, but rather introducing things that might improve everyone's experience (IR slots for example) or add some variety from year to year (FAAB vs standard waiver order). Just to expand people's experiences.
  21. Lol, There is no majority vote when the majority says I'm fine with everyone else! Lol. Going to need some definitives from you people lol
  22. So Guice over Hunt? Oh I am playing Washington and Adams for sure, the question is on Diggs over Thomas mostly. Winston may have been checking down, but he still got me 29 points against Atl two weeks ago. Last week they didn't need to pass. I don't feel that will be the same in this matchup as we will stop rojo and company. And you're very lucky/skillful. My full PPR league doesn't have a bye week, 14 games then straight into 4 team playoff.
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