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  1. Dude, that wasn't the argument at all. You are going off a tangent. The debate was whether or not Mahomes could offer just as many or more chances to get to the SB than Luck. Which again, if they are even in skill, and Mahomes has six more years than Luck, then Mahomes gives us more chances.
  2. That is all contextual, if you swap Luck and Mahomes last year to their respective teams, then we could probably assume that their performance would be similar. You argue that we held Mahomes to 66 yards under his average, however the Chiefs held Luck to 84 yards under his average. If you are going to make one point, you need to compare evenly. What you cannot argue is Mahomes abilities. As I mentioned above Mahomes has just as good mobility as Luck, if not better. Mahomes has better arm strength than Luck. He has similar pocket awareness and accuracy. That will translate over to the Colts. So with all things being considered, and Mahomes being the same as or slightly less in skill as Luck, Mahomes would be the better long play for the Colts to reach multiple SBs.
  3. This is not a debate over who is more talented over the other. All things considered, Luck probably has a slight edge over Mahomes currently (we'll see if he has a sophomore slump). Regardless though, that slight edge is not enough to push Luck over the top when it comes to how many chances we will get, considering Mahomes has 6 more years to play over Luck. If Ballard builds an actual balanced team, then Luck nor Mahomes would need a star studded team to play in the SB. You severely discount and underestimate Mahomes' ability as he has great pocket awareness, arm strength, accuracy, and mobility. This is not something that other people on the team affect when it comes to measuring his abilities.
  4. You know what fan is short for right? Are you a fan of luck or the team? A logical, non-emotional, decision would be to choose mahomes over luck if the option was available. There's no changing words or numbers, mahomes came in after and therefore, logically, he will leave the league after. Meaning we would have more chances with him.
  5. No I'm proving a point that it is a valid argument and should not be dismissed based on your blind devotion to Luck.
  6. why not trade our 2nd and 3rd for bell then...? Also...we don't need a RB.
  7. The "what if" is if he gets injured or retires before the normal time span of a QB. First round draft picks and pro-bowl QB's (of which they both are) average 9-12 years playing time. Mahomes just got into the league while Luck has been in since 2012. Looking at the average expectation of a professional QB, we can confidently assume that Luck will finish his career in 5 years (12 seasons) with 8 years at best if he plays to 15 seasons. Meanwhile, Mahomes (with all things being equal) will finish his career 11-14 years under the same assumptions of average play time and max of 15 seasons. This means Mahomes has 6 years more expected playing time than Luck. It is a bigger "what if" to believe that Luck will play longer than Mahomes, than it is to believe that Mahomes will play longer than Luck. Simply looking at the numbers, and common sense, proves this.
  8. Dang, when did that happen? Google his name and he's still listed as a Colts player. He's a free agent though and we didn't offer a contract extensions then? I thought he wanted to retire a Colt, maybe I heard wrong though. Why we would not offer a contract, he played great for us.
  9. If Ballard can give luck those shots, he can give Mahomes those same ones as well. Currently Mahomes has had just as many as Luck as both have made it to the AFCCG once. And you can't work off of what if scenarios, because you can do that for anyone. What if Luck dies tomorrow? Work within known parameters.
  10. Ok I must have not gotten the memo, why hasn't anyone mentioned Inman?
  11. I wouldn't take Carr, keep Brissett. It would take more than just two 1st rounders, and I would not stack the picks in a single draft. I've not made it a secret by any means that I would trade luck, but you gotta be smart about it. Two 1st and two 2nds at least, if not three 1st and a 2nd spread over two to three years.
  12. https://2001-2009.state.gov/r/pa/ei/rls/38790.htm I read enough, but don't expect it from people here. Legally, he paid for sex and could get off on technicality
  13. That is probably the saddest and most shameful thing I have read in a long time. It is not anywhere near the majority of them. Most don't realize what they're getting into and once in, they are stuck. Some may enter willingly, but then become trafficked. Of those that enter willingly they are almost forced due to poverty, inability to get jobs, and home life situation. Few, if any, go into it thinking it's the career they want for their lives.
  14. No ya that's totally true, but it's more prevalent in under developed countries, explicitly for human/sex trafficking, not just sexual motives which could include rape and molestation without the intent of selling them.
  15. His crime is solicitation, but all solicitation abet human trafficking. It is illegal to pay for sex for that reason. Just like buying illegal drugs abet its trafficking. Sorry, but you just don't do it. So no rich person has ever risked their fortunes doing illegal stuff? Come on now, be the smart person you say you are and not the willfully ignorant one you're portraying. He didn't have to be explicitly told they are sex slaves, it comes with the territory of solicitation and prostitution and even more so with Asians engaged in this. Do you have to be explicitly told as an adult that boiling water is hot? No because you know the processes behind it that cause water to boil. He knew what he was doing is illegal, you simply have to think it through to its logical conclusion. Solicitation and prostitution is the result of human trafficking.
  16. I think he means that the category itself entails more than just "missing children." Kids in under developed countries disappear all the time and are sold into sex trafficking.
  17. Live: wherever work sends me. Currently England. Watch: Gamepass Rewatch: no, cause I've watched it
  18. Are you seriously comparing drug use/addiction to prostitution and being complicit in human trafficking. You say he isn't aware of the status of these girls...? Do you know many prostitutes who are there of their own free will and can leave whenever they want? Even though its stereotypical, the asian community is known for having woman stuck in sexual servitude, being promised transportation and a life in a new place and then having their passports taken and making them "work off" their contracts. It is prevalent with Taiwanese, Filipinos, and other Asian girls that work in prostitution. Yes I know this because I lived in South Korea for a year and was made very clear to stay away from any girls working in juicy bars and other such less reputable businesses that are everywhere in many South Korean cities. The same happens in US, as many girls are sent all over the world, not just South Korea So to say he had no clue is disingenuous, at best was being wilfully ignorant (seemingly like yourself). Give me a break here.
  19. Bwahahaha https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=2381684065211601&id=332968243416537
  20. I think the talent level we can get at pick #34 is too much to trade out of.
  21. Most interesting thing I've seen this entire game is whoever that woman is beside Gisele. Wawa Wewa
  22. The Dolphins cheerleaders are over here giving a show. I'll be watching that.
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