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  1. Ok, so updated roster for half PPR. Might have made a mistake, thought I cancelled my claim for Guice to keep Snell...I didn't. Anyways. QB: Winston vs Ind, Darnold vs Mia RB: Mattison/Cook vs Det, Hunt vs Cin (8th most points), Guice @GB (5th Most Points), Mack @TB WR: Thomas vs SF, Adams vs Was, Washington @Ari, Diggs vs Det, T. Williams vs Ten D/ST: Pit @Ari, Bal @Buf A few conundrums: Do I start Diggs over Thomas considering their matchups? ATL did just shut down Thomas, and we know what SF has been doing to receivers. Diggs killed Detroit last time. If I believe Pit will destroy Arizona, then can I believe in Washington to really score a lot of points since they would then rely on Conners/Snell? And do I attempt to get Snell back or keep Guice? lol For my Full PPR My only real question is on my receivers: Moore @ ATL, Hopkins vs Den, Washington @ ARI, Crowder @ MIA, Should I bench Moore or Hopkins for Crowder? I would lean Hopkins since Denver D is pretty good against WR (6th fewest points) @chad72
  2. LOL that's my problem. Situations like these always bum me out, but only for a short. It is a strength and a weakness that I am far too competitive in everything I do. If I start one and not the other, and make the wrong choice. It'll probably burn me up for the day. Especially with the timing of it all. But I am already preparing myself for defeat. If I play both Cook and Mattison, then my flex is between Hunt, Snell, Diggs, and Slayton/Washington. I think the highest ceiling for all of those is Washington, then Diggs, followed by Snell (If Conners is out). Slayton, to me, would be my 4th option at best, why start him? Matchup?
  3. @chad72 Absolutely wonderful...Cook says he's going to be ok to play next week. I call baloney. Now I am stuck figuring out how durable he will be and whether or not he will play on a limited snap count and split with Mattison. Which means I need to flex Mattison in order to cover myself. Absolutely perfect timing. It's against Detroit, just bench cook and start mattison and call it a day!
  4. With Cook getting injured and Diggs sucking like he always does, I barely lost. So I have to face Team 1 anyways. That guy's luck is going to continue. Even though I have Mattison, I don't feel good about the matchup. QB: Winston vs IND, Darnold vs Mia RB: Mattison vs Det, Hunt vs Cinci, Snell @Ari, WR: Thomas vs SF, Adams vs Was, Diggs vs Det, T. Williams vs Ten, Tate/Slayton @Phi D/ST: Pitt @Ari, Bal @Buf If I get James Washington @ Ari, then I will probably start him over Diggs (even though he went 7/143 against them last time) or contemplate sitting Michael Thomas who is taking on SF.
  5. Thanks for the votes. I would hate to see you out of the league. I feel your pain, as me and my wife play, that's double the buy in for me with only half the chance at winning cause she's terrible... don't tell her I said that lol.
  6. Depends on how small. I can see a $5 buy-in having 100% go to 1st. Typically in much larger leagues (in a $50 league myself). 1st place gets 50%, 2nd gets 27% ($135) 3rd place gets their money back and the remaining $65 is allocated for high scores each week ($5 for each week for 13 weeks). Could also see $40, then 2nd and 3rd get their money back, or $35, $10, $5. But typically you see winner take all in low buy-ins. Just up to the league to decide. However, I always like to see a 7/10 vote before instituting any changes.
  7. 1. Currently in my Yahoo league, if a player gets ruled out, then they can go on IR. So for instance, Davante Adams was never put on IR, but was out for a significant amount of time. He would be eligible for an IR slot. Limiting to IR-R does add some flexibility, but since this does not happen too often, it essentially would not make much of a difference. 2. My point was not necessarily my actual opinion as an arguement for, but just stating the main argument for, helping top prevent poorer teams from making the playoffs over better teams. 3. Good point, I didn't think about that. 4. Thanks 5. I'll have to check more into it, but leaguesafe is an app/site I've heard is a good tool to manage buy-ins over a personal pay pal account. Essentially putting it into a 3rd party pot that the commissioner then pays out at the end of the season Thanks for voting so quickly on these.
  8. @Lucky Colts Fan, @BPindy, @Matthew Gilbert, @Bluefire4, @WarGhost21, @onebad150, @Btown_Colt First off I'd like to thank everyone for one of the most interesting and intense seasons I've ever seen. We currently have two teams with 9-4 records, two teams with 8-5 records, and two teams with 7-6 records. There is zero room for error for those 6 teams, as 4th place is still up in the air. Unfortunate season for the others. Second I want to apologise for the lack of trophies this year. I hope ESPN finds a way to bring them back. But with the end of the season, comes the end of season review and discussion about things we might want to change for next year. A few of thoughts I would like to present to the league; 1. instituting one or two IR spots. Allowing us to stash our "O" designated players instead of dropping them in order to pick up a replacement. Thoughts? If you want IR, how many slots, 1 or 2? 2. Maintain two divisions, or have one division and the top 4 records make the playoffs. It didn't happen this season, but in the past we have had a team not make the playoffs while a division winner with a worse record does. Thoughts? 3. Having 6 teams in playoffs with 1 and 2 seeds getting a bye. This would require us reducing the season by one game, and is more applicable in a league with one division. But can be instituted in a two division league. We use to have a 13 game season when the championship covered two weeks. So that's not new. 4. Waiver wire. Continue with rotational order, or change to Free Agent Acquisition Budget (FAAB). For those unfamiliar with FAAB, you essentially get $100 in fake money, for the season, to blind bid on waiver pickups. You don't see what others are bidding, so you just have to guess how much that player might go for and manage how much your willing to spend. When you run out of money, you essentially have to bid $0 and hope nobody else picks up that player. Gives you a better chance at getting waiver pickups, instead of relying on the randomness of waiver orders. Finally, this was suggested by Team Hulce, to make it a money league. Doesn't have to be expensive, $5, $10, $20. Thoughts? Any other suggestions that the league wants to propose? Thanks again and look forward to discussing.
  9. Team 1 has had 6 games of 100 points or less, but three with over 150, the other three have been between 118-128. This week he look to score 106. Team 2 is similar, having 3 games under 100, 5 games under 120, two between 120-125, and 3 above 130. The difference is Team 1 has lucked into an 8-4 record while Team 2 is 6-6, about to be 6-7 but more PF than Team 1. If I win this round I am in the money matches.
  10. Here is my lineup for next week: QB: Winston vs IND, Darnold vs Mia RB: Cook vs Det, Hunt vs Cinci, Snell @Ari, WR: Thomas vs SF, Adams vs Was, Diggs vs Det, T. Williams vs Ten, Tate/Slayton @Phi D/ST: Pitt @Ari, Bal @Buf Looking to try and pick back up, D. Guice whos at GB, and a sneaky D/ST play could be to pick up TB vs IND.
  11. Lol, that isn't my lineup, those are my opponents lineups. I can choose to face team 1 by benching Cook and Diggs, or win the match and face team 2. Which team would you rather face?
  12. So I can essentially choose the team I want next week for the first round of the playoffs. What's your take on these two teams? Bolding their likely lineup. Team 1 QB: R. Wilson @ LAR RB: J. Jacobs vs Ten, Gurley vs Sea, Gordon @ Jax, Freeman vs Car WR: ODB vs Cin, Sutton @Hou, Metcalf @LAR, D. Samuel @NO, TE: Kittle @No, Brate vs Ind D/ST: NYJ vs Mia, Oak vs Ten Team 2: QB: Tannehill @Oak, Brisset @TB, M. Ryan vs Car RB: Chubb vs Cin, Ingram @Buf, Carson @LAR, Singletary vs Bal WR: D. Moore @Atl, Lockett @LAR, K. Allen @Jax, J. Brown vs Bal, TE: Hooper vs Car, Cook vs SF D/ST: GB vs Was @chad72
  13. Hodges could be an upgrade over Rudolph and he clearly connected with Washington. Carson for floor, Washington for ceiling. I think your matchup is a push.
  14. I think Washington has the higher upside. How much risk can you afford?
  15. What do you see with cook? Not finding anything but "chest" online but he popped up with a "Q" tag.
  16. Curious as to your reasoning in three selections at WR in the full ppr. Tate may not play, was thinking of starting Moore, ODB, and Hopkins. And the RB WR position in half. Why sit Diggs and Hunt?
  17. Full PPR: QB: Darnold @Cinci, Winston @Jax RB: Elliot vs Buf, Cook @Seattle, Mattison, Pollard WR: DJ Moore vs Wsh, OBJ @Pit, Hopkins vs NE, Gallup vs Buf, Tate vs GB, Crowder @Cinci TE: Ertz D: Patriots @Hou, Ravens vs SF Half PPR: QB: Darnold, Winston RB: Cook, Hunt @Pit, Snell vs Cle, Mattison, Pollard WR: Thomas @Atl, Adams @NYG, Diggs @Sea, Tyrell Williams @KC, Tate vs GB TE: Waller D: Steelers vs CLE, Ravens vs SF We've already discussed the defenses, but Jack Doyle is available on waivers in both leagues. However his only good matchup that is better than Waller is vs TB next week. After that, its NO and Carolina which is no better matchup than Wallers Jax and Chargers. In the Half PPR, I could re-pick up Jaylen Samuels, rostering both Snells and Samuels. Guice is also available against the Panthers. Would probably drop Williams. He did have near 13 points against Cleveland last time, but he is only a play if we expect the Steelers to play from behind.
  18. Fournette lasted to the end of the 3rd round?! HOW! Same with Ingram in the 4th. The RB position was thin, how they lasted so long is amazing. I got Cook in the 2nd round like you after Elliot, drafting from 5th position.
  19. What in the absolute ....?!? How did you luck or weasel into that roster? Looks good to me.
  20. @BPindy Everything good with you? Are you on vacation? Please update your roster for this week.
  21. Cleveland has done well against both, idk of it was a fluke, and the jets with Darnold are scoring now.
  22. Ya I probably won't get them cause I'm broke, but if I don't I think I'll go GB. What do think week to week?
  23. Samuels has never been a true RB. He was traditionally a TE in college I believe. Once they got Snells going, Samuels was doomed. I don't think Samuel's will take back over. He's purely a pass catching/3rd down back. As long as conners is out, Snells has proven to be the workhorse.
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