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  1. He also said he doesn't care what the fans think and is going to do whats best for the team. So I don't expect our first to be a WR. It will most likely be a DB, DT/DE/Rush LB.
  2. ok, I'd give you three and that's a risky three. Giants, Jags, and Broncos are in the market for a QB. If one of those signs a QB or trades for one (Like Jacoby) then you may only see two get drafted. Duke's QB may not make it into the first round, Patriots might go for him though. But none of them are worthy of a top 10 pick by skill, only by supply and demand.
  3. We're straying a bit off topic (My fault), but I think we should definitely nab one of those safeties honestly, or even Corner if the DEs/rush LBs available aren't as highly rated. Since DBs and DEs feed off of each other, either will work.
  4. Players that most likely will be there for us at 26 and 34. Byron Murphy cb, Deionte Thompson safety, Johnathan Abram, safety A.j Brown, WR N'keal Harry, WR D.K. Metcalf, WR Jerry Tillery, DT Brian Burns DE Dre'mont Jones DE/DT Mack Wilson, LB
  5. Those DL that are so good are the ones going top 15, only because there is nothing else good coming out in this draft. There are maybe 2 QBs that will be drafted in the first round, but neither are first round quality, let alone the top 10 in which they will be drafted. Our first pick will not be DL, based solely on the fact that 8 DL will go top 15, leaving good quality players at other positions available.
  6. They aren't terrible, but they could do away with the shoulder pads. They just look off or out of place to me.
  7. Defense. Need DB, Safety, LB, and DEs.
  8. In 4 years luck will be 11 years into his career. He'll have maybe 4 left after that. Hopefully we get something from those last 4. Not sure how you can say that but ok.
  9. For now, age and time will still wear him down and that shoulder. You can't believe that after just one season you trust he won't re-injure it, especially since he took the fewest hits in the league. He's a risk, no other way to look at it. I worry in 4 years his shoulder is going to be bothering him as the wear and tear catches up.
  10. I worry too much about his injury, its too much of a risk to me to just overlook it due to his skill.
  11. No, too many picks in one year. Looking at future draft classes, I'd want to spread the picks out over the next 3 years. This way we can better grow brissett and better evaluate our needs as our draftees develop. Not smart to stack all in one draft.
  12. I disagree, I think people are severely underestimating Brissett's skill. If we can get 3-4 picks for the next 2-3 years off of Luck, I'd rather slightly lose skill at the QB position and greatly raise the skill around the entire team. We'd be more well rounded and not relying on one person to win games.
  13. Tell that to the cardinals with Dilfer, the Ravens with Flacco, or the Jags last year with Bortles who choked away a sure win. Brissett is better than all three of those QBs, we can win without Luck. We very likely would have won 10 games with Brissett at QB this year. I don't see why we don't cash in on a QB who's likely halfway through his career and an injury that is always at risk of coming back easily and getting worse over time, and keep a younger, stronger, and nearly just as skilled QB. Makes sense to me. What I don't get is why some people are so hard stuck on Luck when his future is just as unknown as Brissett's is.
  14. We have and are building a great team, we don't need an "elite" qb, which Brissett could turn into. Trade Luck, get a ransom, and start Brissett on a cheaper deal.
  15. Except neither are making guarantees and neither are trashy qbs like namath.
  16. I don't get why people would say that t will drag. If you are limited on how many times you can challenge, then what is reviewable makes no difference. Three is three no matter what it is.
  17. https://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/nfl/watch-official-appears-to-wave-off-colleague-for-flag-on-controversial-call/ar-BBSEnCu?li=BBnba9I
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