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  1. Are you sure he wasn't just being jest? He does have a habit of being that way.
  2. There has been a NFL committee since 2014. Goodell formed it after the Ray Rice incident.
  3. So you think a roster is built with 53 all pro players?
  4. I don't think him being a vegan has anything to do with it. There are quite a few NFL players that are vegan including Tom Brady.
  5. IMO Jim Irsay would have to have a whole bunch of the Bears draft picks for the next two or three years. Even if it were true I highly doubt Irsay would sign off on something like that. Personally I think it's one of those media's false rumors they love to make up just to get attention.
  6. We can't just assume anything at this point. Just saying.
  7. Just why would you take anything Brissett did or didn't do personal? Sorry, it makes no sense to me at all.
  8. One thing you are failing to mention. These players have worked harder than most to be able to be in the position you are speaking of. They just didn't wake up in that life style.
  9. My comment was in response to using them as an example of the signing free agents and the seldom results. Thoughout the whole season Gronk, Brown and Fournette had very little effect on the Bucs winning games. Fournette was actually benched during the season. There was nothing impressive about their play during regular season at all. The way the Bucs defense peaked at just the right time had more to do with the Bucs reaching and winning the super bowl. It wasn't because Gronk, Brown and Forenette was on the roster. This might have been the easiest super bowl Brady has won? He didn't have to play hero ball. Just saying.
  10. But it was the defense who shut down the Chiefs and those players were not free agents. Fournette, Gronk and Brown done very little through out the year to reach the super bowl.
  11. I understand his point but he will get paid what the market value is. The whole NFL is full of special teamers trying to get a starting spot on the team. If his play hasn't improved enough for that to happen he will get paid accordingly. He shouldn't expect to get paid starters money.
  12. I don't mind Ballard taking a chance on Mack at all. I am sure he has cleared the medical aspect so it shouldn't be a problem. Mack has always been a great Colt and through his play IMO deserves a chance either to prove himself, or at least get paid s little.
  13. Tell us all what it says and why is it a negative thing to you. Why is it you have a problem with it?
  14. So are you one of the usual suspects?
  15. Not willing to over pay is not the same as not being able to close a deal. Ballard has a number in mind and is not going to go over. You think of it as a negative thing while I think it's more of a smart thing.
  16. I understand wanting to get better at every position you can but sometimes a GM is restricted. It's easy to say in a forum that a GM needs to do things but it's not as easy as snapping a finger and getting it done. You are forgetting one thing about comparing the Colts to the Bills. We had a running game, they didn't. The way this team is built is we are able to play design because of the balance between running and passing.
  17. Most of the time the teams that sign high dollar free agents at the start of free agency end up over paying for player. There is normally a reason a high profile player becomes a free agent and it's very rarely a good reason.
  18. Our wide receiver room is not as void of talent as you seem to think. Rivers threw for over 4,000 yards and didn't really put the ball in the air that much. It was still good for 10th in the league.
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