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  1. I guess that would be explained if you actually spent time on the web site I suggested. You seem to have this attitude you want to argue points with me instead of doing the research for yourself.
  2. It is the HOFs criteria, not mine. So many people have their own opinions and criteria but very few match what the truth actually is. I think I have brought up at least a couple of times right here in this thread but you and a few others don't seem to want to have that knowledge.
  3. I will ask a couple of questions I ask in the other thread. 1-Just who said Darnold was on the trading block? 2-Just who said Jerry Jones was interested in Brissett?
  4. Well there were 16 teams that week that didn't play well and the Colts were one of them.
  5. Just what makes you think Jerry Jones is interested in Brissett? Fitz or Taylor seem more like it IMO.
  6. Green will be a free agent at the end of the season. He signed a 18 million dollar contract this season so I don't imagine Ballard wants to pay that kind of money. Plus all of a sudden the Bengals are utilizing Green over the last couple of weeks.
  7. The 48 member HOF selection committee does not use the Pro reference guide for their selections. Atlanta vs New England has exactly nothing to do with a player being selected. Please educate yourself in the procedure and then maybe you will understand. The dog you are using does not hunt.
  8. Because he is Cam Newton, that's why.
  9. It is dumbfounding to me that there are those who think Brissett is worth anything in a trade but he is not good enough to start for the Colts.
  10. In what way? Did you even bother to look at the criteria on how a player is selected?
  11. Cam is not a bad passer? He has a 59.82 percentage his whole career. He has averaged 7.2 per pass. He also averages 11.5 interceptions per year. Those numbers do not match a QB that you say is not a bad passer.
  12. No player is compared to any other player when it comes to being voted into the HOF. They are judged on individual accomplishments by a 48 member HOF selection committee. For a full explanation I suggest going to the HOF web site.
  13. New England getting beat down?
  14. What you and a few others don't seem to understand is QBs are not compared to other QBs when voters vote on HOF candidates. That is now how it works.
  15. Yes the Dolphins are smiling right now. What s putz Bill O'Brian made himself to be.
  16. I would rather have a team that wants to win over a team that has a losers mentality. Tank=loser mentality
  17. I don't think anyone needs to overlook Arizona.
  18. What a great game tonight. 34-34 overtime
  19. So the coaches threw the interceptions? WE dominated that game. Take the two picks out and we win.
  20. Not trying to be argumentative but Henry was not the starter his first two seasons. He was in a RB committee and had less carries than DeMarco Murray, especially in 2016. 2016- Murray- 293 carries, 1,287 yds and 9 TDs Henry- 110 carries, 490 yds and 5 TDs 2017- It was almost even. Murray- 184 carries, 659 yds and 6 tds Henry- 176 carries, 744 yds and 5 tds. I don't mean it to be a negative thing aimed at Henry or at your comment, just that I can recall saying to myself that Henry was a better RB during those first two season
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