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  1. I forgot to mention that Wet Willy was with Charlie Daniels on that New Years eve show and were with Charlie (I would call him Mr. Daniels but he wouldn't want that) They were also part of the group that all had the same floor at the Hilton. I had a blast. I had the privilege of playing some of the great guitars these guys had. It was a memory I will never forget.
  2. No, you can start rumors that are unfounded at your discretion. And believe them if you wish.
  3. Nothing wrong with kicking the tires. He does have talent and it's not like the Colts or anyone is going out on a limb for him. The only point I would like to make is he is no kid anymore. It's time for him to put the big boy pants on now. He has his chance and that is more than some other team will give him.
  4. Yeah, the weight room and talent.
  5. The one thing Ballard is big on is bringing players in who liked to be coached. Being a leader and being coached go hand in hand.
  6. Yeah, it helps when your wife has the inside track. I used to score free Colt tickets all the time when they were at the Hoosier/RCA dome. The Hilton had seats all over the building.
  7. I met quite a few rock and country stars when my wife worked at the Hilton. She would get tickets and back stage passes once in a while when the cooperate people didn't use them. Alice Cooper, Bob Dylan with Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, Journey, Foreigner, Genesis. Got to party on New Years night with Charlie Daniels and his crew after they came back to their rooms after their show. They had a whole floor to themselves. I was in charge of getting 5 cases of whiskey for them from the liquor store. Paid me $100. bucks and let me stay. Charlie and his whole crew were great guys and acted like they knew me for years. I got to shake Bobby Kennedy's hand when he was in Indy outside his headquarters. Sadly that was only two weeks before he was shot.
  8. Did he order a stack of pancakes to go?
  9. Can't forget Jeff digging out the TD fumble recovery either.
  10. It's not Mack's job to catch the damn ball. He runs the damn ball. Wilkins is who catches the damn ball.
  11. That's a good question to ponder. I know most are super excited about a couple of players drafted and think that they are starters. I'm not going out on that limb because those spots are earned in training camp and not right after the draft. This time last year no one even gave Maniac a second thought about being a starter and he ends up being DROY. (none of us needs to quit our day time jobs)
  12. IMO it is training camp and not pre season that determines who starts, stays or gets cut.
  13. Jezz, now this room is all of sudden full of offensive coordinators.
  14. I think he tries to groom the questions that are ask and when someone don't go in that direction he cuts them off by being rude. I am not knocking those who like him because it takes all kind. I listen to JMV if I happen to be driving but not anymore than that. JMV seems to have a pretty good grip on what the Colts are doing.
  15. I try and try to listen to Dakich just because of some of the guest he does manage to get on air with but 3 minutes into his show I have to either turn it off or change to a different station. He is so aggravating it hurts my mind.
  16. The longer they play together the better they will get. For those who think a couple may be starters already have to remember positions will have to be earned. Nothing is set in stone except our all pro starters. It's going to be sweet when the time comes our talent level don't have a big drop off when we have an injury or when we rotate players. I truly believe we are going to have a defense that is fast, swarming and a little nasty at times. All it takes is practice, practice and some more practice.
  17. There will come a time when he is going to have to block. He will be required to block for TY, Ebron, Funchess or anyone else depending on the play. I'm not going to make an issue out it because I think the coaches will teach him. With his size and speed he shouldn't have a problem learning.
  18. Exactly. The team has already banned him from team activities. I am quite sure the NFL will hand down it's punishment if he is found to be guilty. Not before.
  19. I think training camp will be very competitive and hold the answers. Not so much in pre season games as we have seen in the past.
  20. After thinking about it you are right. My bad. I also find it amusing the issue you are referring to.
  21. Other than a few spots like QB, RB, Maniac and Q there is strong competition all over the place. I'm not going to say who is going to be a starter because I don't know yet. That is what training camp and pre season games will sort out. On defense we could very well see different line ups depending on what offenses we face.
  22. I am one of those who have a problem with the media. As far as sports media they are no different than national media just on a lower scale. We can't even get a straight reporter or announcer without getting "color commentary". Who is going to break the story first no matter if the story is true or not. Who can come up with the next catchy phrase. Now we have show after show called point-counter point that are nothing but arguments. Personally the only time I even watch sports TV is watching the games themselves. And that is with the sound turned off. I guess I am just too old school and just want the results, not all the so called entertainment that goes along with it. That is just sports, don't even get me started on national media. Sorry, just my two cents.
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