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  1. Once again, attention hound. You know why he was paid but you can't resist throwing horse dung on anything positive. Not only him but everyone on the Colts roster.
  2. How many of you guys really care what Cam Newton is making? Why do you even care what the Patriots do and don't do? Some of you have an obsession with the Patriots like they have gotten into your heads.
  3. No. Grigson was voted exec of the year. What's your motive with bringing Grigson into this?
  4. You must keep in mind this person was the same one who said Darius Leonard couldn't tackle and wouldn't be worth another contract because of his position.
  5. Bert Jones was what made me a Colt fan. I had a family member who went to LSU so I started watching their games. I followed Bert into the NFL and have never wavered on the Colts as my team. Needless to say I was beyond ecstatic when they moved to Indy.
  6. Not trying to be argumentative but you simplifying this issue is not the reality of it all. Not only are there 53 players plus 10 practice squad players (90 in training camp) there are how many others around a NFL team? Doctors, trainers, coaches, assistant coaches, coordinators and whoever else. Just the sheer space need to keep social distance is impossible. All of these people have families away from a locker room so it's not like they are going to be quarantined. How about the mental aspect of the players? Can the players put all of this out of their thought process when their mindset has to be 100% about the game itself? We are always reminded about distractions in the locker room and how it can have a negative effect. IMO this goes much deeper than what can and can't be controlled.
  7. If you don't think there is not a second wave you are sadly mistaken. It's your choice to believe what you want to but I am in constant communication with a few people that work at Eskenazi hospital and I will take their word over your uneducated opinion.
  8. Nothing on the football operations side? Well it is against the rules to film the sidelines during a game. Thus the fine and loss of a 3rd round pick. Exactly what do you think is football operations?
  9. Just maybe if you were in the very high risk category you might have a different opinion? Without getting into my medicals I fall into the most at risk category. I also have a 89 year old mother in law living in my house. Put yourself in those shoes and maybe you wouldn't think it is a joking matter?
  10. Well maybe you think it's funny with your childish nonsense but the truth is here and now.
  11. I have no problem with this at all. There are controlled hunts right here in Indiana. Without those hunts there would be a lot of deer starving. (not to mention more accidents with deer being hit by vehicles)
  12. Everyone can go ahead and put your daggers away now. I highly doubt there will be a NFL season. Way too many people are not taking the virus serious enough to protect themselves let alone other people.
  13. I quit hunting after coming back from overseas in 1975. It changed my whole outlook on hunting when you are the one that is being hunted.
  14. Thus the arrogance of a Patriot fan coming into a Colts forum stirring up trouble. I think you should check some facts out before spewing horse dung.
  15. When you take into consideration what Faulk did along with Bruce and Holt those may have been the best three headed combo in history. The one receiver that was as good as Rice was Tim Brown. He just didn't play his career with QBs Montana and Young. He was just as talented.
  16. Duper and Clayton were a pretty good duo that get overlooked.
  17. Where did I say they were? Harrison and Wayne were 9th and 10th in career yards while Bruce was 5th. Harrison was 5th in TDs while Wayne was 24th. Bruce was 12th. So it's debatable.
  18. The St. Louis Rams had a couple of great WRs with Holt 1999-2008 and Bruce 1994-2007. Kind of hard to beat those two at the same time. Add Faulk 1999-2005 as he was maybe the best RB receiver in history.
  19. Only if they take "tips" from the Patriots.
  20. Well it seems your point was Goodell was handing out penalties over the top. You even stated that two times. The true point is Goodell does nothing on his own. He is controlled by the majority ownership. As long as he does what he is told he will continue to be the commish.
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