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    • 60s Packers 70s Steelers 80s 49ers 90s Cowboys 00s Colts 10s Patriots   With 2020 right around the corner, the NFL will have six decades of teams that dominated in their respected era, but who was the best decade team.
    • My spouse can order what she wants or needs regardless of my status in society. If he didnt fail a test then he was clean. Players get caught all the time. Why didnt Manning?    I get it. Everyone cheats right? You cheat. I cheat. We're all just trying to cheat each other arent we? I mean it would seem that you're a pretty skeptical person.    Heres the thing. No one is surprised when the Patriots are involved in a cheating investigation. Is that just everyone hating them because they are winners? That must be it. Its envy. You see the colts have been beat by other teams too. They have been knocked out by the Steelers in some meaningful playoff games. The same can be said about the Chargers. I hate both teams. But they beat us fair and square. I can respect that. I cant respect the Patriots. They're classless. They're cheaters. They're proven cheaters. Not speculated. They're freakin proven cheaters.   You know most conspiracy theories are never proven considering they're just theories. Too bad both Brady and Bill have been tried and sentenced. It doesn't matter what theories you have if it isnt proven. You dont destroy a phone that doesn't have evidence on it. Just like you do destroy tapes, that have very clear evidence on them.    Now try if you will, to consider the Patriots fumble history which you continue to ignore. Great job your apparent personal investigation into deflategate. But you missed the Patriots fumble hirstoy. It is leaps and bounds better than every other team in the league. Because oh that's right! They're winners!    If the football is of lower PSI, it is much easier to retain control as a runner. Read between the lines man. 
    • Cook? Should be a great matchup for him.
    • Going through progression s didn't  help Luck versus chiefs.  Brissett  will get better. 
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