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    • I'm actually dropping the jags D in favour of the patriots D. I don't like the jags D versus the new bills that have two weeks to prepare.    Right now I've for Ari for this week, Mia for 12,  KC for 13, NE for 16 and backup on all my weeks except for 15. Which I plan on getting Den or Buf for 14 & 15.
    • Gurley already got that, $45M actually. You need to do some research.
    • Luck is 9-0 vs the Titans let's make it 10
    • We've talked about it a lot this year.     Especially in August and September.    Ballard brings in all these kids and he has to see what he has.    How do the kids do in real games?   This past week,  we had Smith make a rare penalty in the 3rd quarter and suddenly we're facing 1st and 20.   The very next play works to perfection...   the J'Ville defense clears out and Hines is all by himself in the middle of the field.    Luck's pass is perfect but Hines turns his head to run with the ball before he catches it.    Dropped.     If he caught it,  he might have run a long, long way.   The next series,  a well conceived pass play finds Luck hitting Allie-Cox with a great pass.     Allie-Cox looks the ball into his hands,  but it goes through his hands, off his chest protector, bounces off and gets intercepted.     The perfect play works perfectly right up to the moment where it doesn't.   That's what kids do.     They make mistakes under pressure in big games.   This is the bad with the good.     If you're looking for Reich and Ballard to bench these guys --- you're going to wait a long time.   The kids still need to play.     The more experience they get this year,   the better they will be NEXT YEAR.   And that's what this year is about.     Making next year,  and the years after them,  as good as can be.   So, if we see more mistakes from the kids Sunday,   don't be too surprised and don't get freaked out.    It's what happens when you play the kids.   And Ballard and Reich know it.   Should be a great game Sunday!!  
    • Of course you wouldn't mind.    Problem is,  it wouldn't happen.   What has Hooker done to warrent trading a 1st or a 2nd round pick?      Not nearly enough.   Right now,  we'd be lucky to get more than a 4.   Hooker isn't going anywhere...  
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