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  1. I’d give Reich another season but someone really needs to talk to him about some of his overly aggressive calls that constantly cost us. I know analytics probably don’t agree with me but I’m never a fan of going all in while you have the lead, which Reich constantly does game in and game out!
  2. I’d rather start fresh wether that be someone like Dak or Stafford via trade or give Eason/ 1st round QB a shot. No point running this back we all know it’s either just sneaking in the playoffs or not being bad enough for a top 10 pick.
  3. It is a big need but seems certain you will pick up one of the stud WR in the draft. So new WR on rookie contract isn't that bad really.
  4. Be lucky to get a 4th if we go off what other teams have got
  5. Heaps of receivers left atm so be interesting to see if we rate any of the high enough to take here. I'm think Defence though
  6. So does this mean no one in his 8 was there? Or quite a few still there so he feels comfortable he can get one at 34?
  7. If Washington pick similar range next year we gain around 200 points so not too bad I guess. Would've liked another 4th in there though
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