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  1. Reich has no excuse not giving Taylor 20+ touches with the rain and DL injuries.
  2. I'm pleasantly surprised with Pryor play. When Smith fully comes back he'd be a solid backup. He's basically what Tevi and Davenport should have been.
  3. I'm surprised tbh thought they'd sit him and get him ready for the Titans game.
  4. Looks like @Wentzszn called it out 2 months with a broken foot. At least it’s not an Achilles injury and he could still return this year.
  5. Campbell said he’ll vlog his recovery probably get more info than the Colts who continue to be vague lol.
  6. I agree the NFLPA is so weak compared to the NBA and other sports.
  7. So the Colts roughly have 4 million now in cap.
  8. People are really considering having Rodgers at Safety he’s to small lol.
  9. Saw a closer video of the play and it was more clear. The one I quoted wasn’t the best angle.
  10. Getting a bit worried about Wilkins this “illness” is going on 3 weeks and the Colts are very vague about it.
  11. Strange fit that OL isn’t any good and he’s not very mobile like Wilson or even Geno.
  12. He needs to show up. Only 2 sacks on the season got to do better.
  13. Going to be raining Sunday night which is going to hamper both passing games. Even in sunny Cali Colts get no luck lol. https://www.mercurynews.com/2021/10/19/atmospheric-river-storms-to-soak-bay-area-northern-california-biggest-in-9-months/
  14. Bet you he was smirking typing this lol.
  15. Hopefully Rock is good to go. Rodgers had a decent game but that was against a bad QB/Team.
  16. That’s not entirely true. Like my post above they’ll be scenarios where Colts can sneak in at the 6th, 7th seed. Currently the Steelers are the 7th seed 3-3. AFCN is going to cannibalize itself. That leaves the Raiders, Colts, Bengals, Browns competing for the last 2 spots. This is if the Colts can’t win the division.
  17. Denver isn’t a playoff team and will be irrelevant by mid season. Browns Collapse will be due to injuries and that tough AFCN. To me winner of AFCS= 4th seed. 5th seed = AFCN/AFCW= 2nd place team. That leaves 6th, 7th currently up for grabs IMO.
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