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  1. My point was Blankenship missed 3 kick, anyone that would have won the game. the last miss was from 47 yards which is well within his rang but he pulled it horrible. Do to injury? Was the block attributable to the injury? Don't know. The PAT I do think had to do with his injury. Again,, if anyone of them went thru the crossbars we wouldn't have been discussing the other nonsense.
  2. Bottom line we played a good game against a good team and lost only because our kicker missed his 1st xtra point of the year and 2 chip shot FGs he had not missed from those ranges prior this year. All the other nonsense and speculation is just that, nonsense and speculation. Let's get healed up and I think we are capable of winning our division and we go from there.
  3. But Reich was praising him as did Bradley from how far he came since he came on board last year. Are you thinking he forgot the play book or he fooled the coaches ? During camp Reich was high on him and said numerous times he had total confidence in him.
  4. He was named the backup coming out of preseason and would have been the starter game 1 if Wentz couldn't go. Then is thrown in a winable game with a tick over 2 minutes remaining. Rather than let him get somewhat comfortable and let him hand off on a running play and let the clock go down to 2 minutes and bring him to the sideline and talk to him Reich throws him in and immediately call 2 pass plays in a row. Then next week he brings Hundley up from the practice squad and he gets all of Easons snaps that week and the guy from the practice squad is named the backup. Now people are surmising he is on the cut bubble now that a 6th round rookie is coming off IR. To me this whole scenario is total nonsense unless there is a lot more that went on behind the scenes or Reich totally blew it in naming him the backup and building him up as being ready only to totally drop him. Doesn't make sense to me. Treating a team member as they have with Eason I wouldn't think would set well in the locker room unless Eason is a problem character.
  5. Although I don't think it will happen, I think it is up for a reasonable discussion. I agree that no team would give up 2 1st rounders for an OG but someone may be dumb enough to offer a young very good DB plus a 1st rounder or something like that. As I stated, will never happen but not an unreasonable subject for discussion. Oh, and I also love Q.
  6. Depends a lot on where the injuries occur. It has hit out QB , our best receiver, our OL which was a strength with little decent backups and our DBs which were a weak position to begin with.
  7. Watching DEs run around Davenport takes me back to my youth. When I was a kid we used to play tag in the house and run around the davenport. For the youger generation we call them sofas today. The 25M QB from last year looks as good with the Fins aa he did with us. Made our D look good. Thank God Taylor had more than 10 touches yesterday. Wentz looked good Their tackles are bad so thankful we got a few sacks. Our Secondary and OL must improve if we expect to win over half our games. Playcalling better but competion was weak
  8. I thought he played very well today and OK his first 3 games under the circumstances. OL has been horrible and play calling bad and he's had bad wheels. As you said, He is the least of our problems.
  9. Showcased him. Thought it was a great idea. Showed that he can still perform for a team that may be interested.
  10. Or "Custer's last stance". He lost also. if I recall.
  11. That is why we should have moved Q to left tackle.
  12. Exactly. 32/49 with a whooping 6.7 yd completion average.
  13. I noticed he said he finally understands the defenses this year. Sounds like he is throwing FR under the bus after working under him for 3 years and not understanding till this year under a new coach.
  14. Still wanting to know what you feel Brady is or isn't doing that he should be doing. Has Reich giving him the reins?
  15. Many of us questioned FRs play calling last year so I don't see a lot of difference . I thought today Carson changed more plays at the line today and we had a couple impressive drives. RZ playcall was atrocious as usual.
  16. I know who Brady is. Don't follow how you determined he's had an unimpressive start. What should he or could he have done diffrently.
  17. I'm not following you regarding Brady not having an impressive start.=
  18. Knuckles your being way to positive after this loss. Have you read some of the other posts? Seriously, very good post after reading all the negativity on the board. Inspite of all the patchwork and injuries we have been quite competative.
  19. Very informative post. So far I learned Grigson was a good GM because he had a good record his first 3 years, Luck was OK QB but not that great and Ballard is a bad GM inspite of being voted by his peers to be one of the better GMs.Oh, and we're in cap trouble. Sure I missed a few as I didn't read entire post as I may have want to slash my wrists this team and FO is so bad. Guess this season is in the toilet.
  20. You picked up something I haven't recognized in the last 4 years and that is Frank runs a West Coast offense. I had no idea what he has been trying to run but to me a WC offense is more of a wide open type offense. If that is what he is trying to run I am very surprised.
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