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  1. Heh, agree that it is a big loss but it is life in 2020. Total crap year but life goes on. You seem to be obsessed with this whole situation. You are generally upbeat and optimistic. Just spoofing you a little. Don't take me seriously!
  2. Think you need a chill pill and a stiff shot of scotch! Life will go on regardless of the outcome of this game
  3. Take the gun out of your ear. All is not lost. As the old sayings go; "That's why they play the game". "It ain't over till it's over.", "On any given Sunday"!!
  4. We have to remember that Blackmon is less than a year from an ACL injury which can happen to anyone and will happen to someone in the future. That's why I'm not ready to write Hooker off totally yet. He was the consensus #1 safety prospect coming out of college where Blackmon was thought to be a stretch where we picked him although everything I had read about him I was happy with the pick. I also think it is a stretch to say he is a better overall athlete than Hooker. I hope we could some day get both on the field together and both stay health. With the addition of Buckner, Rhodes, the improv
  5. I'm not ready to write off Hooker. His PPF grades if I recall were not terrible. He played last year surrounded by a rookie corner and a corner that was shipped to the Jets and I believe mostly a rookie SS and a DL that was not near as good as last year. Buckner has been a huge improvement and has made everyone around him better especially Stewart. Rhodes has been terrific and Ya Sin is greatly improved as is our 2nd year SS. If I recall Blackmon was drafted as a SS which he played in college which if Hooker is resigned could put then both on the field at the same time. Hooker got some ba
  6. Hooker in my mind was not that bad. He got blamed for some blown coverage that was not his responsibility last year. If I'm not mistaken his PPF grades were not that bad. Love Blackmon and liked the pick at the time but remember he is playing with an entirely improve DL which I stated last year would help our DBs tremendously if we could pressure the QB. Unless I am mistaken Blackmon was a SS in college and is now playing FS with us so it would be possible they could be on the same unit. I know I may be in the minority but I think Hooker gets a bad rap and could be a very good FS with our pres
  7. Think he was the guy held in the end zone that if called would have been a safety and would have come close to putting the game away but I loved the way it ended.
  8. If you watch the replay closely it looks as Blackman was blocked in the back and shoved into the ball carrier which makes it even more amazing.
  9. Agree. Have a feeling that the OL coach got under a lot of peoples skin. It certainly wasn't the first job he was fired from and I don't think they all came from bad coaching, From what I have been told he was a real *.
  10. I think Ballard has a great deal o say in these matters. He worked with one of the best ST coaches very closely (Toub). There is a lot of input from the front office, scouts included. Frank may make the final decision but not without a lot of input from a lot of people thru Ballard.
  11. Doubt Frank is truly the one making these calls.
  12. My goodness 2006, I generally agree with you but have to disagree here. To just name a few; Michael Thomas -NO WR-maybe the best in NFL Ezekiel Elliott- Dallas RB Malcolm Jenkins-NO DB Cameron Heyward-Pitt- DE The Bosa Boys Andrew Norwell-OG Carolina Several DBs drafted in the 1st rd or 2nd including Hooker The reason one may think OSU players don't develop in the NFL is soo many are drafted each year and many don't develop into stars. They had had 12 players drafted in the first four round in one year (2016) alone and have the most first round d
  13. Trask,26/36 (74?%), 3tds, o ints. How good is he really? Time will tell. They can't ztop talking about his smarts. 31 TDs and 3 INTs for year. Fields had 3 INTs today for total of 4 for the year. /
  14. "Yep. He might come pretty cheap. I have no idea why anybody would trade for him, though. " Darnold has the worst team in football surrounding him. Mahomes couldn't win in a Jets uniform with this team around him. I wasn't a huge fan of Darnold when they drafted him but I have seen considerable ability. Given a good coach, an adequate offensive line and some decent receivers I think he could be a decent QB in this league. Will he ever be a Mahomes equal, no. Right now Mahomes is in a class all by himself. In a much better environment I believe Darnold can win in this league.
  15. Guess we should have tried more QB sneaks last year with JB instead of trying all those passes.lol
  16. Some so called college football gurus have Trask as the Heisman candidate front runner. In 6 games this year he has a 70% completion rate, 2121total yards, 28 tds and 3 ints. Threw for almost 500 yards against Georgia who supposedly have some good corners. 6'5"-239 lbs and is fairly mobile. Edit: Knock on him is his lack of mobilitybut there was a guy we drafted out of Tennessee a few years back by the name of Payton who wasn't very mobile that did OK.
  17. Thought Grover played for Cleveland!
  18. Not saying he is the #1 QB but feel he may be in reach for the Colts. I think his ball placement and playmaking ability is very good and his ability to read defenses pre snap and post snap is elite. Just my opinion from seeing limited time watching him play .
  19. Have you seen him play? Was 23/29 for 356 yds and 6 tds tonite. Commentator says he reads defense as well as any college QB he has seen in a while. I was very much impressed.
  20. Trask only threw for 6 TDs tonite . At one time he was 23/29 for 356 yds and then they pulled him as they were way ahead. Commentator said he reads defenses pre and post snap as well or better than any QB coming out, 6'5" and about 235 and is mobile. Will be at least the 3rd QB to go in the draft in my opinion. As impressive as any I've seen and that's not taking anything away from the other guys.
  21. Hang in there EastStreet. You contribute greatly to this board. Don't always agree 100% with all of your opinions but agree with most and find your arguments that I don't agree with compelling. We all can agree and disagree without getting nasty.
  22. LOL,thought you were implying someone else can't! [PR}
  23. Are you trying to say something?
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