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  1. Probably because they can't without his permission
  2. Exactly. In division games previous stats don't matter
  3. It's a division game. Throw most of that out the window. They have already played against each other this year.
  4. Don't worry about it. Moose also thinks Leonard is JAG
  5. The "happy feet " kept him from getting leg injuries for his entire career
  6. 18 dishing out some pancakes. https://youtu.be/kpuPPhL1TvA
  7. He is now an offensive coordinator
  8. What could John Hufnagel teach Peyton about being a qb?
  9. John Elway played his entire career with a torn ACL. He never had the surgery.
  10. Not that long ago, first round qbs didn't always start. Most freshman don't start in college A bit extreme for a person you've never met.
  11. jvan1973

    TV coverage

    That link is from last year
  12. Most teams lose games to teams they shouldn't. Titans vs Bengals for example
  13. The second td to Hines was a perfect pass.
  14. And they are in the same division
  15. This dude was signed to the practice squad. Has nothing to do with Turan or anyone else on the active roster or IR
  16. He has 6 superbowls. I think any move he makes will be fine. Kraft will never fire him
  17. When was the last time a team gave up a kings ransom for a rookie qb and it worked out?
  18. The run option is for the running back. Rivers would be the passing option. RPO doesn't mean the qb is going to run
  19. No, I posted when the game was over
  20. Ok, Henry had over 250 total yards. The dude is a beast
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