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  1. The guy has made a lot of kicks for the colts The animosity toward him is odd.
  2. The detriment to the team happened when Luck retired. This team had zero chance of playoff success. Might as well let him get hits 600 and move on.
  3. Not a lot of amazing talent out there this time of year.
  4. Pat mcafee said he regularly grazes the ground before hitting the ball.
  5. Not all injuries make the injury report. You are doing a whole lot of speculating on the subject. No matter what happened, his legacy wouldn't have been tarnished
  6. Yeah, he quit. You either get cut or quit. He quit, at 30
  7. Is any of this new news? Also, the large cities in Cali suck. But a lot of beautiful areas as well
  8. No, I reply to posts that im interested in. I think Inman will be signed
  9. I've been a critic of giving Kelly a shot. However, if we lose to the Bucs, maybe giving him a shot would be a good thing. Live bullets. I really like Jacoby. I think he has all the physical traits. He doesn't have the confidence in my opinion. He double clutches, he stares down the first read. We know Hoyer isn't the answer. Maybe we got lucky with Kelly. This coming from a guy that was against him getting a chance
  10. For what? Getting our hopes up?
  11. Yeah, what do the coaches know. They only watch them everyday in practice. What do folks that do this for a living know.
  12. It was in part their fault. Plenty of fault to go around though
  13. That is quitting. I understand why he quit, but he quit
  14. The hate for this kid is amazing. He isn't an elite QB, but no one thought he was. There are a few teams in the league right now that wish they had him over what they have now. I'll be surprised if he is the guy next year, but finding a great qb is the hardest thing to do
  15. Seems steep. Those football gods don't mess around
  16. The colts will be drafting ahead of most of those teams
  17. So only certain sections were chanting? Which section?
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