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  1. He denied he was involved
  2. I love AC, but he isn't going on before Tarik Glenn
  3. I doubt it was a strong run
  4. Chris went to 7 Pro bowls and was all pro 4 times in Indy. Plus, the ring was pretty bare when he went up. I have no problem with AC going up BTW
  5. He was as much a staple as Bill Brooks. Not saying he should or shouldn't, but AC was a stud and played his whole career here
  6. The best at their positions in the league. Not average players
  7. Such nonsense. If Andrew didn't retire, it's a whole different scenario. Stop
  8. This guy thinks Nelson and Leonard are average. He makes hot takes. No context
  9. You've made a lot of statements. Most of them wrong
  10. Grades do not equate intelligence. Look it up
  11. 2009. Polian and irsay ruined it by stopping the momentum. I love both of them, but their good intentions ruined a perfect season. And hank basket. Add him into things
  12. Anyway, he is dead. The point now is how the players feel about Easterby. The fact JJ wanted out should be all you need to know
  13. It sounds like the problem is Easterby. I've watched a few videos and read some articles. The players hate this guy. https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2921872-report-texans-player-was-bothered-by-jack-easterbys-use-of-black-stereotypes
  14. He didn't have a problem with having Foles as his backup.
  15. What would you like them to ask in February when they can't ask about trades or free agency and won't talk about the draft? What insightful questions would you ask that haven't been asked already? Frank certainly didn't want to be there other than to address coaching changes . I think you underestimate those reporters that follow the team daily and overestimate your opinion who has never talked to anyone within the organization.
  16. Is he even allowed to talk about Wentz? If not, what's the point of the media availability?
  17. Taylor and Frank are buddies too
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