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  1. You aren't moving up far with a 1st and a second
  2. He was asked if he was comfortable having Eason at qb2. He wasn't
  3. The OP is really gonna be surprised when he sees this thread tomorrow
  4. Not really. He just isn't going to draft a qb high just to draft a qb high. He and Frank are looking for the right guy. Philip played great this year.
  5. Ever heard Sean Payton talk about Taysom Hill?
  6. Not really. It isn't my money. Also, he wasn't the backup when he signed the contract. He also runs the scout team in practice, works with the coaches during the week and stays ready to play. I get you're jealous. You gotta let it go
  7. Not really. Just said he was a good man, leader and teammate. I'm sure he knows more than we do
  8. I'm not sure what's sad about it. It's how things work
  9. And according to Ballard, Eason isn't ready to even be the backup.
  10. You are worth what someone is willing to pay.
  11. They beat the 1 seed Packers, they should have beat the 2 seed bills. They were certainly superbowl contenders
  12. Go try out. See how it works for you
  13. Get drafted and play QB in the NFL
  14. Yes, they know the man. They like him. If he is back next year, it will be as a backup at a much lower price. Also, Kelly wasn't signed by the bills. Or anyone else
  15. Brissett will be in the league next year. Kelly won't
  16. He is a leader in the locker room. Also, he is obviously much better than Chad
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