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  1. You responded to a post about the Texans not trading Watson to the Colts with "Andre Johnson went to the Colts". So you were either implying he was traded to the Colts, or your response was not at all related to the post you quoted
  2. Did you happen to watch the Broncos Seahawks superbowl?
  3. No, Leonard was a second round pick No one player on this roster is bringing a franchise qb
  4. Nobody on this roster is bringing us a franchise qb
  5. Trading Reich for a draft pick is a terrible idea.
  6. Pretty sure that's true every game
  7. Have you ever listened to mitch hedberg?
  8. They have huge dehumidifiers placed all over the stadium
  9. Bobby Orr wasn't drafted.
  10. They just hired the gm. Have the interviewed anyone for the HC job yet?
  11. Fact is, they are both All Pro and far from average
  12. @Moosejawcolt I thought you said Nelson was having only an average year and leonard was having a down season
  13. This is Waynes second year being eligible
  14. Cowherd said this on his show today. The Texans aren't trading him though
  15. He was a free agent. He wasn't traded
  16. 8 players have ran for 2000 yards. OJ did it first in only 14 games 4 times they were mvps 48 or more tds has happened 6 times by 5 different players. (Peyton did it twice) Won MVP every time (so far)
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