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  1. I apologize for missing my picks. Had an emergency at work.
  2. I will not be awake for the Bucs first round pick. Just putting it out there. Take BPA from what ever source you like
  3. 4k passing 38 tds 10 ints. 5 rushing tds
  4. TY will have a better statistical year this year than last. Carson can throw the deep ball
  5. When the best players in your teams history have negative things to say, people listen. Pretty simple
  6. Players start getting paid the first pre season game
  7. Doug refuses to acknowledge Jack Easterbys role in all of this. I don't care one way or the other about what happened, but to ignore the Easterby connection is ignorant.
  8. Once in the court, it's public record. I'm not sure the judge can do anything about that
  9. Mark Sanchez Baby got back
  10. Yeah, I get the need for personal interaction. That is a must. Also, you're right, it does look a lot different in person as opposed to on TV.
  11. To me it seems unnecessary for the most part. These days they can see every angle of every play on their computer. Obviously face to face meetings are necessary for some character evaluation. Watching a player through binoculars seems pretty outdated. I know all teams do it though
  12. There is scientific evidence for whatever you want there to be scientific evidence for. Bottom line, some guys get hurt, some don't
  13. Many season long records will be broken in the next few years
  14. I have a hard time believing Peyton had never heard of Reggie
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