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  1. Well, they weren't golfing in Indy lately
  2. I'm positive Ballard won't be drafting a backup qb this season
  3. Why would they draft a future starter when Wentz just signed a new contract and is only 28?
  4. My neighbor had a fire a few years ago. The water damage from putting out the fire was much larger than the fire and their homeowners policy didn't cover the water damage.
  5. They are reportedly hooking up to start throwing. It doesn't sound like he is too worried about it
  6. Pittman said it isn't for sale. It's really not a big deal
  7. Numbers don't get retired when you go on the ring of honor.
  8. Desean Watson is a quarterback.
  9. I think the notion of being a hard nosed coach is old. Same thing in any industry. It's an out dated philosophy.
  10. Lazard is a fine player. I wouldn't consider him a guy teams are targeting
  11. Lots of players have a fumble. He has 5 in his career.
  12. Watching this I'm concerned about the trade. His head seems to be on backwards
  13. I don't think there is enough info about what happened and how to assume anything. If his actions started the fire then I agree. But we really don't have enough details
  14. I don't think there is any error. They have yard markers and the time it took to cross those yard markers. They did the video research. I don't think Next Gen sports were wrong. https://www.sportingnews.com/us/nfl/news/fastest-player-nfl-2020-tyreek-hill-raheem-mostert-lamar-jackson/1o8jxrn0enj3i1l3y3ntxtsh9n
  15. No, I meant Hines. He is a weapon no question. A healthy Campbell is also a weapon
  16. You need weapons, you don't need one guy going for big numbers. 3 800 yard guys and other contributors can also get it done. The Patriots have proved that many times
  17. Drafted Pittman and Thomas, signed Burton. Already had TY, Doyle , Hines, Mack and Pascal and Campbell. Ty, Mack and Burton are free agents. Weapons will be brought in
  18. I have no idea what Ballard's plans are. I have a hard time believing he isn't going to give his new qb some weapons
  19. https://www.thespax.com/nfl/the-misconstrued-legacy-of-peyton-manning/
  20. If Ballard doesn't re sign him, it won't be because of this
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