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  1. Eichenberg isn't going to be drafted to play right tackle
  2. Every team wants that. It doesn't mean you need it. Donovan Smith ring any bells?
  3. I don't think anyone thinks Donovan Smith is/has been anything other than better than average Did you consider Charlie Johnson above average?
  4. Actually Johnny Wadd was a character John Holmes played in a few movies. The Wadd wasn't his nickname. Keep up indeed
  5. They played pretty well with Jared Veldheer at LT
  6. Hey, maybe Azeez Ojulari is still there at 54.
  7. Do not look it up at school.
  8. Tamba drafted at 20 Paye at 21 Very similar size, both of Liberian heritage
  9. If they take an LT at 54, I don't think it will be Forsyth
  10. I think the networks draw it out too. So annoying though
  11. Every team took the whole 10 minutes. Super annoying
  12. Rodgers didn't bring it up today. The Packers did
  13. They aren't going to trade him. They will work it out.
  14. He ain't making that. Who knows what CB does when the time comes
  15. He is making second round money on a rookie contract. I think he is over playing that
  16. Ballard was never going to trade a for high dollar LT looking for a new deal Too many big contracts coming up
  17. What if a guy Ballard thinks is a difference maker at cb is there and he is rated far above LT or EDGE. What do you think he does?
  18. When did Doyle say he was retiring after next season
  19. It doesn't mean he will force it with the 1st pick
  20. Those aren't behind the line of scrimmage
  21. Don't sleep on Hainsey and a Banks. Yes I'm an ND Homer. Lol
  22. The Falcons select Dayo Odeyingbo Vanderbelt EDGE
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