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  1. You understand rivers isn't the play caller.... right?
  2. No qb is going to be able to do that 100% of the time.
  3. You already have the lions bears and Vikings and don't have to play against KC to get to the superbowl
  4. Why would you want to come to the AFC? As long as ARod is healthy you will be favorites in the NFC
  5. They weren't playing "WAY" better last season.
  6. Depends what its on
  7. I know you're kidding, but far too many believe this
  8. They were also loading the box . Mahomes doesn't get those coverages.
  9. He also quits every where he has coached
  10. Par for the coarse with you
  11. He will quit in 2 years
  12. Kelly was second team all pro
  13. He was a D1 football player. He grew up in Texas. I'm guessing he was pretty jacked as a young man. He lunch money taking ability was probably pretty good. Assuming he was into that kind of thing
  14. Brissetts contract didn't keep the team from making moves. So the cap wasn't an issue
  15. There are only 10 teams with dome/retractable roofs in the league.
  16. Haha. I know what it means. I worded it poorly. What I meant was, what was it he said that was disingenuous.
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