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  1. Leno seems like the safer option. That's what I said in the beginning. I defer to Ballard and co though. Hope for the best
  2. What if it's zero? That sounds like a terrible insurance policy.
  3. 9.5 million isn't the risk. The fact he may never play is the risk. I don't care about the money. It isn't mine
  4. I'm not a doctor, nor do I play one on TV. Leno seems like the safer option. Maybe he was asking too much, who knows. Let's hope it works out
  5. I wouldn't call 8 starts in 3 seasons plenty. Still, very limited action compared to Davenport and Tevi
  6. What makes you say that? Has he ever been in an NFL game?
  7. Leno had a dead cap of 2.3 million. Foles is over 10 million
  8. Yes. If a gut can't play, Ballard isn't going to sign him
  9. Who is the greatest Colt of all time not named Manning or Unitas? Lots of great options. I became a fan when the team moved to Indy. In the early days I loved Jack Trudeau, Bill Brooks, Jeff Herod, Pat Beach. But I think my favorite non QB is Robert Mathis. A later round guy that was a stud. The guy brought it every game. So many good options to choose from. Just trying to get the conversation off the draft picks. I don't think there is a wrong answer
  10. Where did you hear that? Not from the team
  11. It isn't a commitment until the contract is signed. Teams and free agents can do and talk about whatever they want
  12. Who do you think was the best player from the 2003 colts draft class? Dallas was the first rounder. Very good player. Mathis was the 5th rounder. Possible HOFamer
  13. Luck is involved in everything, but only a part of it. A 5th round draft pick working his but off and being willing to be coached isn't luck
  14. The LT is on the roster. I'm not sure who it is, but he is there
  15. I love this time of year. Where some folks believe a 7th round qb has a chance to beat out a qb the team protected the entirety last year by keeping him on the active roster
  16. It would have to be a miraculous performance for Sam to beat out eason.
  17. Every team does. It doesn't matter if your starter stays healthy
  18. I don't think they sign Fisher until / if he can pass a physical. He isn't 21.
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