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  1. Pretty easy, he was responding to the tweet above his.
  2. It looks like he was forced to make that move. The suv in front of him was slowing down to fast. He certainly didn't want to make that move in traffic
  3. Venturi certainty knows more than us. Not more than those in the locker room though
  4. All of the players went. Model fired Belichick before the move
  5. That horrible Jags team beat the Colts once and gave them a run the second time
  6. The size, strength and experience of grown men over youngsters would be overwhelming. The NFL team would absolutely own the trenches. It wouldn't be close
  7. Nope. Bama would get man handled and blown out
  8. I wouldn't call Watson official just yet
  9. Stafford doesn't have a no trade clause. Unless he is gonna hold out, he has no leverage
  10. He doesn't have a choice. I'm sure his new team will give him an extention, but the new team doesn't have to grant it
  11. You just said the owner wouldn't send him to a bad situation, then turn around and say they won't trade him to a good situation. Is it about a good landing spot for Stafford or what's best for the team? It can't be both
  12. She is 95 years old. I'm sure her last worry is where Stafford is going to be playing. She doesn't have any day to day dealings with the team anymore either.
  13. Players are commodities. The team will get the most they can
  14. Not much is gonna change about Eason from now until mid March when the trade most likely happens
  15. I'm guessing the global pandemic may have played a role. Just a hunch
  16. I don't think they will. I was just pointing out I hadn't heard that he was bad
  17. I've never seen him play. I just know Ballard liked him coming out. So it's pretty obvious he doesn't "suck "
  18. Love was a first rounder, Kelly was a 7th rounder. Slight difference
  19. He hasn't played yet. Also, Google search turned up nothing about him being bad in practice in green Bay. I think your blind dislike for him has altered your reality
  20. I can't find anything saying he "sucks". Perhaps you can provide a link.
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