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  1. I love the sky is falling arm chair gms here every year. Spent months "watching tape" then being completely wrong. It's my second favorite time of the year
  2. Well if your brother in law said it, it must be true
  3. Where do you get your reports? That's what he does
  4. Let's show highlights of a picks dad. Because that's relevant
  5. "I need to wear this mask. Ok son who isn't wearing a mask, go with this other stranger who also isn't wearing a mask"
  6. Also makes it easy to crap on picks you don't like. I look forward to you crapping on who the Colts take at 54
  7. Why didn't you drop it a week ago? I'm sure that would have been a popular post
  8. Of coarse. I'm a Notre Dame fan. I watch two games every week, ND and Michigan
  9. The foremost expert on sports medical issues cleared Ojulari.
  10. Did you watch every snap of his college career, or just last year?
  11. I think versatility is key. Play inside play outside. Speed and power.
  12. After learning his story, I think it's easy to assume he has no quit. I would root for him no matter what team drafted him. I'm glad Ballard and Co got the opportunity
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