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  1. It would save them 11 million if they cut him
  2. I think the irsay meeting was also a rumor. I can't find any article on it
  3. After deflategate, why in the world would he want to come here?
  4. The OP said Brady had interest in coming here. I just don't buy it
  5. I have a hard time believing Tom would want to come here after deflategate.
  6. A little more to the job than that even if he doesn't call plays
  7. The only back on the injured reserve list is Mack who is a free agent and will probably not be here next season
  8. You already have the lions bears and Vikings and don't have to play against KC to get to the superbowl
  9. Why would you want to come to the AFC? As long as ARod is healthy you will be favorites in the NFC
  10. They weren't playing "WAY" better last season.
  11. Depends what its on
  12. I know you're kidding, but far too many believe this
  13. They were also loading the box . Mahomes doesn't get those coverages.
  14. He also quits every where he has coached
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