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  1. Has to be more than a quarter. 19 minutes a game
  2. Just get a huge lead on the first 41 minutes. Sit Wentz let Eason play the last 19 minutes. Boom, we go undefeated and keep our first round pick.
  3. The owner hired the gm. The gm hired the coach. Why doesn't really matter
  4. That isn't the case at south bend bars on GameDay
  5. Brady wasn't rated that high coming out. If not for the browns he probably drops pretty far
  6. The term generational is over age miss used for much in regards to athletes.
  7. The Falcons made a reverse trade like that in 2011. If the compensation is enough, teams will do it. I don't see Ballard trying to trade up that far though
  8. I doubt they would risk it if they really want him
  9. I've lived in Elkhart a long time. I would say it's 50% ND. 30% Michigan and 20% everyone else. Go to a sports bar in Michiana on a football Saturday then come talk to me
  10. I'm not sure he ever gave a specific reason
  11. There is a lot more known about it at this point than last summer. Also, I'm not sure if the league will give players an option to opt out this year
  12. Teams get out of contracts all the time. They cut players before the life of the contract is up. Also, pretty sure a player can't be sued for breach for not playing. They just don't get paid
  13. You can't replenish it. You're losing 21 in the process
  14. Not really. Many teams are strapped by the cap
  15. There are tons of ND fans in and around South Bend. 25% is why under. Not even close
  16. Trading for a guy in the last year of his contract isn't very appealing. Especially since he hasn't been good in the previous three years
  17. Stop going to reddit if the Luck rumors are too much to bear
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