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  1. Absolutely, I live in Elkhart. I'm 20 minutes out
  2. No I'm worried cincy is gonna kick our butt
  3. My daughter just surprised me with tickets. I'm worried, but will never turn down tickets to two top 10 teams.
  4. Any who. I'm going to the cincy ND game tomorrow. Are you gonna be there?
  5. If I can predict the play call watching on television, I'm guessing the opposing DC knows as well
  6. You took a nonsense take and ran with it. All players get hurt, fat ankles and all. You claimed body rule type is a serious trait that scouts and gms look at. Past history says you're wrong, again. You can't back up your claim with any evidence other than your own opinion. You say once you aquire knowledge you discard the origin of the knowledge. That's the biggest load of crap I've ever heard. Imagine if that's how science worked, or arithmetic, or Law. The origin of facts are important. You can't find one link that supports your opinion. I'm not surprised
  7. Or they are trying to get something out of an asset they don't plan on using.
  8. I think we have at least 2 wins with better red zone offense
  9. Every game is different. When you're behind it's tough to pound the rock. This team needs to get the lead early and play good D. We have done neither this season. I'm more concerned with his red zone offense than the run/pads ratio
  10. So you think no play by play guy is worthy of a long term honor by the team he called games for? What about Vin Scully, what about Harry Carey, what about Marty Brennaman? Jack Buck? Bob was that voice for Indy for 40 years.
  11. So no scouting report supporting your claim? No ankle diameter, no "he is long in the middle so that's bad" nothing like that. No "he is 6'3 but his legs are short but his neck is long". Just one source to back up your knowledge of how scouts and front offices do their due diligence? Nothing from a former gm, a former scout a former coach? Thanks in advance
  12. Can I get a copy of those scouts write ups
  13. We already were going into the game
  14. Can I get a link to where you are basing this off of? Any link at all NFL related
  15. Word is it was his gigantic fat ankles. He has trouble finding socks and shoes.
  16. No wr that is getting cut is better than what we have
  17. I'm guessing he isn't going to invest more than 50 percent of his net worth without being the decision maker. If the Bowlen family wants to keep the team, I would guess Elway would have that job
  18. Maxed out in middle school according to his draft profile
  19. You bet. Any who, where are those other draft profiles you were talking about?
  20. I would think any billionaire smart enough would want a great football mind involved. Peyton will be at the top of anyone's list. I guess it just depends on what he wants to do. He has more money than he will ever need. So now he just gets to decide what he wants to do. He will be great at whatever that is
  21. Obviously they are all being scrutinized at this point. Wentz is the one with the least amount of blame at this point. We will see how it plays out
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