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  1. I said the 80s. Not 60s. Tell me if any of these names pop out as good. Mike Pagel Art Schlister Matt Kofler Mark Herrmann Jack Trudeau Gary Hogeboom Chris Chandler Blair Kiel Tom Ramsey Jeff George Don Majkowski Browning Nagle Paul Justin Jim Harbaugh. That's 84 to 97 Harbaugh was the only pro bowler, and that was for the 95 season.
  2. Plenty of fans here from the 80s that know all about that. The current gm is better than any gm we had before or since polian. I'm sure he has a plan.
  3. Watson was "elite" this year. How did they do? Tannehill isn't elite and Lawrence won't be elite his rookie season
  4. The coordinators won't need replacing
  5. Stafford hasn't had much help. He can easily take this team to the playoffs
  6. He could do the best possible and still not end up with a great qb. They don't grow on trees
  7. Best of luck to him. Ballard and company have their work cut out for them.
  8. It would save them 11 million if they cut him
  9. I think the irsay meeting was also a rumor. I can't find any article on it
  10. After deflategate, why in the world would he want to come here?
  11. The OP said Brady had interest in coming here. I just don't buy it
  12. I have a hard time believing Tom would want to come here after deflategate.
  13. The only back on the injured reserve list is Mack who is a free agent and will probably not be here next season
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