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  1. I find that hard to believe for a guy that was drafted 2 overall. I would imagine most teams had coach or GM there
  2. I'll defer to Frank's opinion.
  3. I hope it does turn into a first. The 32 pick in the first
  4. Why give up his rights for a 7th round pick?
  5. If there were more free agents Ballard felt were worth it he would have signed them. They had the money to do so. JBs contract didn't stop anything
  6. Maybe. But Ballard wouldn't have to honor it
  7. No , the job will obviously not be an open competition. Good lord
  8. He isn't competing for the starting job
  9. Roseman drew up the contract. Owners have gms for that very purpose. The owner isn't going to take the blame and let the GM off the hook.
  10. The demise of Roseman goes beyond this trade. It may be his final straw though
  11. He deletes his wrong posts. Not like it matters if he was wrong or right. Who cares?
  12. I doubt nick ever met Carson. From the sounds of it Roseman was pretty ticked that Ballard wouldn't up his offer. If Wentz balls out and the Eagles struggle he will probably be fired.
  13. " YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST" when they are wrong the tweet gets deleted
  14. He is wrong far more than he is right. But whatever. No he is not.
  15. Let Ballard worry about that. Free agency hasn't even started yet.
  16. It's true. Super hot Which time? He said the Broncos and eagles were close to a deal 4 days ago
  17. A ton of impressive throws and evading pressure. He hasn't forgotten how to do that. Hopefully last year was just a combo of bad protection and lack of confidence
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