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  1. Makes you wonder why they paid Hill so much
  2. Where do you live that the Colts aren't televised most weeks?
  3. Not sure how that made your point. None of those guys are super stars any more
  4. I have no idea. It would depend on how good the qb is. I would say any qb playing here will have a better record in indy than they would in just about any other team looking for a qb
  5. If that happens that means every plan they had fell through. It is possible though.
  6. I'm sure they have a lot of irons in the fire. No desperation with the roster the Colts have
  7. Because Brissett isn't a surprise. He isn't THE guy. Good backup. Wentz has shown elite talent. If Frank thinks he can get him back there it is the move. I have no idea if frank thinks that about Wentz. But we know they don't think Jacoby is the guy
  8. Gronk was retired. Played for 9 million on the last year of his contract. He wanted to play with Brady and only Brady. Far from a marquee player looking for a big contract. Brown was the league pariah that no one wanted. He signed a 1 year deal with the bucs for 1.5ish. Far from a marquee player Fournettes option was declined by the JAGS. Signed a 1 year contract for 2.5 million. Far from a marquee player Far from the super teams built in the NBA Anyone and everyone
  9. Is it the injury history, the age or the scheme? You're kind of all over the place . For the record, I don't think the Colts will be interested
  10. My man Or they just keep Wentz. I don't think they will though
  11. If the money is there, Ofcoarse. Just like all other free agents.
  12. The NFL will never be like the NBA. The hard cap in the NFL prevents it.
  13. Changing the name isn't going to sway bears fans that have been bears fans for generations. The bears have been in Chicago 100 years. The colts have been in Indy 36.
  14. It's not real. Benjamin Albright said the teams haven't even talked
  15. I'm further east from you in Elkhart If the bears and colts play at the same time and on the same channel, we don't get Colts games either
  16. The colts are relativity new to the Midwest. When I was a kid in Hendricks County there was a lot of bears fans. Also a lot of steelers fans. The colts fan base really started growing during the manning years.
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