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  1. Are you Cams grandmother?
  2. Bumping q out would surprise me
  3. With Cam at qb they aren't winning the east
  4. With Cam as his qb. They will be 3rd in the division
  5. No team is going crazy in free agency. I'm sure Ballard is in negotiations with a few players
  6. That's your opinion. GMs know different.
  7. I didn't know free agency ended today.
  8. I'm sure you thought the same about Autry a few years ago
  9. You may want to read this article https://www.espn.com/blog/new-england-patriots/post/_/id/4822434/cam-newtons-contract-shows-patriots-are-not-promising-him-starting-job
  10. This isn't the same roster that Luck played with.
  11. If Luck didn't retire, the team would have had much more success under Ballard
  12. Well, if another team thinks he is worth more they can sign him
  13. Ballard has a plan. No doubt about that. The success of the team hinges on Wentz
  14. What big name first day free agents did they sign?
  15. Not many teams have 2 3x allpros to pay
  16. Why wouldn't they trade Tua before signing JB?
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