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  1. We don’t know if he has 5 years left. Again, not every QB is going to play until age 38. He could finish the last 2 years on his deal and call it quits. Plus who knows when he’ll start to decline. We’ve seen players like Rhodes (last year on the Vikings) and Brady just fall off a cliff out of nowhere. But even if he did play for another 5 years, you’re spending a 1st on a 5 year player on top of whatever cap hit he has. Why not just throw in an extra first and see if you can’t go and get Lance? You get Lance, you’re getting him for 5 years (5th year option) plus another 5-6 on his
  2. I’d honestly take that over Stafford. You need a QB but you also need a LT, CB, and DE. Eason is the cheapest option that lets you still have the draft. But if the asking price for Stafford is a 1 at the minimum, might as well go all in and throw in next years one as well and get Lance/Wilson. Stafford isn’t a long term answer or an upgrade.
  3. Stafford is just a younger Rivers. As much as you guys want to scream he had no team for years, good QBs make the talent around them better. As CR91 mentioned, he’s never won anything. Throw in the back problems, and he ain’t worth a 1st. Plus he’s 33. There is nothing to suggest he wants to play/ or can play at a high level for another 5 years. Not everyone plays till they’re 38-40 like Brady, Brees, Rodgers, and Rivers. Any team that pays a 1st for Stafford is crazy.
  4. The bright side of the Colts losing coaches is that it means that we have a really good coaching staff in place. People should be raiding our staff. It’s the mark of any great front office.
  5. Based off of what you’ve seen from him do you think Dillon Radunz is better?
  6. The draft analysts I follow (Move the Sticks with Bucky and DJ, Draft Dudes, and B/R) all routinely have him going in the first round. I think once Zerlein from NFL.com starts getting his draft reports out you’ll see the same thing. It’s CBS sports who seems to have him ranked really low.
  7. I think Liam Eichenberg is a day 1 starter at LT. His technique is really refined, even though he lacks elite athleticism. I also really like Radunz, but I’m not as sure about how good he could be immediately. Definitely an option in the 2nd round. I think moving Nelson to LT is a horrible idea.
  8. Yup. Stafford might not be available but if he is, you’d have to give up draft picks and pay him money. Ryan would cost draft picks and money right off the bat too. Getting Lance is going to require two 1st round picks assuming he doesn’t drop. Trubisky will cost very little in terms of money and won’t cost any draft picks since he’s a FA.
  9. Alright so I’ve narrowed it down to 3 options for me. One may surprise you 1. Draft a QB 2. Eason 3. Trubisky If we’re talking about low risk low cost QB options that I’m betting on Reich being able to “fix”, Id be willing to bet on Mitch over any other FA/tradeable QB. Unlike Darnold he hasn’t been mostly bad where you’re really betting on projection. His career numbers are actually solid all things considered. He’s also only 26. The big seller for me was the athleticism. He runs a 4.67 and when Chicago was somewhat good, they had Mitch running the ball. He’s
  10. Precisely. Neither one of those guys is really worth a first. Ryan because age, and Stafford because of talent Stronger arm but basically the same limitations. I don’t think Stafford drastically increases your chance at winning a Super Bowl. Help or no help, he’s been mostly above average during his career. I’m not trading a 1st for what is essentially a younger Phillip Rivers. At that point, you might as well just spend the two first round picks and get one of those top 4 QBs. I really just don’t get the excitement around Stafford.
  11. At this point for me it’s Eason, draft, or trade for Darnold. And I’m leaning towards Eason because there’s too many holes to plug for us to be wasting draft capital on other teams QBs. We need a LT, CB, and Edge rusher bad, but could also stand to add another WR and TE. I’m not trading a 1st for Stafford who has the same exact skill set as Phillip but is just younger and slightly more mobile, but I’ll bet anyone money that he won’t be available anyways unless someone makes a crazy offer. I will say I’m all for trading up for Lance/Wilson though.
  12. Thats essentially what I was alluding to. I agree that it gets tricky with QBs because, scheme, coaching, and the talent around them matter. But player development is mostly seen as a 4/5 year max thing. That’s part of the reason rookie contracts (specifically 1st round ones) are structured the way they are. You get 4 years with a 5th year option so you have plenty of time to develop them and figure out what they are before they are up for extensions.
  13. None of those guys developed later into their careers. Foles just got into the right systems later in his career. Flacco was always average at best. He just happened to have one incredible post season run. Same thing with Eli. A player having a great season later on in their careers isn’t them developing. It’s just “peaking”.
  14. I don’t think you have an understanding of how football works. Players do get better but they stop developing after about year 4. After that they are who they are. There is no more developing of Jacoby. We know what he is going into year 6.
  15. Not that I think he’ll be available, but Stafford ain’t playing 10 years even if he is only 31. How quick people forget that he’s already been playing football for almost 11 years. Not every QB is playing until 38. He’s probably got 3 years left tops.
  16. Just please do not go back to Jacoby. I know Ballard can’t get him enough of Jacoby, but clearly he’s not the answer long term. It’s time to move on and for Ballard to find the long term answer. No more band-aids or short term fixes.
  17. Yeah his pocket presence was insane. Mac doesn’t have any elite traits at all. I seriously don’t get the Love.
  18. Burrow also had way better traits. He’s a pocket passer but you at least saw his willingness to run the ball. He didn’t run the 49 at the combine but he probably would’ve been somewhere in the 4.7 range which is good enough. Athleticism matters.
  19. I’m just not a fan of Jones. I see Jake Fromm and AJ McCaron all over him.
  20. That would be interesting to see. Would be unprecedented for Ballard since he’s a self admitted hoarder of draft picks and has never traded up in the 1st. I wonder if he would really do it.
  21. That all depends on if Jacoby wants to stay. He wants to be a starter somewhere, which probably won’t happen unless an injury, but someone might offer him more to be a backup/potential bridge QB. I was thinking what the strategy would be if that happened. No Rivers, no Brissett, and no veterans available. What’s the worst case scenario plan for Ballard?
  22. I really don’t see how you could do that. You already decided he wasn’t the guy. Cant just change your mind. It would be seen as an obvious stalling tactic.
  23. I’m just thinking about something. If Rivers retires and Jacoby leaves, what do you do at QB? Idk if Detroit will have the chance to or wants to draft a QB. So Stafford may not be an option. I can’t see Atlanta parting with Ryan either. Darnold may be an option but he’ll have other suitors so that’s not a guarantee either. This could get really interesting.
  24. My guesses 1. Jag- QB. Should be Lawrence but Meyer being hired could give Lance a shot 2. Jets- QB. Likely Fields or Wilson. I don’t think a Sam Darnold rebuild project is enough to prevent a new HC and a GM who never drafted him in the first place, to pass on an Elite QB 3. Dolphins- Probably trade down here but the player for wherever they pick is likely a WR. Either Smith or Waddle. 4. Falcons- A QB and for now let’s just say Trey Lance 5. Bengals- Penei Sewell, LT 6. Eagles- Jamar Chase, WR 7. Probably won
  25. We have no assets for trade. The great players we have are too good with no depth behind them to easily replace them with. Leonard, Buckner, Nelson, and Smith are all arguably top 5 at their positions. A trade asset is a player on a team who is good but not good enough that they can’t be replaced. A good example is Zach Ertz. Top 3 TE but they have Goedert and TE isn’t a premium position.
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