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  1. I can’t see a LB going top 5. This is how I have it 1. Giants- Penei Sewell, OT 2. Panthers- Trevor Lawrence, QB 3. Jets- Jamar Chase, WR 4. Washington- Trey Lance, QB 5. Dolphins- Gregory Rousseau, Edge
  2. You definitely don’t want to take the bandaid approach to the QB situation. It’s better to find a long term solution. I can’t think of the last time a team has won a SuperBowl by trading for an older QB. Maybe the Eagles with Foles but Wentz got them there. Also, Stafford and Wentz have both had injury issues lately. The best solution is a QB from the draft.
  3. Yeah that’s really unfortunate. The way his whole career has turned out has sucked. ACL 4 games into his rookie season, torn meniscus the next season, and now an Achilles. And while there is clearly some disappointment with him from a production standpoint, I think it’s mostly due to him being a poor scheme fit. He’s a single high in a press man scheme. In our Cover-2 zone, he’s miscast. I wish him well but I was very impressed with Blackmon.
  4. The plan is to hope they gel and hope this is just the by product of a weird offseason. If it doesn’t look much better after week 5 then the plan will be what it has always been the last few years: sitting back and waiting for the draft to roll around because the team just lacks talent at certain key positions to really compete for a title.
  5. Let’s see how the big 10 announcing they’ll resume in October affects thing. I heard that players who opted out can actually opt back in.
  6. Good news for Justin Fields. I think he desperately needed this season since he was only a 1 year starter. So was Burrow but I think Fields needs more polish before teams really commit to him as a top 5 pick.
  7. Yeah the scheme isn’t doing anyone any favors but the secondary as a whole us me confused. Your starters outside are two guys who are both better in man. I really don’t know if talent or scheme is the bigger issue to be honest. Guys are so wide open in the middle it’s hard to say what the issue is.
  8. I said I’d only update my needs ranking quarterly, but I’m very tempted to bump QB up the list. Doing my very best not to react after one games because some hiccups are expected with Covid affected offseason and no pre-season. But, man what I saw Sunday has me re-thinking some things.
  9. Jamie Newman intrigues me because he is someone who might actually be in our range as he projected to go in the 2nd round or later. I like that he loves the deep ball but also has plus athleticism, which QBs need in today’s NFL.
  10. The seat should be sizzling hot for Eberflus. It’s the same thing with the pass defense. They applaud themselves for not allowing the deep ball but you don’t need to throw it deep when the middle of the field is always wide open. To call this zone defense mediocre would be an insult to mediocre. It’s been 3 seasons now, what’s the excuse at this point?
  11. With the start of the 2020 season upon us, I thought it’d be a good idea to look at the current team needs as they stand. Especially since TC is over. I’ll probably update this quarterly. Ranked in order of importance 1. DE- Turray out at least 6 games means that unless Banogu has a huge leap, we have nothing next to Houston, who can’t play forever either. 2. Outside CB- The CB depth on this team frightens me. Rock is a 2nd year player who we’re expecting to break out but is still an unknown. We’re hoping for a bounce back year from Rhodes who was absolutely
  12. What was the ultimate deciding factor in Jacob Eason being able to beat out Chad Kelly for the 3rd QB spot?
  13. As the saying goes “The best ability is availability. He wasn’t always available in college either and it’s carried over even though the injuries were different parts of the body. But the point is even when he’s healthy, you’re saving a roster spot for a guy who is likely to miss time at some point. And when you have injuries that prevent you from fully working out, getting practice reps in, etc... it pushes the “readiness” if the player back even further. Especially when you have someone like Turray, who was considered raw to begin with. He’s already at 18 games missed and it coul
  14. Will miss at least 6 games. I know Ballard said social distancing rules didn’t allow him to rehab it the way he wanted, but this is troubling IMO. This is the 3rd straight year he will miss time since being drafted, and he missed a bunch of time in college. Even if/when he recovers he will be behind the ball since he wasn’t really super active in TC I kind of feel like the jury is out on him. I think he’s one of those guys who’s always going to be nursing some type of injury while “flashing”. Any chance the Colts move on in the offseason?
  15. Yo Anthony Gordon was waives? Remember the huge debate about him as a 2nd-3rd round draft pick for the Colts on the draft board. I forgot who it was, but there was one user here that swore by Gordon. That he’d be a better option than Eason, Fromm, etc...
  16. Corner more than anything IMO. After Rhodes and Ya-Sin it’s very shaky.
  17. For all the people who were still fans of his, it should be noted that Deon Cain was cut by the Steelers.
  18. Look at the passing yards and YPA and it will tell you everything you need to know. There are very few QBs who he played better than in 2019. https://www.pro-football-reference.com/years/2019/passing.htm
  19. Well If I’m not mistaken it was Ballard who said that he wanted him at DT. Idk how much him saying that influencers what the coaches did with him, but it’s not the first time we’ve heard Ballard say what position he thinks a player belongs at. He openly stated that it was his idea to move TJ Green to corner too. But since Ballard makes the draft picks In assuming he has a vision for where each player will play.
  20. Yeah. Ballard seems to be a little fed up with the guys who ha e shown “flashes” but never really reached their potential (Wilson, Hooker, etc...). Ballard is part of the blame though for sticking him at a position he had no business at to begin with. Idk why he had this fixation with 270 lb DTs for awhile.
  21. It could be Phillip. Deshaun doesn’t have Hopkins anymore, the Titans are a power run based team, and who knows what we’ll get from Minshew. Phillip makes the most sense with the weapons he’ll have. Hopefully a healthy Burton, T.Y, Pittman, Hines, Taylor, Mack, and Campbell.
  22. He is a 4th rounder but in today’s NFL, there’s better chances of those guys becoming starters. In the last decade you had Cousins, Wilson, and Prescott. Maybe we’ll add Minshew to that last. And I’ve even said in the past that there are much more cases of Christian Hackenberg and Deshone Kizer than there are Russell Wilson’s. However I’d add that where someone is drafted doesn’t always represent their talent level. Did Darrius Heyward-Bey have 1st round talent or just 1st round speed and an owner that overvalued that trait? Did Russell Wilson have 3rd round talent or did he have h
  23. I say he makes it and will best out Lewis. The DT rotation will be -Buckner -Grover -Autry -Day -Windsor
  24. Being a playmaker/good football player does not mean you can run routes. I watched him at OSU. He mostly just ran past everyone. Pittman is bigger than him but not as fast, yet is far more polished as a route runner.
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