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  1. Luck forced many balls his way rather than finding more open receivers. And there were a lot of INT's to show for it. He certainly hasn't earned what his last contract paid him. Our best bet is that someone pays him setting us up for a comp pick.
  2. It has the feel of Wentz playing, behaving his way Out of Philly. And he ended up right where he wanted and needs to be. If Rivers was a 7, and Wentz plays as a 7.9, that could be good enough.
  3. Naa! It is the value of the QB position. Concerns with Wentz and injuries x the grade they had on Hurts. You have to have a QB, including a good backup.
  4. I do not believe Wentz forgot how to play the game (regressed). He was in a bad situation as the offense as a whole was lacking. A better overall situation is right in front of him. He IS Fixed!
  5. The cap numbers are Modest. Whaaaaaaa Nelly!
  6. Wentz can see a much better opportunity, in a much better town. Sometimes you need to use your leverage.
  7. It is reported Ballard has offered 2 second rounders. Knowing how he values his draft picks, would he do that if he was worried? Of course not.
  8. The best thng we can do for our roster and staff is to give it a great running game. Reading up on Trent Williams, he is the biggest difference maker that may be available come FA. I really enjoyed the commercials. Will Farrell, Tracy Morgan, The Mannings Dorita ones in particular.
  9. Great avatar. Your points remind me of past posters that some thought were put on the site to create interest. Got to laugh with the "Bo knows football" take, and with the because he was xxxx in college he is/will be the the same player after 2 off seasons of hard work, with a season in a Profesional QB room, and getting to watch Rivers for a season. Those things should mean that you/we do not know At All what this young mans mental or physical tool kit Will Be come next season. Other than to Expect that sittng for a season in the system should be great preparation going forward.
  10. Thank you very much. Absolutely Hilarious!
  11. Hmmm! $25.4M in year one and $22.001M year 2. Actually very reasonable if he performs as a top 15ish. And stays at $25M for 2 additional years. Again, if he plays at a Rivers + level, this is just what we are looking for. A Good, young player on a very reasonable long term contract.
  12. That's what i would do. Get Phils replacement when i can get it done then tell him sorry you are not wanted here anymore. chuckle! We will have a QB that can MOVE, just wait and see.
  13. So Hardman and Eason remained friends and work out together in the off season so he Knows most everything related to football about Eason. Including his passion and FB IQ. Hate on. Or wait, people here Know More. chuckle
  14. I agree. As a label, i think getting the Stafford deal and the best pass rusher they can would be called Uber. And paying XRhodes, which could cost more than some here want.
  15. Smith to LG is brilliant!! The defenses would have to overload and this would create lots of opportinities.
  16. Mahomes Brady Rogers Wilson Watson All Elite Rothlesburger was through 11 games.
  17. NO NO NO i am going to have to watch more JB. He will be "the Best Man" to support the new QB room. Ballard and Reich will want "THEIR" veteran that can win over the next 2+ years. That may not work out so then it's The Draft. lol
  18. What we need is a 1st contract QB based on all the big contracts we have coming in the next 2 years. That we have so many needs at high value positions is a real quandry also. Yes, CB and company have their work cut out.
  19. Ridiculous! I would say NOBODY Hates the guy. Most just don't believe he is very good. And probably like me, i hope i never see him in a colts uniform again. I want someone who thinks faster, has better touch, and is more mobile. Go Jacoby! No, i mean Goooo!
  20. Allen is a nice talent. And Only 6'2". Rivers has enough arm to throw quicker, shorter passes on a line. I was impressed the last half of the season or so with the Zip and ball placement Rivers had on so many of these types of passes. Extremely catchable stuff that you could run with. TE's are receivers too, and i will take a stronger arm QB that can create more time to pass ASAP.
  21. Rivers HAD a history of throwing a lot of high point passes to big receivers. Where was that this season? I agree that Pittman needs time, and i think a guy like Stafford could take/make more time for deeper routes and 50/50 balls and bring out his best.
  22. Not loving the idea of paying a guard $20+ M a year, so moving him makes a lot of sense. Aust like he did for AC, whover plays beside Nelson will look better than they are. Then again it would expose Kelly as more average.
  23. We have a lot of capable players and a few weaknesses to exploit. The TEAM Lost the game. That is it. Now i can look forward to being better next year.
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