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  1. That is so true. And they better discuss it with the accountant and cap guy to make sure it fits the budget. Exciting times!
  2. If he had, and basic capacity to get it, he wouldn't share his drivel. You are not writing this for him, a waste of time, but perhaps to educate some novice newer fan. Good post!
  3. Hindsight tells me that it was a great thing for Reich to have last year with Rivers. Those two working together for a season would have been great to sharpen his co-ordinating skills. Great for Eason, and all the offensive players to be led by Rivers. A season long great How To get it done lesson. Don't misunderestimate that doubters. Nice article. Knowledgable fans are nodding there heads and saying ohh yaa! I don't want no Andrew Luck. Playing .500 ball outside the division and winning so many games with runs doesn't get it.
  4. And remember how Rob Morris was a clear disaster in the middle but with his years of experience and toughness they surprisingly found a role as a strong side linebacker. At that, pretyy much all he was good at was holding up tackles and tight ends, pretty much stringing out any plays to his side. That meant so much with people endlessly trampling over Mathis in the run game. Morris was a Big Deal for the D once they experimented with him playing that position and he was so stout. That is an example of developing players, in the hopes they can be the next man up to fill important roles
  5. But, but, i'm old (I Am) so older fans are n a hurry up and win now mode. Ballard is doing his best to develop a great core than can be near the top for years. Like the Pats, Steelers franchises have been, and KC now. If it was easy, Everybody would be doing it. I think seeing the basis, the progress, IS Easy to see. Starting to knock on the door this year Would be nice!!
  6. Thanks for asking. I took a minute to check Scrub Fleenor out. It shows he only played 6 years, the last in 2017. He played in 11 games his 1st and last season. The middle 4 seasons he Only played... In 16 games all four seasons And had over 50 catches all four and averaged over 600 yards.
  7. That is an enjoyable observation. Dickerson kept his head up and with those long legs his stride looked like he was smoothly gliding along. So big and Sooo fast. A great pickup!
  8. It wasn't Pittmans fault that Rivers could Never create any extra time to exploit the deep ball. Nor could Rivers easily throw the ball 60 yards. Pittman has plenty of speed to get behind a defense. Expect him to catch a number of Bombs.
  9. The guy never had the speed but was consistently one of the best. He is super smart like other Hall of Fame caliber players and he is long. Those 2 things don't go away. That he would be as good as or better than Rock... i could see that. If Rock got injured i could definitely see CB being very interested.
  10. TY typically got about or over 1/2 of his yards in 4 games. All because Andrew loved the long ball and was more than Jovial taking huge hits waiting for him to get deep. In the Luck years he was Always over targeted at the expense of other open receivers. And Luck had a lot of Int.'s forcing the ball his way. Luck is sitting at home with Irsay's $$$$ today because of what was his Stupid approach to playing winning FB. Asked to throw quickly underneath (see Rivers) and he soon QUIT!!
  11. We had no experience with our safeties so their read and reaction must be expected to be sub par. One corner that was subpar Walker was an easy 7 yards most anytime they wanted it. Leonard was focused being a run stopper so he was easy in the flats. And our DE's were solid but didn't require ANY help to stop them. Quite mediocre pressuring the QB as a unit. This is Another development season for our young players on D. SORRY! People can Whine about it all they want, it is just the cycle we are in. With so many young players on Offense too, the goal must be to have t
  12. Well, we are talking about the here and now. If we had signed Julio... the chatter would have been ridiculous.
  13. Tell us how much we would save if Doyle retires? It would have to be a rookie mid-lower rd contract 1st to make much difference. With that we would have about $3.7 more. I mean that is fine. He is very effective but replaceable. What if we gave him another year and converted his 22 salary to a signing bonus and spread it over two years? He would cost about 2.7m next year. You probably know if he retires he still counts 750,000 against our cap.
  14. A lot of good insight to your post. I will add a little. We play 2 linebackers a lot which leaves them with heavy run stop duties. Leonard is focused first on going forward as a wiser voice than mine suggested. That leaves him vulnerable protecting the flats. Walker could not cover the flats, he was an easy guy to game plan for to get 7-8 yards when they needed it. Leonard was slightly better. We need really high quality play from our front four. Better than what we got last year. And it would be silly to Expect that from day 1 this season. Just the way it is. B The point i
  15. You seam to have No/Zero Clue to the Philly receiver story in 2020. I watched Manning throw 26 Int. his 1st year. The Worst Ever! If memory serves he went 13-3 year 2 and was 6-10 year 3 or 4. Did he really regress/Suck during that 6-10 season? Or were there reasons. We easily have 8-9 good guys to attack D's with in the passing game. I don't think you are mentally prepared (in June) to enjoy the ride. Learn & Live! Knock on would & rub a horse shoe for health, as we are going to outscore them.
  16. Gotta laugh at your slack-jawed point. 1) Teams play primarily 2 deep on passing downs. 2) Stud corners are few and far between 3) Stud corners are not a requisite for Tampa 2 4) How good our back SEVEN is at coverage and how effective our front four are at pressuring the QB will determine how the TEAM does defenseivly. We were more than effective last year with very inexperienced safeties. Walker was an easy target for 7 yards and he is gone. Let's look Forward to what progress our young players make.
  17. It doesn't matter. Name a starter that goes down that the team is a contender please. Aaron Rogers sat on the bench 3 years. Mahommes sat for a year. Our kid may turn out Great. Being in the offense for a year is a big deal. He should be very interesting. If he starts every game i would bet he doesn't break Goat Mannings Int record.
  18. What PFF thinks of Frank's weapons matters ZERO to me. I think i have a reasonable understanding how he attacks a D. To start i am very high on Pascal and Hines development. Two really effective weapons. Pittman came along well and should be expected to get 1% better (every day) and be solid. Not concerned in the least that won't happen. Campbell has been in the offense long enough to be a playmaker from game one. Not worried about that at all. TY won't be a Big factor but should be good at attacking zones and making first downs and some TD's near the goal line. There is no reason
  19. 50 yard line you fortunate son of a gun! Happy for you!
  20. We have many young players on D that need game experience playing together. It is just the way it is. Willis & Blackmon, playing more and more together should begin to play faster and faster, and smarter. And it holds true for everyone on D. Things speed up with experience. Can only laugh at the Clowns that Ignore the obvious as to our Colts are not standing still but are trajecting upwards. The same is true for our young receivers. They have very good physical talent and we should believe good coaching. They learn to do THEIR job and Wentz can spread the ball around to 7,8, 9 guys
  21. The % of FA that are still with the new team after 2 years is way too low.
  22. We have plenty of weapons for a really good offense. You beat this horse to death when the re-signing of fan & Irsay favorite TY Ended any further consideration for Julio. They had time to consider Julio and said no. We would have lost numerous good players and draft pics to get him. We are FINE.
  23. They used little Rogers some to help with deep coverages. He has the speed to stay with anyone. We can watch for his use perhaps as more of a safety at times.
  24. Ballard has made two of the most, if not the most Monumental Trades in the NFL the last 2 seasons. Extraordinary moves really considering what they add to the cause. Any team that doesn't draft well and develop their players well are destined for mediocrity. I can't look at our roster and believe that is to be anticipated. We are rising and the potential is there.
  25. With or without Sherman we will be forced to play mostly 2 deep safeties against likes of Tennessee. That creates run defense issues of course. No getting around it that Carson is gonna have to play some really good FB for us to beat good teams.
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