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  1. I have posted here that the "Freeney Hole" was the easiest 5 yards in the history of the NFL. Love all the moves, but we played from the lead so he could run wild. He will make the Hall of Fame because of who he played with. Oh well. Ford got to the QB second best this season. But no doubt also part of the reason they were weak against the run. Bel was blitzing and stunting into Mahommes face. That is the $$$ move in this NFL.
  2. "I've never seen a small Pats edge rusher, IIRC." Come on man. I mean it is hilarious Doug, because they have one NOW. He was the 4th highest graded Edge in the NFL. We will see how much B Values him, soon, very soon. And Belicheck signed the 6'3" Sheard as a free agent. Ninkovich was 6'2 and played many years. Just saying. And my "lecture" was just adding to the discussion going on. I do hope you understood it, and will respect if you have disagreement. NE does play a base 3-4 i believe which has relied on the surprise of which OLB will be the pass rusher. And yes a number of them have been taller/lengthy. Good point. And i too see the edge in our 4-3 best suited for a powerful, long armed player that controls his edge and defends the run very well. Need to keep these mobile QB`s in the pocket and be able to chase them well. Sheard does this well, but i expect Ballard wants even better ASAP. It is why i like the tape of Preston Smith. he surprised me. And why i like Jaylen Ferguson. #35 on D Jeremiah's top 50. worth a look fans And i am all for going up to Miami at 13 if they desire Brissett. I am sending mojo to Miami... because We Must get that Interior D Lineman. Brissett Brissett Brissett Miami YOU MUST HAVE Brissett
  3. It will be a good day for me when we sign Geathers to a multi-year deal worth considerably more than your #. Preston Smith has a good shot making it to FA. I like what i saw watching some game film for what we try to do. He has developed into a very strong run defender/edge protector which is more important than ever with these speedy QB's, and he pressures the QB at a very high level. I see him primarily as the rush DE with Turay as his rotational backup. With Sheard likely in his final season, and Lewis on the other side. Muhammed was showing some sneaky improvement late. I am warming to the idea of Roger Saffold at RG if he is available. He is better than Glow and should be good for 2+ years. And worth an extra couple Million over Glow at this time. We are fine with Haeg as our swing tackle. Not that our depth for AC won't weigh heavily. Zero % Slauson is back. Desir is very valuable in OUR system. But so will Jalen Collins be if his mind is right. What will Ballard think come March? I mean with Moore, Wilson, Collins that is also a very solid base at CB. And i would bet he drafts 2 and signs one depth guy. I am LMAO that CB goes with your Sam's. Might as well trade for Antonio Morrison. Gads. CB won't count on the draft only to improve out DT position. But i think he will feel confident, one way or another, he can also add a stud potential one come draft day. Clearly the time and draft to do that is NOW. TY plays a lot of Slot! And IMO John Brown won't be on our radar come FA. Look at him closer, i guess. For this early, you did some fine work.
  4. Interesting. We will roll 50+ M into 2020. JMO
  5. I don't see the burst. I will be watching the combine and important mocks to see what they see.
  6. throwing BBZ

    Colts Team MVP

    Nelson. He was our best player and i believe he motivated and raised the level of play and the Toughness of our offense and defense.
  7. throwing BBZ

    Is Brady the luckiest qb ever ?

    The games need 12 more officials watching 50" monitors sitting on towers along the sidelines with red flags they can shoot on the field. That would fix it. They just can't watch everything at game speed and see what we get to see with all of the camera angles and replay. I am so glad that as much gets fixed as does happen. But i would boil in oil whoever screwed the pooch in the Saints robbery.
  8. Trey Flowers is 6'2". Just a #4 90 grade this season. It is more than sacks kiddo. Pressure Pressure Pressure The o-line can adjust to having just one or two to worry about. We need the whole line to be able to pressure the QB. And Lewis isn't athletic enough to be a quality pass rusher outside. Although i do see him as being able to take snaps where Sheard does now. And snaps inside as Ballard says. And as much as i respect Sheard as a solid player, he just doesn't quite get it done. Maybe if he had a Stud beside him he would. And pass rushers, quality players NEED time to develop. Typically into the 3rd year. Even top 10 picks, if they prove out at all. So the truth is we have ONE pass rusher in development, one tweener interior pass rusher, and .... So there is much work to be done up front.
  9. throwing BBZ

    Colts have fired OL coach Dave DeGuglielmo

    It is like you don't realize THAT GUY is only Part of the reason our line played better. He gets lots of help making it all work, and please tell us what it is like working with him? Funny that Belichek fired him after one season isn't it? Remain calm, our professionals seem very competent.
  10. throwing BBZ

    Autry Slapped with 13k Fine

    AGreat day to watch that video, and that Spike that hit Vrabel was Awesome.
  11. Thanks so much for this well thought out post. Just gotta laugh at these Collins Junkies.
  12. We need a Reggie type. Quick feet, great hands.
  13. None that actually will be available will be on our list.
  14. 99 out of a 100 here know we don't have #2. So that means...
  15. throwing BBZ

    Free Agent Radar

    I agree that he could be a priority at the top of our FA list. Thanks for the bump. What i like. He can set a hard edge. Powerful, long arms. Knows how to use them. Looks like he tracks the ball very well, makes him alert in run/mis-direction. Not a great pass rusher per sacks, but he gets the QB under pressure at high rate. Availability. Played in 16 games in each of his 4 seasons. Should be a little better version of Sheard. Hope he can be that tough.
  16. throwing BBZ

    Kenny Moore Highlights

    Thanks for this. Kenny is a Baller. He is setting a high bar for his secondary cohorts.
  17. throwing BBZ

    Dee Ford

    Jeezo peezo folks. No player wants tagged. So maybe this is just what Ford wants to hear. No Tag. We believe in you and want a long term contract. Now go out there and kick the S*** out of Brady.
  18. throwing BBZ

    This years FAs

    According to my research you suggest paying Glow about $14.5 M next season. cough cough The transition tag # is about $12.5M, where we could match an offer or let him go with no compensation.
  19. throwing BBZ

    This years FAs

    type his name followed by pff. search click on 1st link scroll down to see his final grade get it right forum members deserve better than this
  20. throwing BBZ

    This years FAs

    I just checked. He finished as the 17th rated guard. If you checked earlier in his season he was up around 4-6 after 4-5 starts. His grade was 78.*. He finished at 69. I look at that and wonder who was the competition he was facing to earn those grades, and why the fall off. I certainly like him compared to what horror we have delt with the last few years. Moving Smith to guard and going after a a little more athletic RT FA or prospect has to be headed for a serious discussion. And there are very good G prospects in this draft. It isn't a gamble when you are good at your job.
  21. throwing BBZ

    Rick Venturi on JMV

    It makes more sense based on Ballard's beliefs that AB will not be on his FA board. He will find another way to win. This isn't complicated.
  22. A scenario. NE Brian Flores becomes Dolphins HC. Brissett is well thought of in NE.? Dolphins dump Tannehill. They need a trans QB. A cheap one that doesn't make the product look like total s***. Brissett might prove worth a decent comp pick following the season. Heck JB might kill it. So their 13th for our 26th and JB. Maybe they want a 4th too or yada yada. Jacobi plays against NE haha. Maybe Bill/Joshy wants him when TB retires. CB will be prepared.
  23. I have looked at top 100, 50, mocks. If we stay where we are, there are really good players through our 3rd rd pick. And i will bet on CB to land solid prospects through 5+. Any movement will be based on solid conviction.