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  1. LMAO! NO! It's a Guard, A DT, and a LB. Our "devalued" guard excels at doing His job. And anyone with a Clue sees him make the TWO guys beside him more affective. LMAO "Built Wrong". Buckner made Autry & Grover look better than they were. And Great Defenses always have a great LB. Now that we have that right! But would agree we may also have an All-Pro RB also. How in the world did we ever pass for 4000+ yards last season with our motley receiving core, and a QB that god rid of the ball in 2.2 seconds. HAHAHAHA! We have a lot of youth with less than 3 years experience, and a new QB. It's a developemental season, the next rung of a rising roster, but Appears to some to have a pretty high ceiling. Why is that? Because we have a TEAM filled with Lots of wisely chosen, intelligent, high character FOOTBALL Players, that are self motivated to become their best as players and men!!
  2. It's the recall of the Power of Four. One really good pass rusher can be schemed for. Even two to a degree. But 4 unleashes chaos, unnerves QB's, and gets them off their spot, and greatly lowers their accuracy. I believe will be playing with a lead a lot, and that we will be putting teams in passing situations a lot. It bodes well for us.
  3. TY gets half of his yards in 4 games typically, and getting into the end zone has never been his fortee. Keke Coutee-ish. That will get some old man bowels in an uproar! I have complete faith that Wentz and his targets will make some mistakes with the routes, but also have faith that Frank and his staff, and our players wil get better and better at execution. We have the weapons. We are going to be a very tough OUT!!!
  4. Paye looks kinda freakish out there. I peg for 12 sacks, a whole bunch of hurries, lots of hits, and oh, at least 4 forced fumbles. You can get awards for this! And the idea of Turay, Buckner, Lewis, Paye has me doing the happy dance. Leonard, Oke, and Moore will thrive if QB's are forced to get rid of the ball in 2 sec.
  5. Flus has never had the the pass rush that is coming. Less time to throw makes for better pass coverage. More experience and speed at LB. More experience at S. This all bodes well for an improved defense. A toast to good health!
  6. No, if Ben is solid he makes Turay expendible.
  7. None of them are predicting we will be 4-1... I bet. We are going to Run the **** Ball! And we are going to get their QB on the ground!!!
  8. Making Q wait is no way to treat a Hall of Fame caliber team leader. Pretty sure it makes more sense to put a chunk of Q's $$$ on this years salary so now is the time to do the deal.
  9. Dingdong had to write something for his paycheck. He chose to say how bleak things were. Today, i think we are in very good shape overall, a team that should prove top 10 by seasons end.
  10. None of you mentioned Hines lining up at as WR. It is going to happen.
  11. None were picked to go straight to a 53 roster. We have a RB and a couple receivers that i thought were possibilities. A few weeks/injuries into the season the poaching will be more active. As far as PS offers, a number of them likely got a look, their agents contacted. And they chose to be Colts. More likely.
  12. How did THEY grade him in 2019. I don't think so good from what i saw. If you don't mind i wonder what you thought of letting Walker go.
  13. Actually, he probably won't be able to beat out other of our PS players. Hypothetically anyway.
  14. But Blackmon and Willis should be Expected to become better decision makers with experience in the D, and by playing together. Flus has a plan. And Flus now has the pass rushers to create Havoc. That changes things for the back 7. I definitely do expect more turnovers. And let's wish for playing from the lead as that turned Freeney and Mathis into the names they became. They sure couldn't defend the run.
  15. Blackmon testified that because of last years injury he lost considerable training time. As the season went on he lost his legs. He and Willis will be better as a unit. I am not concerned. Tell is an athlete trying to figure out how to be a corner. I'm not at all optomistic he will ever think fast enough to be a cover man. We have two good linebackers and a hope with the other 4. A big move would really help. 4-5 really good prospects got released yesterday. I hope we get them back.
  16. At 184 lbs Vaughns is vastly quicker at getting open off the line than those 3. I would suggest that non of them can do what he does.
  17. So what was it about him that got him fired? I didn't see him play that much and didn't really notice him in the action.
  18. I really like those 3 as our backups. Tuff and aggressive!!
  19. You see him as a tackle. Perhaps CB and his staff see him as a guard.
  20. Well, he is huge. Maybe his thing is as a short yardage run blocker. I have to believe that Sirianni, Wentz, and our line coach say there is something there. We had the whole league to scout and they chose him. lol.
  21. Seems to have Everything I want in a DE. Power & Speed & Mind!
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