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  1. It is important to have a deep front 4. I think we are there. And all close games are in peril if you can't pile up first downs.
  2. We need more picks so if we don't trade back it will come as a surprise. One should believe in CB's vetting process, his shorter draft board, and that there are good players/prospects, in every round.
  3. Well, both times it was too good to pass up in his opinion. It is clear he has no problem doing it. I hope he gets another great offer. Thought i would throw out two names at 34 he might have a hard time passing up. Brandon Aiyukk Jeff Gladney
  4. They would be great picks. 44 and 75 works for me. This kid gets open whenever he wants. He is amazing in that regard.
  5. Then you do not believe the premise that there are typically about 15 premium players in any given draft? It is interesting imo, that almost all of the mocks have the same 15-18 players at the top. Anyway, if one believes that players 20-40 grade within a few tenths of each other and it is just a matter of fit, character, toughness and such then CB can look at who he thinks will be available on his board and what the offer is. I like Miami's pick 39 for a trade back. Or even next years #1 for 39 and 70. We could really stock up with 34, 39, 44, 70, 75. Makes me giddy thinking about it. h
  6. Detour? NO, this is exactly expected. Draft, draft, save cap, spend cap to fill in the holes. You can bet Irsay was behind the odd Brissett pay raise.
  7. I like watching lead blockers when you need a yard or two. They can pound the hole including making the D commit to them, while adding a level of deception that can be exploited also. Doyle started making his mark as a lead blocker from the FB position, and i have wanted that back. So here we go.
  8. CB will be looking to add another LB and S to compete i believe. This kid does seem more like a LB in the NFL. Definite special teamer ability. He could make some plays in our D. Maybe a 5th rounder for us.
  9. So you just don't believe our D3 add could be safe on the practice squad? Get a gripe Mike.
  10. What a great defensive draft. Those guys are tough and smart. Can't wait to see CB's next adds.
  11. We are already stocked heavy with outside pass rushers that should perform as well as we need so Clowney isn't needed.
  12. I really like the idea of Elliott. And i think he will go in the 2nd. CB might find a way to bump our 3rd rd pick up to get him. Looking at our roster and needs, i see LT prospect, WR, and CB to be our first 3 picks.
  13. Lewis was drafted as a DE that could move inside in passing situations. He hasn't seemed to change his body any to be one or the other. They surely have a label for his potential by now. To me he was always a DE and i think he could be a very solid one. But! Anyway, i would love to add a 300lb inside disrupter with run stopping ability with a higher ceiling than Grover. Work the magic CB.
  14. That is why i mentioned pick 19. If a QB they LOVE is there maybe CB does win the bid for the pick. Today i do not believe Love will be there, but still possible. And bolderdash to worrying if a highly talented LT prospect can't play on the right side. That is giving the player and the coaches no credit. They have RG Smith there! You know Rivers was brought here to win Now, so using up significant draft capital for his replacement rather than a win now position player is always a questionable move. Just doesn't fit our situation or the CB MO. Of course KC did it with Mahomes
  15. I'm on the exact opposite end of you. We are in a win know mode so you load up with next years pick to add a high quality talent that can be trained up to help us to the mountain top this year AND next. And 34 makes more sense in a trade back scenario to add 2 players they like rather than 1. The obvious choice would be for a LT prospect they covet. He would be moved into the starting lineup on the right side as soon as he is ready. We can add a great WR prospect at 44 if they choose to wait till then.
  16. Using next years #1 to get into the first rd. Including bidding as high as pick 19.
  17. An inspired pick of Ruiz. Being trade happy maybe we go back to Miami's 39 and still get him.
  18. Claypool has as good a chance as any to be the best 2nd rd receiver taken when looking back in a year or two. And yes his speed is going to clear out space for someone! CB would likely trade back before picking him at #34. I like the way you are thinking though. Of course so is Campbell as we prepare for TY`s injuries.
  19. He is fine in Washington.
  20. Just read Day Has $1M guaranteed. So much for drafting a DT difference maker. Lots of great prospects of need at other positions so...
  21. Gee, Ballard says if he grades distinctively higher on his board than the next player available he will take him. While listening to trade back offers of course. And talking to them is a must in the grading process. How else can you set up a board. We will have roughly 20 players on our board with similar grades in rd 2. So CB will be looking at value and positions of need. WR, T, do seem to stick out the most. TE has to be figured out.
  22. Reich-Brissett = top 20 A nice guestimation that brought us a $25M 38 year old replacement that was Likely to be a FA this off season if they LOVED him so much. Hoyer??? A impromptu $30+ M QB disaster plan someone came up with. Irsay?? Yes Rivers picked us apart. i haven't forgotten Hooker playing 25 yds deep, and our Bend and bend some more D that EB was playing. Gotta believe next season will be very different. Please!
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