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  1. Your are babbling on about a jag as far as ANYONE KNOWS. I do hope it makes you feel better.
  2. Is Eason > Nate Sudfeld? meh We added 2 Extremely good difference makers for next season. Blackmon might be an upgrade someday. His slight frame bodes poorly re: health risk. Little Isaiah looks promising. Pinter has a ceiling South of Glow who is a jag. And a few practice squad maybe types. A good draft.
  3. Great video on him. Special teams and could matchup against some of the smaller guys that also have great speed. A great way to end the draft.
  4. I thought we had a glaring hole at WR. Everyone seemed to think so. So Ballard takes a big time WR to fix the glaring hole. Pittman. I will predict Pittman plays more snaps than TY this season. Pascal plays mostly inside because of his blocking so he should have a backseat to Pittman outside. Campbell will be getting some of TY's snaps-just because. Injuries always play a roll and that is where Fountain and others will get some snaps. Eason has a long road to being 2nd string.
  5. He is a longshot at being a quality starter someday. Gonna have to add some serious power to his core and that arm length is a big problem.
  6. A good topic. Although different backs, i liked the idea of adding Jordan Howard to the fold. Like Mack he has talent but is pretty one dimensional. He got $5M per. I was a little surprided at that # but so be it. Mack might get that or there abouts from someone. Dollar cost averaging for the position would make it good value to have both. Just sayin'. Seems far off today. I like our RB situation much better now. For guaranteed $$$, Mack might take a solid 2-3 year offer before the season starts.
  7. Now i just laughed out lowd on this one. Still laughing. Thanks sir.
  8. Right now we again have a loaded WR core. A blocking/pass catching TE in Doyle, a blocker in Mo, and an H over the middle type in Burton. Another Burton type seem attacker sounds good. There are one or two good such prospects still on the board today. lol
  9. Ryan Tannehill just got a $30M a year contract because he looked so good behind THAT RB. Sorry that you don't think we just ugraded our running game enough to make this pick. Those that Make the Plan for our success believe in what he will add. Blackmon was clearly very well liked and rookies get slowly worked into playing time usually anyway. And teams every year take talented players that may be coming back from injuries. You take those guys because of VALUE. And ALL players are drafted for what they MAY become with those nice jumps expected in year two are part of the pr
  10. Castonzo and Glow won't be part of it ... and i wouldn't bet the house on Kelly in 3 years.
  11. weird A trade coming after this? He must be all WORLD to need to trade UP!
  12. Actually Ballard drafted Lewis and Banogu one and two years ahead of the need to replace Sheard. Houston is another James Harrison. Big, thick, very talented. He can play at a high level for several more years if he wishes. Buckner will also take snaps at DE as can Autry. Then there is Turay. Mathis proclaims him as a future sack champion. We will see, but DE is seems to be far and away our best position.
  13. Hindsight says you take Kinlaw and spend the $16M or so difference much more wisely than they did with JB. With the JB$$$ $28M and the $16M that is a lot of missed talent down the drain. Oh well.
  14. Good grief! There can be ONLY one reason. To beat out someone else from getting that spot and taking the player they wanted.
  15. We are finally here. Are you ready for some football? H... Yes! Already had some great pizza. My munch food for the evening, red grapes and sliced apples. My how life has changed in my older days.
  16. He is a solid athlete and has a high motor. Relentless even. If we can get some interior push he has very good ability to chase, pressure, catch a moving QB. He is working in the Mathis Academy to get better. He is a high floor type with good upside.
  17. Combining biggest need and hard to find i pick Ezra Cleveland.
  18. The obvious move is to go after Miami's 26th pick. They will not draft 3 in the first round. They will want to trade some of their picks for draft capital in 2021. I'm sure they would listen to getting our 1st next season. Hopefully they like Hooker. And take Wilson. Added with our 2021 1st we get back picks... 26 & 59. What fun to play GM.
  19. Glowinski had a Great PFF grade to start 2018. Luck was dumping the ball instantly and we were running the ball well. This was during our what was it 1-5 start. As soon as Andrew started throwing the ball more downfield and we went on a winning streak Glow went from a top 5 PFF rated guard down to 16th. So his finish a 16th was only because of our losing playing style to start the season. He ended 2019 at 45th. He was/is very replaceable. Smith is a great run blocker and VERY mediocre at pass blocking as a RT. A move inside might turn him into ... who knows what his limit is... even a
  20. Arians know a good out of conference friend that could use Howard.
  21. Great start there falsestart. Absolutely the kind of deal CB will be looking for. I would go bonkers if we nailed those 1st 3 picks. Most Excellent!
  22. They would be Fixing several problems. Upgrading the position, dumping him to someone that wants him when they can get 2 years out of him for reasonable money if he pans out(value). And not guaranteeing his year 5 looks bad for him and team spirit. Of course we are going to draft a safety. And Berry, if healthy should be a significan upgrade to Hooker. Hooker just doesn't make plays in our D. There has to be 3-4 Safeties they are very interested in that could be had in the back half of rd 2 and into rd 3. Let's hope someone out there believes he can help them. Really help them.
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