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  1. Wow! Vilma is saying what you want to hear. Good stuff. Yeah!
  2. One total sack and Leonard and Oke combined for 7 tackles, and our running game didn't do any damage.
  3. Hope you saw how patheticaly slow Mo-Allie was on that last sack. It looked like he was running a walk thru drill.
  4. And then it pops again his 1st game back. THAT Would be the shame.
  5. Oh, this is fun. Fisher at 38.256 % is better.
  6. Kelly is playing with a degraded elbow and has missed a lot of lifting because of it, so he needs help so...???
  7. And CB and the coaching staff probably felt very good with the DE group they had at cutdown. This is a development season with so much youth and a new QB. Do you keep a veteran a year too long... ? Perhaps if we had taken a LT in round one they would have brought Houston back. Kwity or bust now!
  8. LMAO! ALL players have/or had injuries coming out of college. You can whine about the guys that may not be ready for any playing time early in their rookie season, waaa, waaa, waaa. YOU would do the same thing if you really liked a player and thought the draft capital was a bargain. Welcome to the NFL! The most obvious answer to the injury problem is their needs to be less weight lifting and more stretching.
  9. I would believe he did it successfully several times in game one, with accuracy. But of course you need receivers that are great fighting their way off the line and they have to be able to haul it in knowing contact will be sudden and often very physical. Yip, practice practice practice.
  10. Gee, Rivers is an all-time great at quick throws and Wentz is not that. Yup, Wentz better heave it in 2.2 or he will regret it!!
  11. Hines ran quite well last season in short yardage. With him in, and in formations that spreads the D, and our All-Pro G, Pro Bowl center, and RG that is a solid run blocker, and Hines as a really good receiver, the surprise of him running is a very good odds play at times. And Reich knows it!!!
  12. Reich will still run more than most want even if we are behind by 2 touchdowns. I expect that Stafford's experience and throwing ability will produce similar as Wilson did against our young, Flus type D. With a hobbled Smith, and Davenport out there they should be able to stiffle our run game. That is a doomsday scenario for our O. So 27-13 Rams is my wild guess.
  13. Anybody that thought/predicted that this D might be top 5/ Elite, wouldn't have expected THAT to start the season. There obviously is too much youth, too many new personnel to be there early in the season. I love stats, but football has so many variables that produces a final score so of course ONLY over a period of time do you get a degree of meaning. Hopefully, with good health, we can become a really solid D, say by the last 5 games or there abouts.
  14. I Fubo'd with their free trial to watch our 1st pre-season game. A one shot deal. Saving the opp would have been wiser i suppose, but i couldn't stand not seeing our Colts for another minute. lol
  15. What a tough guy you are considering all 3 are dealing with injuries and Davenport will likely be out there, and Glow is mediocre. Our line SHOULD be expected to have a rough game. But they will give it all you can bank on it.
  16. Kelly was physically over matched sunday. If that isn't the case this week and No Bobby Wagner, maybe we run pretty well up the gut. If so, that opens up the whole playbook. It's optimism Wednesday!!!
  17. Not like he stood there very long, but for sure he needs to do his best Rivers immitation. We are going to Have To break some runs to have hope.
  18. Q's bad back, Leonard's ankle, Smith's foot, Kelly's elbow. And we are just getting started. It is a learning year for Wentz and his young receivers. Lower expectations, and take lots of deep breaths and count to 10 as we struggle to perform to our hopes, for at least these first 5 games. The football Gods are blowing real headwinds our way. Just part of it! Go Colts!
  19. Or, do the data points tell you your odds have increased because what are the odds they stop you 4 times in a row? Or, knowing we are apparently outmatched this day, and our D is struggling, did he feel obligated to be aggressive to score? I believe his experience and preparation for the moment made the decision not so difficult. Even if we made it and scored 7, the odds we would outscore Seattle figured to be less than 50%. Is that what the moment looked like to Frank? If so, not much to lose going for it. When YOU are in charge YOU can do it your way.
  20. September 11, 2022 INDIANAPOILS STAR IRSAY SAYS he, "Really Really Really Wants to Win!!!" Never give up!
  21. One would expect at least a few rollouts away from Davenport Sunday. Just continually letting them T off knowing where Wentz would be... not good. The dude across from Kelly had a chest and arms that looked like Ferrigno. He was massive. Kelly can't be 100%, and has missed so much time in the weight room. Same for Q with conditioning and the weight room for his legs. Can't imagine either will be close to 100% any time soon. It changes everything for our Off. with running the dang ball and pass protection if Kelly is playing at 75-85% with that elbow. And Smith? We may have an "unlucky" o-line season, and that will make it tough to be a .500 team. How it goes sometimes.
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