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  1. With or without Sherman we will be forced to play mostly 2 deep safeties against likes of Tennessee. That creates run defense issues of course. No getting around it that Carson is gonna have to play some really good FB for us to beat good teams.
  2. Ballard sucks because he couldn't win the division with jacoby as his QB. 11 wins last year and Ballard sucked again. You guys are so full of baloney. It is Easy to see all the very young Talent he has on the roster. A FB novice might Not understand that SB caliber teams need A LOT of really good players that have 3,4, 5 + years of experience with a lot of that playing together. Once you get that and have your own young guys developing as backups and future starters you can Hopefully win these close games playing more consistent, more mistake free FB. And now Another QB. All things
  3. Wouldn't it have been Crazy if he didn't do this? Not such hard work to toss a football around. It easy to believe that CW is getting prepared right to come out playing at a high level from the get go. He knows How to do it. And remember that when he was the leading candidate for MVP he was hitting 7,8,9 receivers each game. I think we have many Excellent weapons to attack and exploit any D's weaknesses. I picture similarities to the early 90's Cowboys or the late 90's Broncos offenses for us this season. A very strong running attack with a well controlled passing game. H
  4. Granson plays a particular role that we do not otherwise have covered. I expect him to be on the field ready to go in that role from game 1. Right now i would expect Ballard is keeping his powder dry for... 1) a really good opp at a LB 2) and a CB These adds would get us as good as we can hope for. Go Colts!
  5. I would believe he is certainly "past his prime'. If so, you would be lieing about the completeness of the statement. And honesty says for me to be at least concerned about his ability to play in 14-15 games just because of his many years in the league. A Risk factor. It doesn't matter as the issue became dead when Irsay couldn't let go of TY.
  6. I have read that Julio was available even before the draft. I think that it was dicscussed and decided against. And stamped finished when Irsay decided to keep TY. TY leaving would have to be part of the trade IMO.
  7. There is very little to separate all these fine LB's. And i have not gotten to watch them that much. I have watched Leonard a lot and am very aware of HIS short comings. And i am very hopefull that IF we develop a considerably better (and i think we can) front four package, Leonard has the possibility of adjusting his game to be a more complete player. That said, i watched Tampa's Devin Smith in the playoffs and SB and i would take him over Leonard. The young man is a Superior in all facets type player.
  8. Rank them for how they will produce THIS YEAR. I am comfortable picking Taylor 1st. I wouldn't trade him for any of them.
  9. He is naturally thick in the trunk. And his ht/wt is almost identical to what Houston was. Close to ideal for a complete strongside 4/3 DE. And i believe he was a DE last year that played far fewer snap inside. Based on his growth last year he should be pretty darned good. 8 plus sacks.
  10. lol on that one. I don't see his length and 306lbs being a good thing for a G. Haeg, at the same size got bullied wherever they put him. He couldn't knock anyone of the line in the run game nor hold up to a good bull rush. Hope for the best.
  11. I would think Glow would be at the bottom of the list among our Good players. He is decent but a rookie contract makes much more since.
  12. Not sure what they were thinking with the LB possibility. No matter how he tested. Trying to think positive while watching his college tape, he looked more stiff than athletically flexible, bendy. I would think that if he was Close to the athlete they thought they had, he should have been quite capable of playing 1st down strong side LB against a strong (Tenn. type) running team. Seems he flopped that and since struggled to compete as a DE. I am not sure how he becomes long term worthy of a 53 man spot without a considerable burst in his skills. And i am very concerned about Rock pl
  13. Taylor is a lot like Chubb but with more speed. Ranking shmanking! We have a great back that we get to watch every week. Stay healthy my Colt RB friend.
  14. You downers have yet to add today that if Wentz and Eason look bad they will go out and sign a vet.
  15. The decision to end the prospect of acquiring Julio would have been followed by Irsay rubber stamping favorite son TY. End of story.
  16. You are correct. Our back seven is full of very young players that have played little together. Let's hope by the last 1/3 of the season they will much more in sync and have considerably fewer so called mental errors.
  17. So Ballard should devalue the LT position enough to keep players "we love"? Seems like that would hurt the rest of the team more. Perhaps when it is time, "when it is over", we can have an inkling how they have made it work. I have no doubt their Cap Guy already has intricate spread sheets on what we need to do with Q, Leonard, and Smith long term, so as to remain as flexible as possible to keep as many of "OUR" players as possible. That is all they can do. To start, i know i don't Love Glowinski so there is a place to save $4M or so. Pinter should be ready to take over perhaps. Na
  18. He is an insurance policy against Taylor's health.
  19. Thank you and good luck Eric. I hope you earn all of that per game bonus. Of course that is hard to do Any year. lol
  20. Or, Ballard's job is to build a winning team and hope at some point it can compete for a SB. I'll go with this. I thought he was doing his best to replace his QB, LT, and his 2 defensive ends. All really big losses for any team. After that, any team would hope to have a winning record. Winning the division under those circumstances would be a great accomplishment. If he could swap TY out in the deal that would be a deal really worth considering. Maybe a 3 team deal.
  21. One problem he will have to absorb will be when Irsay again crumbles on letting aged vets go. I can't recall the average number but it is lofty. Something like 70-80% of the players on this years opening day roster won't be here 4 years from now. So Everything is Always fluid when it comes to the cap and positional expenditures. A lot of worry and chatter about not much. Irsay expects a winning team at all times to keep up fan interest in our small market. Some can see that Ballard is building a strong roster to win over the long haul. Some can't. And he just dealt with it being bl
  22. Q has Nothing to do with Forcing Ballards approach. He says it is the basis of how to build a team by having strong lines. MANY a QB and Teams had a poor chance to win at all because of weak o-lines, and d-lines that can't stop the run or pressure the QB. Football 101. Don't anticipate him changing his mind on this. It isn't Original thought.
  23. Pure Silliness. Because rosters change EVERY year, cap allocation will Always be fluid. You pay your best players Market when you feel it works within your long range plan. That we are Developing a number of really valuable players Is the Goal. And that is why Ballard's great challenge is to keep drafting these types of players year after year. Because if you do a great job drafting and developing, yes NFL free agency means you Will have to do some picking and choosing. But it is OK, because we will have been developing the next man up to fill a number of spots, using FA to fill some,
  24. Why did YOU say early August? He said no such thing. I thought he was thinking late August right? With Two full weeks of practice then this older vet should be ready to go. But still such a silly hypothetical that noone on earthly existence could possibly accurately project at this time. Blathering on about this now is useless. How about we have the wisdom to ask that question again in later July. There will be information then that may be able to project within weeks when he might come back. Let's hope he is ready or really close by the season opener Sept. 12th and no
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