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  1. If Donald were lined as an end the call is ok. If Donald is lined up in the middle you EXPECT Donald will penetrate and disrupt the play just as he did. So, Wentz should have checked out of the play. What Wentz did do was so totally messed up, just bizarre.
  2. Thank you Dingus. See Mahomes in the 2020 SB. Can you Imagine that KC didn't have a couple of good backup tackles. They were guilty of trying to ruin Mahomes career, right? The audacity of not signing good backups!!! Someone needed to be fired for that!! Just kidding of course.
  3. Hey, i hoped we would have a good pass rush and really good running game that might lead us to 11 wins. With everyone playing pretty well, and they are not, optomism for the playoffs felt good. 1-4 looks very possible now. And so is 8-9 or worse. Teams have seasons like that. We are young. So this should not be a surprise that our Hopes & Dreams get smacked by reality. Be a fan, watch us get better as individuals and as units, and Go Colts!!!
  4. We had running backs in on most every play. It is Wentz and their job to read and react. And that includes quickly going to the flat as a quick release target when it looks appropriate. I believe it is a group think tank that includes the position coaches as that scours the possibilities for depth pickups. We had at least 3 tackles that were known to be backup quality to coach up as best we could. Don't you think that is similar to the other 31 teams?? And hopefully at least one of them steps up to play the best football they ever have as a Colt. Q clearly doesn't have his normal power in his legs yet. Kelly likely is playing with a less than 100% left arm and has missed a lot of strength conditioning on his upper body. No Smith. That IS NOT Ballards fault. Our line was very healthy all of last season. Unfortunately , the injury bug has caught up with us. Such is life.
  5. There is NO culpability. QB's running as part of the offense is a standard. That Carson's leg whipped like it D falls on him if anything, but **** happens! It's a shame. He played very well, exceeded a lot of people's expectations i'm sure. I would love to have our 1st round pick next year and draft 10th or better. And starting 1-4 would not have been a surprise to many considering our schedule. Miami is going to be fun with Brissett as the starter. Pittman did what should be there week in and week out. Doyle did good. We MUST get our running game going. I guess i'm missing Castonzo!! Fisher was pretty good though considering all things.
  6. This talking head is such a LOSER! Oh yes, every team should be able to put out a healthy, quality o-line under all circumstances, all season long. Life is tough in the NFL. Gee, Aaron Donald IS pretty good. We do have a number of young players that are playing a lot of very mediocre snaps. That is why a Wise fan should have the common sense to accept this as a "DEVELOPMENT" Season. Yes, by December we are going to have a much better sense of where the ceiling is for our 2nd and 3rd year players. It is painful to watch a D-line be so ineffective. As were our LB'ers, as was Moore. As was our safeties. But we WERE in the game against a TOP Team. All this "fan" whinning is sickening!! This is your team. They kept fighting, and will keep trying to get better. These modern day GLADIATORS are putting their long term physical health on the line every day to Entertain You. Win, Lose, or Draw these are Your Warriors, Your Coaching Staff, digging with all they have to be their best on game day. But so are their opponents! GO COLTS!
  7. Wow! Vilma is saying what you want to hear. Good stuff. Yeah!
  8. One total sack and Leonard and Oke combined for 7 tackles, and our running game didn't do any damage.
  9. Hope you saw how patheticaly slow Mo-Allie was on that last sack. It looked like he was running a walk thru drill.
  10. And then it pops again his 1st game back. THAT Would be the shame.
  11. Oh, this is fun. Fisher at 38.256 % is better.
  12. Kelly is playing with a degraded elbow and has missed a lot of lifting because of it, so he needs help so...???
  13. And CB and the coaching staff probably felt very good with the DE group they had at cutdown. This is a development season with so much youth and a new QB. Do you keep a veteran a year too long... ? Perhaps if we had taken a LT in round one they would have brought Houston back. Kwity or bust now!
  14. LMAO! ALL players have/or had injuries coming out of college. You can whine about the guys that may not be ready for any playing time early in their rookie season, waaa, waaa, waaa. YOU would do the same thing if you really liked a player and thought the draft capital was a bargain. Welcome to the NFL! The most obvious answer to the injury problem is their needs to be less weight lifting and more stretching.
  15. I would believe he did it successfully several times in game one, with accuracy. But of course you need receivers that are great fighting their way off the line and they have to be able to haul it in knowing contact will be sudden and often very physical. Yip, practice practice practice.
  16. Gee, Rivers is an all-time great at quick throws and Wentz is not that. Yup, Wentz better heave it in 2.2 or he will regret it!!
  17. Hines ran quite well last season in short yardage. With him in, and in formations that spreads the D, and our All-Pro G, Pro Bowl center, and RG that is a solid run blocker, and Hines as a really good receiver, the surprise of him running is a very good odds play at times. And Reich knows it!!!
  18. Reich will still run more than most want even if we are behind by 2 touchdowns. I expect that Stafford's experience and throwing ability will produce similar as Wilson did against our young, Flus type D. With a hobbled Smith, and Davenport out there they should be able to stiffle our run game. That is a doomsday scenario for our O. So 27-13 Rams is my wild guess.
  19. Anybody that thought/predicted that this D might be top 5/ Elite, wouldn't have expected THAT to start the season. There obviously is too much youth, too many new personnel to be there early in the season. I love stats, but football has so many variables that produces a final score so of course ONLY over a period of time do you get a degree of meaning. Hopefully, with good health, we can become a really solid D, say by the last 5 games or there abouts.
  20. I Fubo'd with their free trial to watch our 1st pre-season game. A one shot deal. Saving the opp would have been wiser i suppose, but i couldn't stand not seeing our Colts for another minute. lol
  21. What a tough guy you are considering all 3 are dealing with injuries and Davenport will likely be out there, and Glow is mediocre. Our line SHOULD be expected to have a rough game. But they will give it all you can bank on it.
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