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  1. I am a bit of a mess with some of the worldly things going on. Hadn't given your point of worry a thought. That you offer what totally unproven players are doing to get better and compare that to Rivers, does concern me about you. I will probably NOT make a note, mental or physical, of it though. Carry on.
  2. An easy OVER. We won't have a QB whose goal is winning the regular season MVP.
  3. Right. I remember that pick 6 that ended the game. And how we won a SB with good defense and a running game. Not Until! We had more Regular Season MVP wins than anyone though.
  4. Ballard and the defensive staff recently gave THEIR grade on Hooker. We saw enough to say he was available on draft day. X my fingers for better play at his position.
  5. What drivel. Please, since this topic interests you, go ahead and prognosticate where you think these teams will be rated. Hahahaha!
  6. As a unit our lineman are better run bockers than pass. Frank won't screw that up. How about a prediction that we are awesome in the beginning, then teams adapt as they get some film on our tendencies. The NFL is a Marathon. And i like our depth.
  7. Chuckle. Brissett has no future here because he isn't very good, that is why they signed old man Rivers and drafted Eason. So that makes the coach speak clearly the pumping up of Brissett. Minus the 10-10 character issues so many here WANT Kelly to have, Kelly can become our starter.
  8. The very good news is that all the names mentioned have really good potential to be the Breakout Player. Turay, Okereke, and Rock are my outstanding candidates.
  9. He is a Great player. And can play great at all 3 levels of the D.
  10. Smith gave up 8 sacks and graded like 44th as a pass blocker. Keep it real. Nothing valuable about that. He gets beat off the snap often. Excellent run blocker, he would likely grade better pass blocking as a guard. So if he lacks the foot quickness as a RT, i would think it would look worse at LT. Makes sense to me anyway. Justin Houston is a Dawg. He has several more years of high quality FB in him.
  11. Safe to say there are NO players getting Blue cards unless they are talent draftable. I will take a shot and say the Blue Card is what jumped Banogu so high on our board. Pittman Jr. also.
  12. The first step was dumping Sheard to improve. I don't doubt Turay, Banogu, Lewis and Autry will combine to improve our end play.
  13. I see very good depth at DE and doubt CB gives any serious consideration to spending more there. Not a Glow fan, doubt they pay Warford unless it is mostly 1st year $$$. He won't come cheap? I fully expect Eric Berry to touch base with us when he can go shopping. Probably a nice upgrade to Roland, and Hooker too perhaps. Safety and Glow are my biggest concerns.
  14. Being able to protect say 5 of a teams PS players for the 1st 8-10 games would have been helpful. I did really like it that there is now some ability to call guys up and not have to put them on the waiver wire to send them back to the PS.
  15. So i would see Patmon getting the spot over Johnson. I like Johnson btw. And a good chance someone gets dinged and it sorts this out.
  16. Just for fun He plays 14 games. 15 carries per at 4.8 yds a carry. 1008 yds He is good rushing around the goal line. 10 tds Won't catch the ball a lot with all of our other weapons. 15 catches 8yds per 120 yds 2 tds. I think i would bet the under on his gaining 1000yds The rest seems reasonable. It would be a really good year in a 2 #1's backfield. Just supposing the salary cap takes a big nose dive next season. We are going to be in great shape cap wise to keep our free agents and to be able to pay some others at bargain levels..
  17. We use a lot of quick thinking and movement with our line to create gaps. If Painter has enough power to handle bull rushes he could be ready to go pretty quickly. So i am liking this pick more and more.
  18. He must feel good about the Burton signing based on what Reich told him he needed. We do have a boatload of offensive weapons now to exploit defenses. And i do think we are in good shape having the kind of guys that can attack inside the numbers.
  19. https://www.stampedeblue.com/2020/5/12/21255342/film-room-how-the-colts-use-the-sniffer-tight-end-in-their-offense How about that Doyle. And Mo-Allie plays a valuable role here.
  20. It is OBVIOUS! They needed receiving help and Ballard was afraid they would take what may be the best WR in the draft. Pittman. You think we needed to talk to Love right before the draft to gain some new revelation? Deception would be much more likely IMO.
  21. I agree we should expect to be much more aggressive with more complexity.
  22. Also read he then quickly paid back $500,000 and wants to pay the rest back on some payment plan. Stinks to high heaven.
  23. I would feel much better about our line with him as an upgrade.
  24. The guy is a 270lb Rock. JMO that he can play a really good all around DE for several more years and i hope he does it for the .
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