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  1. Glowinski had a Great PFF grade to start 2018. Luck was dumping the ball instantly and we were running the ball well. This was during our what was it 1-5 start. As soon as Andrew started throwing the ball more downfield and we went on a winning streak Glow went from a top 5 PFF rated guard down to 16th. So his finish a 16th was only because of our losing playing style to start the season. He ended 2019 at 45th. He was/is very replaceable. Smith is a great run blocker and VERY mediocre at pass blocking as a RT. A move inside might turn him into ... who knows what his limit is... even a
  2. Arians know a good out of conference friend that could use Howard.
  3. Great start there falsestart. Absolutely the kind of deal CB will be looking for. I would go bonkers if we nailed those 1st 3 picks. Most Excellent!
  4. They would be Fixing several problems. Upgrading the position, dumping him to someone that wants him when they can get 2 years out of him for reasonable money if he pans out(value). And not guaranteeing his year 5 looks bad for him and team spirit. Of course we are going to draft a safety. And Berry, if healthy should be a significan upgrade to Hooker. Hooker just doesn't make plays in our D. There has to be 3-4 Safeties they are very interested in that could be had in the back half of rd 2 and into rd 3. Let's hope someone out there believes he can help them. Really help them.
  5. If there was consensus that the liklihood of a pick that would land in the Blue Chip (top 15) area it would have to be tempting. If that went off he could then try to trade next years one which i hope and expect to be in the mid 20's for more picks. Miami has so many high picks that they will want to move some into the next draft.
  6. Curtis, Butkus, Nitschke pounded em, tried to rip their heads off, and came off the field bloody, muddy and worn. The epitome of tough football when i started watching the NFL. He was a Great Colt!
  7. There is plenty of reason to believe there will be 3-4 guys there at 34 that CB wants. It is just a matter if there is to much value in a trade offer to turn down. I have no doubt CB Wants to trade back for more picks. And i am hoping next years one is used for a couple quality picks now.
  8. TY would have to do something about that $14M to be tradeable. I am hoping we draft 2 good prospects and he becomes expendable. Will it happen? Unlikely.
  9. Thanks for the laugh. The scenario rates LF a 9 when he is more of a 4-5. CB Will add a RB in rd 5-6 that is better. It goes without saying DL WILL Expect to be the highest paid at his position. And that Okereke right now would get his snaps if he doesn't play. And he would play that position VERY well.
  10. Zach has game. I'm really comfortable with him as a 3. I hope he is a Colt for a long time.
  11. I would like to see him moved as part of CB acquiring more picks. For me Walker and Glow are expendable also.
  12. Next years one fits well into this years draft needs.
  13. I guess Morgan. He would be a good practice squad talent with future backup capability.
  14. Boehm (sucks) was rightly fired last year because CB preffered Josh Andrews. Now it looks like Andrews is fired because CB prefers Javon Patterson.
  15. We need another 3rd and 4th rd pick. CB will add a pick or two. One way or another. I am excited about him grabbing a good starting guard prospect, probably in rd 4.
  16. Ballard will add a good CB prospect in the draft. This kid has interesting measureables. Build his body up some and you have a Desir like guy with more speed. Sounds fine.
  17. Those 1st two picks sound Extremely good to me. High floor/high ceiling.
  18. I'll see if i can find one that is worse. If not i am sure i can make one myself.
  19. I followed the picks for the 1st 4 rounds and was very impressed by everyones work. And i hope to be as happy with our draft as i was with this one. Well done ya'll.
  20. Buckner does take some snaps at DE also. Muhammad is a guy that needs some competition.
  21. Your point is a given. And last years draft fell how it did and all the cash CB built up landed him just what we needed, just when we needed it. It is pretty much always the best move. Because of injuries, FAgency, you need as many players as you can get that we believe in. And you always want to be drafting a year ahead of when you think you may need players at positions of need. This is where the Dreaded Player Development comes in. We still have many needs of course, including those depth/development pieces. Of course CB will find a few more low cost vets after the draft to fill
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