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  1. One problem he will have to absorb will be when Irsay again crumbles on letting aged vets go. I can't recall the average number but it is lofty. Something like 70-80% of the players on this years opening day roster won't be here 4 years from now. So Everything is Always fluid when it comes to the cap and positional expenditures. A lot of worry and chatter about not much. Irsay expects a winning team at all times to keep up fan interest in our small market. Some can see that Ballard is building a strong roster to win over the long haul. Some can't. And he just dealt with it being bl
  2. Q has Nothing to do with Forcing Ballards approach. He says it is the basis of how to build a team by having strong lines. MANY a QB and Teams had a poor chance to win at all because of weak o-lines, and d-lines that can't stop the run or pressure the QB. Football 101. Don't anticipate him changing his mind on this. It isn't Original thought.
  3. Pure Silliness. Because rosters change EVERY year, cap allocation will Always be fluid. You pay your best players Market when you feel it works within your long range plan. That we are Developing a number of really valuable players Is the Goal. And that is why Ballard's great challenge is to keep drafting these types of players year after year. Because if you do a great job drafting and developing, yes NFL free agency means you Will have to do some picking and choosing. But it is OK, because we will have been developing the next man up to fill a number of spots, using FA to fill some,
  4. Why did YOU say early August? He said no such thing. I thought he was thinking late August right? With Two full weeks of practice then this older vet should be ready to go. But still such a silly hypothetical that noone on earthly existence could possibly accurately project at this time. Blathering on about this now is useless. How about we have the wisdom to ask that question again in later July. There will be information then that may be able to project within weeks when he might come back. Let's hope he is ready or really close by the season opener Sept. 12th and no
  5. We have a number of young guys that we think can jump to another level. And there is nothing like being in the program (together) for 2-3 + years. We are getting there. Granson will be needed from game one because of what he does. He should be capable based on our staffs comments. He will likely get 2-4 important targets from the get go. I like it that his 40 is just faster than what D Clark was, and he should be just a little quicker in his breaks since he is more compact. Like Burton. Just gotta catch the D____ ball! Haha!
  6. Gee, yet we did have the cap space when the original piece came out. And the Only reason we and a few others were included as possible destination spots. It is a shame Irsay caved on getting rid of TY. Julio would have been a game changer for our O if the deal was reasonable. Not that cb was likely.
  7. Maybe it is more about being wise enough to read in between the coach speak. It is clear that MANY of our average fans "hear it but were not listening" types. Some get it, some never will. I read PRnumN#_s1 and see something that is180 bass ackwards from reality. Comedy really.
  8. Isn't it a little early to determine if won't be able to play the DE position he was drafted for?
  9. Love it that it's against Brady and the Bucs. Gonna be fired up to kick their ...
  10. For sure. You develope your draft picks over 2-3 years and use then to replace your losses. You want a big core of talented players that have been together for 3-7 years. We are just beginning to to get there. And the sky is the limit.
  11. Please name a team that had a great o-line recently. And with 2 good blocking TE's. And at least 1 good blocking WR. We will see how our other Big WR's come along as blockers. Our ground game should be dominant in a lot of 4th quarters. That is so boring, and yet so demoralizing to an opponent and their fans. We shall watch their lamentation and revel in it on our way to glory.
  12. I'm pleased where we are at with our cap, so kudos to our planning. Why sweat the details. CB and Irsay will do all they can to keep as many as they can. And the established culture will always be a competitive advantage at contract time. I see us in position to having a o-line and ground game along the lines of the Cowboys and Emmitt. Most of you understand what that means for time of possession and play action. If Wentz can get even close to 33-7... we can justify a very high % towards the right dominant individuals. We would be as good as any for 3-4 years. Knock K
  13. It is my understanding the Colts grade every player on every pay. Their has to be a method. It was my understanding, i don't KNOW, that more teams than not subscribe to PFF, for their own reasons. Perhaps they too snark at their numbers. The story i recently read/heard about a fumble recovery for a touchdown turned one DE's weekly grade from the 60's to near 90, well, that is very concerning if true. The best way to see if someone is any good was back when i watched every Colts play in super slow-mo, sometimes frame by frame to see what really happened. Unfortunately i couldn't
  14. Of course they were drafted to be 3 down lineman, so their ability to run 20-30 yards or more sideline to sideline to fill gaps and make plays may prove vital numerous times per game..
  15. Just what this board needs more hypothetical about a achilles return timetable. Oh boy! Right up there with the yawners "on my draft board", and "we coulda got him 2 rds later's".
  16. So why did he seem to explode so quickly in our offense? His quick decisions and explosian went off the charts, for a rookie. I watched this video and witnessed the training, the concentration, the great focus to detail on his running technique. It looked very advanced. Not something additionally the coaches are having to take time get him up to high quality NFL standards. He came ready. It is Natural, minimal thinking of it after the snap. So he used that training to think and to focus and to learning the playbook, then studying our opponents each week, and he got it. BAM! What
  17. Let's look at this. Ballard had Paye very high in this draft. Is very high on his potential. Compares his skill set to Brandon Graham. Graham is a really solid player. He stops the run and pressures the QB, something that our D requires. He ain't no doormat like Freeney was against the run. Thank goodness. MANY top 10 in the draft DE's never do much in the NFL. It is always a gamble. Gee, i hope Paye becomes so good that negative nanny's find someone else to be a downer about, personally.
  18. We could all wish Luck hadn't stolen jimmy's lunch money and quit on his team. donbasadsak
  19. Actually, he is known to the highest degree by Reich. The voice that matters. He no doubt watched his tape from the suck year last season, has talked to Carson, and believes he can set him up to be highly effective. The **** from talking heads IS just bla bla bla. Meaningless tripe. As for what Ballard spoke, this is how a very wise grown up addresses the talking heads. No hype, we work hard with a great attitude, trying to get a little better every day, so let's just wait and see what the Team looks like.
  20. Me also. He gets down to the guts of a subject. No gloss, no varnish. The interview went by in a flash. When his interviews are over he gains another level of trust and faith in his endeavors as a human being and a football guy.
  21. You should correct the header. I say make them take TY, Patmon, Banogu, and next year's comp picks, and give us some $millions to pay him. Woot woot!
  22. Nice post. But i think I will trust others that say he is a slightly above average run defender. And that Ballard and his staff chose to add him now and not wait to find someone that you like better. They are pleased to get him. That is how CB operates.
  23. Bla bla bla bla bla bla bla. Let it be resolved, nothing was resolved. But I do agree with Ballard that many of Your Wish List prospects probably were not even on His board. He is playing chess and we are playing...
  24. Love all these i would have signed Leno to "MY Offer" type posts. LMAO These people must not get that Ballard had contacted his agent and heard what LENO wanted. Leno moved on and scheduled a trip to Washington. And Ballard got who he wanted on the one year contract he wanted. They will of course deny it, but i can see the line of negative I Told You So's being mighty long if Fisher has any problems coming back. Gotta laugh at those worried about how much $$$ is involved. CB IS a good CEO. In a business that has wide changes every year. I would say he and His team are feeling darn
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