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  1. Who ever heard of protecting the QB or having a top D-line/pass rush? It is meltdown Monday
  2. Take a vacation. You are not a good fan and are not able to grasp the big picture. This is a building year.
  3. GOOFY ANALYSIS abounds. We made changes, got much younger at DE, SORRY Whaaaaaaa! AC RETIRED Whaaaaaa! Changed QB's SORRY Whaaaaaa! Dumped Walker for cause. Whaaaaa! Have health issues at our strength O-Line, SORRY Whaaaa! Rhodes got hurt Whaaaaa! We are going to have a rough first 5 games- which means that our weaknesses will get exploited... duhhhhh! Every roster/season is Different! TOO DA*N Bad if you don't get it/like it! Don't be a bum fan throwing everyone under the bus. Who didn't think Metcalf and Locket wouldn't burn us? They burn everyone. I Hoped Taylor would run well, have a few really longer runs. Nope. I Expected our pass blocking to be pretty decent. NOPE! Actually bad. With that decent pass blocking i was looking for success downfield. NOPE! Russell Wilson is really good. They will win a lot i predict. We have a lot of getting better to do. What a surprise! Back to work!
  4. Any of you tur*s wonder how Kelly's elbow is really doing? Sorry if you are surprised that Smith is a much better run blocker than pass blocker. Any concerns with Q's conditioning, did he have the usual power from his lower body? We are used to our guys knocking them off the line. Nobody was doing it yesterday. All the missed practice time and too few pre-season game snaps and Davenport not at least being a good run blocker put us in a hole. We are gonna have to be able to gouge our opponents with the run if we are to be a playoff contender. Dream big, but we still have lots of very young players that need AT LEAST another year of experience at this level, and just playing together. IT IS, a development year! So cry cry cry, whine whine whine, about all the weaknesses, and disappointing play of these young men as they work to get better at Executing their duties. Pete Carroll puts a good D and a winning team on the field every year. They out physicaled us, out smarted us some, they gave us a lesson. Next week will be a rough one too! We weren't picked to win either one for a reason. To da*n bad you don't like how the whippin' "should look". Our guys always did need to gain experience and get better for us to be really good.
  5. Blown away but still here b*****n! There is and always will be a reason for a coaches actions. It is understandable that a fan won't fully understand why ANY play is called at any given time.
  6. Rivers masked Smith's mediocre pass blocking so get used to it. Kelly was up against a monster and got manhandled. Davenport certainly played like a below avg. player. Wentz didn't risk any 50/50 balls which i was anticipating that to be a strength of ours. Bring on the Rams.
  7. I THINK Lockett KNEW exactly where the ball was going to come down. He just had to get all the moves in to get there.
  8. Oh, he will just move on to the next game like he has done for the last 50 years.
  9. When we play a solid game in all three phases, and outscore our first two opponents... the odds makers will follow. Reality says talk to me come December and see how healthy we are. We are going to be contenders if healthy!!!
  10. Frank does a great job using Hines. He gets us 6-7 yards when we need it.
  11. Nickster, if you have followed Irsay closely you understand the Brissett deal had to go through him also. So if you have a big meeting room where the offensive staff thinks Brissett can hold the team together, he can play well enough, be a leader, as we are rebuilding our roster, and it is presented to CB & ultimately Irsay that way, and Irsay buys it, one should also consider that they decided to PAY the man a halfway respectable $alary as their interim starting QB. It was good optics, especially when they were going to have the next couple years using the draft to build the roster and not blowing Irsay's money trying to be better than 8-8. Brissett was talked about as a MVP candidate during his 1st 5 games. Remember? And yes Ugh!
  12. No doubt. Rivers timing, touch, and accuracy was super dooper. I didn't watch Brees at Purdue. But the first time i saw him as a pro and he was lofting those perfect touch passes over the defender it was a... . Wentz (had) will have a nice arsenal of plays that he is good at to attack a D with. Just hope he can keep the ball in prime target areas between the #'s and the waist. We will see some drops, that is just part of it. Just please be minimal int's.
  13. What the He**! I'm going on IR starting tomorrow. Doc is taking a bone out of my foot. Of all the things, of all the years of my long life... this? It's just the tuberosity of the 5th metatarsul thingofamajig. My pinky toe will kinda be flopping around out there. Something my underwear and socks can get hooked on when i'm half awake trying to get attired in the morning. Praying that this is a good fix so i can get my hefty ___ back out there walking and engaging the outdoors. My Colts Spirit is Strong and i will be fighting with them Sunday!!
  14. We have a complete QB now. Those short "Brady/Rivers" passes are great for moving the chains. A must in any offense. Wentz is going to be bombing the SH** out of defenses because he can. If it works, we will be playing from the lead a lot this season and that changes a lot of things, mostly for the good. An advantage when most games are 7 pts or less. I'll take it.
  15. LMAO. Pay attention! It was Campbell i was talking about. And please, read it again to try to understand the point. Thanks.
  16. I unabashedly consider Hines, Pascal, and Taylor as extremely Trusty playmakers. And pass rush... it is going to be... WICKED! The only obvious area of concern is at CB 3. And with improved safety play and a better pass rush, CB 3 doesn't have to be the reason we get outscored.
  17. She showed He showed his excellence plenty of times last season! With a year of experience and a QB that can get him the ball Anywhere of the field... Pittman put the hurt on defenses time and again. I would love to see Campbell develop a Marvin like roll. To play outside and to develop the whole route tree. With his more power, his bubble screens and such would certainly be differnt. Strauchn is intriguing, especially in the red zone. But i expect his rookiness will have him playing closer to 300 snaps rather than 700.
  18. We all got excited about Hooker (the top guy on our draft board supposedly) when he played so well his firs few games as a Colt. 3 int.'s as i recall. But sorry, after his injury the guy was shoved 25 yards downfield for some reason and never did much of anything. He lost the edge i would guess, afraid of another injury. I was super glad to be rid of him.
  19. No need to get too excited about this yet folks. Me: doing the curly shuffle!
  20. I like this. Carrie is a pretty good footbal player, so having his experience out there as a S or 5th-6th DB sounds solid.
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