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  1. Looks like a very good way to work on his footwork. The guy he was going against was no chump with his footwork and speed. Safe to say Rodgers has to be matched up with smaller receivers.
  2. It couldn't have happened without Reich saying he was worth it. And understand that Irsay probably jumped in on a QB issue and wanted to flash his $$$ to show the fans we were doing something. He "mentored Grigson." And that was ugly.
  3. Morris played a really good Sam. He didn't make a ton of tackles but he was actually darn near Great at holding up the tackles and TE's and stringing out the line. For what he was asked to do i give Rob a B+. He was a difference maker in our run.
  4. Gonna be interesting to see if Ballard does the Belichek thing and let several higher priced FA's hit the market at the same time to get back those 3rd and 4th rd comp picks. When you feel very strongly about your vetting of prospects, those higher comp picks have to sound really good. Pinter will be worked at center too i bet. That is an interesting young man.
  5. It is my understanding that No highly talented player wants to play on the 5th year option. They want a long term contract with LOTS of guaranteed $$$. That salary Hooker would have gotten would also have been a slap in the face If he Played Well! He isn't out anything, and has the same contract year motivation. And i have no doubt that this move did not surprise him.
  6. Woulda, coulda, shoulda. The guy doesn't make plays on the ball. When has he ever read a play and busted someone as the ball gets there? When does it look like opposing QB's are throwing into double coverage because Hooker has come over to help the CB? I see a lazy, low Football IQ FS. He actually did make some good tackling plays when he was used more like an aggressive SS. I wish him luck.
  7. Get a grip. He should be traded, period. He is a mediocrity in this D. They get that. I will let THEM figure it out. There is always talent available, and we are positioned to get it. JMO
  8. Home town discount, who are you kidding. He played a lot of single high and never made plays on the ball. He showed NO intuition. I wouldn't bet much he is on the roster come training camp. He is what some here think he is. Not as good as we need.
  9. Ballard added 3 Premium players with Buckner, Pittman, and Taylor. What a haul. Rivers, Rhodes, Burton can add a lot too. And i love the idea of a good fullback. And we have a number of young guys ready to make a jump. 10-12 wins
  10. TY can have a solid year. But he won't finish in the top 20 in yards receiving.
  11. Of all the players that are and will be available.... one sure would not think so. Not even on our board one might say.
  12. I will take him on every bubble screen opportunity that has been going to TY. Our offense will be more diverse and TY has NO CHANCE of earning his salary. Take the under on 65 catches or 850 yds.
  13. When Colin is Right! Maybe our backfield was a solid B last season. With the addition of a true FB and Taylor, maybe we are an A+ now.
  14. Booooooo! Of course we are. On paper today we have good talent across the roster and could play well enough to beat anyone. Yes, we saw the stinkaroo game the Ravens came up with at crunch time.
  15. This would say that Fromm has enough arm. As long as he is throwing on platform perhaps.
  16. He must have had a 2nd rd grade to be injured and still taken at that spot. lol And i don't know how a person could think he projects as a SS at his weight. He would be injured way to much.
  17. We could cut him prior to the league year and make him a free agent and not pay that $8M. No comp pick if we did that, correct? Hopefully we get that contract year fire out of him on our way to the Super Bowl!
  18. Walker is a 2 down back that i think will be taken off often on 2nd and longs because he is mediocre in coverage. Of course if we had moved him, drafting another LB they liked to develop would have been part of that. NO, i did not expect this to happen. Same with Glow, he has been mediocre over the last 22 games and an upgrade would be nice. Didn't happen, so here we are. I was just imagining using them with a pick to move up to get someone we really liked. For example with our 3rd to get up into the 2nd for one of those More Juicy safeties that were there. I am sure most of us
  19. A fun interview. I agree that during the draft it was a good thing watching the coach and GM at home, and so often with their kids around. Great that Ballard said his kid was questioning his moves. I got a laugh out of that. More cameras at home with the draftees showing them getting the call sounds great to me. And i got a kick out of Collin talking about how much of the draft he watched, eating chips etc. I did the same and really enjoyed this draft.
  20. Smith said Mack in the tub but not on the field was a problem. And Pittman isn't a burner. That is objective and spot on. He passed on the hyperbole but that was taken care of.
  21. https://edmontonsun.com/sports/football/cfl/pro-day-cancelled-for-golden-bears-o-lineman-carter-odonnell https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2877898-2020-nfl-draft-big-board-matt-millers-top-players-at-start-of-scouting-combine #30 on this board I does look like he moves fairly well.
  22. Great returners add real value so we will see. And yes his having the ability to be in on dime packages at some point may be the difference to making the 55.
  23. Drafting Taylor Swift sure would have shook'em up! Hypothetically.
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